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  1. vgomez1

    Pump Replacement

    I currently have a Jandy Stealth SHPMP2.0 pool pump. It is an extremely loud - I assume it has bad bearings - single speed pump that I'm looking to replace. The two options I have are the Jandy VSFHP165 which is a 1.65 HP variable speed pump and the Jandy VSPHP270 which is a 2.7 HP variable...
  2. vgomez1

    Pentair Warrior SI

    Received my Pentair Warrior SI today - it is a 2018. Ran it through two cycles, standard and quick, after a very windy week. Initial thoughts - it cleans much better than my old Polaris but not as much of the pool as the Polaris. Maybe it's the shape of the pool, but there are definitely areas...
  3. vgomez1

    Pool Freezer Settings

    In Texas dealing with the freeze. When my pool freeze settings turn on, my pool goes goes into pool mode and the jacuzzi blower turns on. The blower causes allot of water to go over the side and I have to add water several times a day. I've never adjusted the freeze settings since I bought the...
  4. vgomez1

    Help - Expansion Joints / Copong

    I know this is a problem but not sure how to proceed. You could see styrofoam under the caulk / coping. Do I need to fill then cover and if so, with what? Thx!
  5. vgomez1

    Let my FC get low

    I do a pretty good job keeping my pool balanced, but two nights ago, I added 76 ounces of 6% bleach without testing and did not add any bleach last night. Tested FC this a.m. and it's 1. Added bleach. If FC is at good level, cc is at .5, and pool is otherwise balanced and clear, are we good to...
  6. vgomez1

    Oily Sheen in Pool

    My pool looked fine yesterday but when I came outside this evening, I noticed an oily sheen on the pool surface. It covers about 1/3 of the pool surface, so it's significant. I mowed the lawn yesterday and didn't clear the clippings, but other than that, not sure what it could be. Pool is...
  7. vgomez1

    Friends Pool

    My friends have a small 4k gallon, above ground vinyl intex pool they use to cool off. They've gotten by using pucks and Leslie's recommendations. Tested their water yesterday: FC: 5.5 CC: .5 PH: 7.3 TA: 170 CH: 180 CYA: 30 Do we address the high TA or not worry about it since PH is a little...
  8. vgomez1

    Dead Rabbit in Pool

    Unfortunately, we found a dead baby rabbit in the pool this morning - they are all over the place in NTX. Chlorine levels are good. Is there anything special I have to do? Should I SLAM it to be safe or does a dead rabbit require different sanitization? Thx.
  9. vgomez1

    Water Heater

    Pool water is a chilly 68 so decided to heat the jacuzzi. I'm receiving a blinking"pressure switch" light. Is this an easy fix or do I have to call in the pros?
  10. vgomez1

    1st SLAM Questions

    Needed to slam my pool yesterday due to a suspected algae problem I've been dealing with. Backwashed and added cellulose fiber prior to beginning. Had a CYA of 70 so added 6 gallons of bleach to bring FC up to 28. Pool looks clearer this morning but filter guage shows filter is dirty already and...