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  1. TRUK71

    Antifreeze and pool chemistry

    @JoyfulNoise if the calcium is "falling or coming out of the water" wouldn't it show the calcium level decreasing over time? Even if I tested in-between water top offs?
  2. TRUK71

    Air bubble in strainer basket - normal?

    I had similar issue. My issue is because of way PB installs piping. They create a back pressure issue if my bubblers are not open. If they are closed then my return basket will not fill up, as soon as I open the bubblers basket fills immediately.
  3. TRUK71

    Hard salt

    Might be a dumb question but it ok to use pool salt that has sat around and gotten hard as a rock?
  4. TRUK71

    Antifreeze and pool chemistry

    I added this per instructions and my FC went up 2.2 overnight with swg off. Bottle doesn't like ingredients. Do you know if there's chlorine in it?
  5. TRUK71

    Salt cell air

    The bubbles stop and start with the salt cell being turned on and off. Could it just he a bad salt cell?
  6. TRUK71

    Salt cell air

    @JamesW it doesn't do it with salt cell off, so I don't believe it's chemical reaction. I'm currently slamming and it doesn't react with the LQ.
  7. TRUK71

    Salt cell air

    Yes, it appears from a distance as either foam or oil if at different angles. But if you get in pool and are directly in the bubbles that are on top you can see that there just "strings" of tiny bubbles hooked together.
  8. TRUK71

    Salt cell air

    The eyes are about the size of a thumb....I've taken them out and it just looks like a fog coming out. Super super fine bubbles.
  9. TRUK71

    Salt cell air

    I tried adjusting it down from the 1750 and it didn't change. I'll try again. I ran VSP last year at 2750 and it never had these bubbles. Guess I could create 1 post that describes all my issues from this year as I has 0 issues last year (it's 1st year).
  10. TRUK71

    Salt cell air

    Lowest setting on VSP is 1750. Also creates bubbles on top of water.
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  12. TRUK71

    Salt cell air

    Your saying it's normal? They fill the entire pool of tiny suspended bubbles that make water look cloudy. Seems extreme.
  13. TRUK71

    Salt cell air

    2250 when in pool, 1750 overnight
  14. TRUK71

    White patches

    Pool manufacturer said it's calcium scaling and told me to add these. Thoughts?
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    Salt cell air

    Salt cell on
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    Salt cell air

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  22. TRUK71

    Salt cell air

    I assumed since it's been well over a month the antifreeze issue would be gone other than driving up my tds.
  23. TRUK71

    Salt cell air

    Another question is how full should the swg be of water? 100% full? Mine covers the fins but not much higher than that. Is that normal?
  24. TRUK71

    Salt cell air

    I've tested mineral deposits with muratic acid with positive fizzing reaction. Assuming it's calcium.
  25. TRUK71

    Salt cell air

    VSP. Normally around 30% - 40%. Water temp in mid to high 80s on a sunny day. Water tests are on my pool math. What you describe is exactly what I see.
  26. TRUK71

    Salt cell air

    I've done the garden hose test on everything on suction side with no indication of a leak. Have a pressure test scheduled. Relubed the main basket seal and swg lid with not reduction in bubble output.
  27. TRUK71

    Salt cell air

    Been having A LOT of air in my returns. Have done leak test on suction side with no results. Found however that if I turn salt cell off the bubbles stop, as soon as I turn it on the bubbles return. I understand that the salt cell with create some bubbles because of the chlorine reaction however...
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    Sand filter medium

    So out of frustration because of the wife stressing out I took what I had and mixed it with 25ml of distilled water and tested it for CH. It tested at 50ppm. So I know it's calcium. So I guess trying to figure out why I have it is the question as my CH is usually around 310-340. I'm also...