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  1. Matt_PEBKAC_Oh


    Found a new critter in the pool today. 2 horsehair worms. Learn something new every day. They can be infested in bugs such as crickets (which they are in season in NW Ohio) and when adult stage, can leave their host and into water to leave to find a new host or to multiply. Good note is they...
  2. Matt_PEBKAC_Oh

    Preparing for RJ30 install -bonding, anode questions

    Tried to cram for the upcoming SWG install. I know where I'm putting the cell, flow switch and controller. Planning to get a timer to include with setup (never had one, always 25/7 setup). I have an inground fiberglass pool. We have a natural gas heater after the filter. I have a light in a...
  3. Matt_PEBKAC_Oh

    May the fun begin - conversion of 15 yr Baquacil pool

    This weekend's tasks completed. Uncovered and vacuumed debris to waste which also allowed me to exchange a few thousand gallons of old water. Still a little hazy but thats mostly stirred up debris. Backwashed the sand a couple times and the robot once. Brushed everything down, letting the...
  4. Matt_PEBKAC_Oh

    Once the snow melts... conversion begins. But first, a question

    If I am converting over at startup, and I have an old sand filter which I will be replacing with a new DE system, should I keep the STA-RITE multiport valve on recirculate? I plan as always to put it on Waste as I vacuum out all the Crud from the fall and winter. I only have a mesh safety...
  5. Matt_PEBKAC_Oh

    Changing filter from Sand to DE

    Will there be pressure loss returning to the pool if changing from Sand to DE filter? I HP single stage pump.
  6. Matt_PEBKAC_Oh

    Hayward DE W3EC65A any users?

    Quick update. 15 yr baquacil user getting ready to switch convert. I currently have sand filter with a 1hp single speed. Pump is only a couple years old so it still is a decent running pump (hopefully still is, not hooked back up yet). After the spring clean and conversion, I know I would...
  7. Matt_PEBKAC_Oh

    Digital pool tester

    Being colorblind, I have always had to have my wife help read strips from Baquacil when I didn't want an hour round trip to the store. The last couple seasons I had used Lamotte digital system and was decent. I know they also have systems for chlorine too. Is there any other brands they may...
  8. Matt_PEBKAC_Oh

    Convert in process

    Howdy all. Had an account since 2018 just to try and get answers to the cloudy late-summer white mold baquacil pool issues. Had a good run with the expensive product but its just too much money and frustration to continue. So yes, I am going start buying gallons different stuff (cheaper than...