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  1. joboo7777

    This is why you never drain your pool

    Being a new pool owner I never really understood how a drained pool can just "pop" out of the ground....until I saw this picture. Yikes! lol..see the hose in the water? looks like they started to refill the pool a little too late!
  2. joboo7777

    OmniLogic Cloud Connectivity down

    Hello all, Just went in to my OmniLogic app and getting no connection error. I went to the panel and ran WiFi diagnostics. All Tests passed with the exception of the last test that says no connection to web server. Anyone else having this issue right now Thanks
  3. joboo7777

    North Texas Pool Temps in July/Aug

    Fellow North Texans, This is my first summer season coming up and I'm afraid to ask this question. How hot should I expect the pool to get? My pool has a lot of exposure to the south and west and gets direct sun for most if not all afternoon. Thanks
  4. joboo7777

    Surge protection at Pool Subpanel

    Hello all, I planning to have a FirstSurge™ Pro (FS140) - 140,000 Amp Surge device installed at my pool subpanel next week. My primary and only goal is to protect the pool equipment. I’m not too concerned with protecting in home electronics. I did read through the surge information provided...
  5. joboo7777

    Hayward Sense & Dispense install

    Hello all, Happy New Year! I've learned a lot from this site over the past few months and felt it was time to contribute. I'm a big fan of automation and wanted to document my experience planning, installing, and maintaining Hayward's Sense & Dispense system. I've heard some mixed reviews...
  6. joboo7777

    Solar Cover use during North Texas winters

    Hello all, I'm thinking about getting a solar cover for our new pool so we can minimize the use of our heater during the winter months. Our pool gets direct sunlight from 11am until dusk. Without a cover I've seen the pool increase in temp ~4-7 degrees on a 65 degree sunny day with most of the...
  7. joboo7777

    Why is SLAM better than traditional shock?

    First off, this site has been very helpful. Thanks to all the Contributors as the historical archives of data have saved me from making MANY mistakes. i have reviewed the pool school information and some forum threads on Slaming. I’m trying to understand the science around slaming and why it is...
  8. joboo7777

    Need help identifying plumbing components

    Hello all! Below is a pic of some pieces of my plumbing setup that I’m not familiar with. Any help identifying these components would be greatly appreciated 1) yellow circle to the left exiting heater heading to chlorinator back to pool. There is a fitting that looks different.Is this a...
  9. joboo7777

    Ideal Calcium Hardness Level

    Hello all, First off I would like to thank you all for putting together quite the collection of knowledge for newbies like me to consume. I have a calcium hardness question that I hope someone can help me answer. details of Pool Gallons: 15568 (1k of which is a spa with spillover) Stonescapes...