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  1. Hal3

    Pump leaking - now replacing with VS pump.

    My pump is leaking fairly briskly. I would like to order parts to repair before I take it apart. Suggestions for the usual suspects appreciated!
  2. Hal3

    Jandy valve grease port replacement question.

    I was replacing the o-rings on my Jandy valves because they seemed to be leaking air. I discovered that one valve had the grease port plugged. Perhaps it broke and someone was looking for a a cheap fix. Amazon has replacements for $23. Should I replace it? What is the correct use of grease...
  3. Hal3

    Spider gasket adhesive question.

    Previous threads on spider gasket adhesive recommend this: Is everyone really waiting 24 hours before turning the pump back on? I can leave the valve in the filter position and not turn it.
  4. Hal3

    40,000 gallon SWG in a 12,000 gallon pool?

    I purchased a 40,000 gallon SWG for the pool at a house that I was moving into last year. It has been unopened so far. BLUE WORKS Salt Water Pool Chlorine Generator System BLSC Chlorinator| Cell Plates Made by USA Manufacturer(40,000 Gallon, Clear Cell) After maintaining the pool since we...
  5. Hal3

    Sharing quick fix for pump leaking air.

    My pump was sucking air due to a sealing issue with the top of the basket compartment. A few turns of electrical tape worked as a temporary fix until I can get a new O-ring.
  6. Hal3

    Need advice on Nautilus 48 DE filter grid replacement.

    I have a Nautilus DE 48 (see label). I think it is fairly old. I am seeing lots of DE and dirt in the pool after backflushing and adding DE. My Polaris filters are clogging with tree droppings in five or six hours. I think that I need to replace the grids in my filter. Do I really need to take...
  7. Hal3

    Would heating the pool save palms in San Antonio, Texas?

    It is supposed to drop to single-digit temperatures for several days even in San Antonio. Our pool area has mature palms that have likely never been so cold before. I really don't want to risk losing 🥶
  8. Hal3

    Valve automation / DIY / SPDT relay / Z-Wave / Hubitat

    I am starting a fresh thread on DIY pool valve automation. There are many historical posts involving Raspberry Pi, Node Red, Arduino, etc. I want something simpler. I have the Jandy actuator and I have looked at the wiring diagrams. Seems simple enough. I am looking for the exact items to use...
  9. Hal3

    Estimating pool volume and high CYA issues.

    My new (to me) pool had an initial CYA of 100 and we all agreed to drain enough water to get the CYA closer to 50. The pool volume was rumored to be 15,000 gallons but that seemed high to me. It is a very irregularly-shaped pool that is never more than chest high. I drained out about half by...
  10. Hal3

    Hal3 is back with a new (to me) pool!

    Hello TFP peeps! We moved away from our old pool about five years ago. We just moved into another house with a new (for us) pool. So happy to be back with my people! Now converting to a salt water chlorinator, adding borax as before, and going full TFP. My plan is to automate pumps, valves...
  11. Hal3

    @SOLARFORUM - OK, Here I go. FAFCO panels arrived today!

    I am tagging my solar posts with @SOLARFORUM so anyone interested in solar can just search on that term. FAFCO panels arrived today! Ordered from these guys on EBay: solar-discounters - FAFCO SOLAR BEAR 4'X20' POOL HEATER-w/Valve & 6' Hoses - $279 each including shipping. I gave them my...
  12. Hal3

    Northstar failing - New pump or motor or what?

    First - how do I tell which Northstar pump model I have? I'm not sure of the manufacture date because it was here when we bought the house in 06. The old pump developed a bad bearing, probably. I used a freelance pool repair guy recommended by a neighbor and he said he could replace the...
  13. Hal3

    Polaris 380 won't roll!

    I have a Polaris 380 that was working great and now won't roll. I took the unit to Leslie's and they said there was nothing wrong with it and gave it back. No roll. I took it to another Leslie's and they said nothing wrong with it - bring in the hose. I brought in the hose and they replaced the...
  14. Hal3

    Nice pool heater analysis program recently posted at AquaCal

    I just found this pool heater cost analysis program on the AquaCal website. I installed it and it works very well. Very detailed calculations although they seem to be tied to just a few brands of heaters. It looks like a heat pump is much cheaper than natural gas. It does pool volume...
  15. Hal3

    230 volts vs 115 volts

    I thought my pool equipment was running on 230 volts but when I measured it it was 115. What is the cost in less efficiency to run 115 instead of 230? Is is ever worth running a new 230 line out to the equipment?
  16. Hal3

    CompuPool Circuit board - 230 to 150 volt conversion.

    I discovered that my pool equipment is running on 115 volts instead of 230 volts. Does anyone know exactly how to move the connectors on the CompuPool circuit board to convert from 230 to 115 volts? The owners manual is not crystal clear on that to my eye. Thanks for any info. I am also...
  17. Hal3

    TA and aeration

    Is there any way to aerate without cooling down the pool? Aren't there some aerating jets that will suck air into the stream? Thanks for any suggestions!
  18. Hal3

    Hal's CompuPool 40K gal install blog

    The CompuPool Pool Salt System Chlorine Generator 40K gal is on the way. $649 with "Buy it Now" on EBay. I plan to DIY. I am a handy guy but welcome all comments and suggestions! As I inspect the existing plumbing it is really old an seems to have numerous repairs. It also uses 2 inch PVC which...
  19. Hal3

    My perfectly clear pool has green spots!

    I am using BBB with a low level of Trichor tabs from the feeder. My pool has always been perfectly clear. Borate 10 - 15 Ph 7.4 FC 4 PPM CC < 1 PPM TA 150 Calcium 300 CYA 50 Temp 82 degrees Polyquat on board Leslie's advises "Green to Clean" with $80 worth of products. Any suggestions...
  20. Hal3

    Solar Heat - separate forum

    I am toying with the idea of adding solar heat now that I can actually use the pool. A separate forum would be nice and may prompt some activity. Thanks, Hal
  21. Hal3

    Whatever happened to the guy who drained his whole pool?

    My pool was cured!!!! It has been crystal clear every day since. I have about 30 PPM CYA. The water stays clear with 2 or 3 PPM FC. I use tabs with the chlorinator set low. I "shock" with a large bottle of Chlorox once a week. I add Polyquat as per the bottle for algae control although I...
  22. Hal3

    Tiny leak in DE tank

    I just cleaned my DE tank and now there is a small leak. Hairline about 2 - 3 mm long. I think it was plugged by DE or organic debris before I cleaned the tank. Is it OK to patch these from the inside? Any recommendations as to what type of glue? Thanks. Hayward DE. Hal
  23. Hal3

    Diving in to BBB!

    After lurking on all the various forums I am diving into BBB! I have had tremendous algae problems. My pool maintenance company just "fired" me. Too hard. (I think they were spending more on shock than I was paying them.) My pool (27,000 gallons, Polaris 380, DE filter) is blue today! I...