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  1. laprjns

    Cracked Nut on Pumb Inlet Union, How to Repair?

    The nut on my pump inlet union has cracked and air is being sucked into the pump. The slip of the nut side of the union is installed directly over the 3 way valve sleeve. The plumbing is all 2 inch. Would a fitting extender work here?? Any other suggestions. Thanks for your help Rich
  2. laprjns

    SWCG - Does CSI Need to be Managed

    I have and IG vinyl pool and never really paid much attention to my low CH (at least since using the TFP method) and therefore didn't manage my CSI. However this year I went all in with Inyo Pool and installed their Crystal Pure 60k SWCG along with the Purline 1.65hp VS pump. I believe that I...
  3. laprjns

    Salt Water Chlorine Generatlors and Vinyl Steel Walled Inground Pool

    I have been considering a change to a Salt Water Chlorine Generator for the upcoming season but have some concerns about the salt water accelerating the corrosion of the steel walls of my pool. Is this a legitimate concern?
  4. laprjns

    Meet Mahty

    Well after 12 years my AquaVac Tigershark started spewing ball bearings and even though it does a great job vacuuming them up I've grown tired of ordering replacement parts and fixing it. Over the years I have pretty much have replaced everything on the Tigershark short of the motor and power...
  5. laprjns

    What to use to clean PVC Threads and O'ring Face Seals

    I'm going to be reassembling my plumbing when I open over the next few weeks. I will not ask about tape versus pipe dope but what do you use to clean off old tape, pipe dope and o'ring lube? Is there a solvent that will clean them off without damaging the PVC pipe? Thanks Rich
  6. laprjns

    "Fresh Thoughts on Cyanuric Acid"

    I received and email for today which had a link to an article by Rob Cox, titled "Fresh Thoughts on Cyanuric Acid". The article sites both Richard Falk (ChemGeek) and Ben Powell's work on the Cya /FC relationship. Cox explanation of Chlorine lock seems a little strange to me...
  7. laprjns

    Optimizing shock instructions for novices?

    Split off of this topic. JasonLion I was wondering from a practical point of view, would it have been better to advise Trishanna to SLAM the pool using the 2 lbs of cal hypo she bought at the pools store and bleach from a nearby Walmart or something instead of driving all the way back to the...
  8. laprjns

    Pool Closing and the Liquidator

    This has been my first year maintaining my pool using the TFP methods. I started out of the box using the Liquidator and once I had it dialed in, found it very easy to maintain my pool. So now it closing time here in CT and I normally disassemble my pump and filter and store the parts in my...