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  1. Cwiggs

    Having trouble finding CYA, suggestions? (do NOT want to buy from Leslies)

    Looks like the Puri tech 25lbs bags are out of stock on Ebay. I was able to find the RX stuff for $65/25 lbs so I ordered that. Will let everyone know how it is when it arrives.
  2. Cwiggs

    Plant in middle of pool, yes please?

    So I found this really weird pool while browsing for homes on Zillow. Why would you even want a plant in the middle of your pool like that? Also, who thought of that? So many questions. What do you think?
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  4. Cwiggs

    Glass testing vial/tube/beaker for Speedstir

    typically glass is advised against near the pool so you might have a difficult time finding a glass one. However the ones made by Taylor fit well and don't have black lines that disappear. The Taylor vials have the markings etched into them; I'd recommend checking out those.
  5. Cwiggs

    DE filter questions

    Hello TFP! I cleaned my DE filter today and noticed one of the new grids I replaced about a year and a half ago has a pretty big stain on it. Other than the stain the grid seems fine. Is this stain something I should be worried about? Thanks!
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  7. Cwiggs

    DE filter questions

    I opened the filter today and found a pretty big rip in one of the grids. Looks like about a year and half ago I replaced 3 of the normal sized grids and they still look fine. I'm going to replace the rest of the grids.
  8. Cwiggs

    DE filter questions

    There is no label on the outside. I assume the label is wore off. I replaced 2 grids about a year and a half ago.
  9. Cwiggs

    DE filter questions

    Looking at the filter more and I think you might be right. My filter looks more like this one: Hayward Micro Clear D.E. Parts - rather than the pentair one.
  10. Cwiggs

    DE filter questions

    Hello TFP! Recently I noticed a lot of dirt on the bottom of my pool. We've had some monsoons recently so I figured it was just extra dirty from that. I got out the manual vacuum and started vacuuming. While vacuuming I noticed debris coming out of the returns, It looks like almost anything...
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  15. Cwiggs

    AquaCal fitting for hose that goes to pressure switch

    I took the fitting out and took it to home depot. Looks like it's basically the same thing as a 1/8 in. barb to 1/4 in. thread. I picked up a 1/8in. barb to 1/4in MIP brass adapter and it fit perfectly. No more leaks, it was about half the price at $4.11, and the new fitting is brass instead...
  16. Cwiggs

    AquaCal fitting for hose that goes to pressure switch

    I should have done more searching before I posted. I think I found the part here: AquaCal HOSE BARB NYLON 1/4" FOR COND AND MANIFOLD WATER PR SW LINE - 2642 -
  17. Cwiggs

    AquaCal fitting for hose that goes to pressure switch

    Hello TFP! I have an AquaCal heat pump that has never worked in the 2 years I've owned the house/pool. This weekend it started leaking and I don't have a bypass installed. It looks like there is a fitting in the "in" side of the PVC that goes to the pressure switch. That fitting is what...
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  21. Cwiggs

    Fountain Leaking from old fiber optic lights

    Hello TFP! I have a fountain that has some old fiber optic lights built into the fountain. The fiber optic has never worked so I was planning on removing it. Recently I noticed that when the fountain is on, I loose water to the point where my auto-fill can't keep up. Upon further inspection...
  22. Cwiggs

    New pool owner after a heavy bather load

    Welcome to TFP! If you are working that hard to see the dot your CYA is below 30. You should add CYA in asap to get it up. As you add CYA you can re-do the test and you'll be able to see the progress where the dot is becoming less visible at 30. Is your CC really 5, how did you test that...
  23. Cwiggs

    Having trouble finding CYA, suggestions? (do NOT want to buy from Leslies)

    Yeah it is a lot. CYA doesn't go bad, but I would worry about keeping moisture out. I need CYA soon so I'll probably buy the 25lbs and see how it does.
  24. Cwiggs

    Having trouble finding CYA, suggestions? (do NOT want to buy from Leslies)

    I havent actually bought it yet but the cheapest I've found is this: Cyanuric Acid Stabilizer & Conditioner Chemical for Swimming Pool Water - 25 lbs 600291951243 | eBay keep in mind it is a lot; but CYA doesn't go bad.
  25. Cwiggs

    Composition of CL powder

    The drawback is it adds things other than chlorine. If you are low on CYA or CH then it'll be fine. A lot of people add the products with CYA when they don't need it and then they end up having CYA thats too high.
  26. Cwiggs

    Composition of CL powder

    It really depends on what it was. Granular chlorine comes in a few forms, they all have additional things that you usually don't want in the pool. The most common is dichlor which is CYA and chlorine. The 2nd most common is cal hypo which is calcium and chlorine. But you'll need to find out...
  27. Cwiggs

    Question for DE users....what do you do with the backwashed stuff?

    Why are you backwashing and deep cleaning so often? Is your pool just really dirty from trees or something? I do remember throwing some big chucks of DE in the trash when I did a deep clean but it wasn't enough to be an issue. Certainly not enough to need a wheelbarrow. My city does say you...
  28. Cwiggs

    Pool vac does not move

    The suction can change based on a number of things. Pump speed, debris in baskets, filter is dirty, debris in the lines, etc. My vac works the best right after I empty the baskets, clean the filter and make sure there isn't anything clogged in the lines (curse my neighbors tree!). Over time...
  29. Cwiggs

    Question for DE users....what do you do with the backwashed stuff?

    How often do you clean the DE filters? When I backwash it all goes in the sewer via the drain cleanout. When I did a deep clean last I just did it in the drive way and it all washed into the sewer. There really wasn't a ton of DE so it wasn't an issue. If I had huge clumps of it I'd probably...