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    Ariel by Solar-Breeze

    Just changed my mind about the list. Going to hit buy today as I watch the pine straw, magnolia leaves and hibiscus blooms dive bomb the pool to prevent another year of skimmer’s shoulder. Several on-line stores are selling for $528 while solar breeze site lists at $558.
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    Polaris gets caught up in the line
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    Frog or toad? I removed a frog/toad from the skimmer who jumped right back into the deep end of the pool. I had to go get the long pole. When I returned he had his front and rear legs outstretched as he sank. When I got him in the net he returned to frog shape. Anyone know what the...
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    Outdoor Speaker System

    Former owners drilled through exterior wall for outdoor speakers connected to stereo system in the sunroom. Got 15 years out of the Bose outdoor speakers. Last month installed another pair of outdoor speakers that I had sitting around the house. Unfortunately the Bose bracket, the wall and...
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    The third “railing” of course! Sorry. Thanks!
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    I can fry an egg on the railing. I’ve tie wrapped a pool noodle to one of the bars but it’s not the best solution - it’s not hot but the foam widens the grip and because it dries out hands get covered in foam flakes. I like it because it’s colorful though. Anybody have any suggestions?
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    Gunite Pool tile problem

    I had one tile fall off and freaked out. Your situation is certainly more serious than my experience. I found this ”magical” adhesive that worked like a charm. I know - anything with magic and miracle in it’s name or as seen on TV caveat emptor. But the tile is still affixed after 4 years...
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    Heavy Rain, Water Level Rising, Gunnite pool

    its not going to make more problems somewhere else.’ The story of my life! Thanks.....Emptied the pool a few years ago for resurfacing. No problems then.
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    Heavy Rain, Water Level Rising, Gunnite pool

    Into the yard with all the other water drowning the fire ant piles! I presume on waste the water leaves through the backwash pipe.
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    Heavy Rain, Water Level Rising, Gunnite pool

    Never mind. Googled. Waste setting. Brain drenched from fixing kinked hose on sump-like pump....
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    Heavy Rain, Water Level Rising, Gunnite pool

    Last week it was drought and I had to add water. This week it’s monsoon and it looks like the water is about to rise above the decking. Do I just put the filter in backwash or is there another setting to lower the water level? Thanks!
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    Purchase options new pump

    Pool pop ups is a new one to me also. Checked with Dr. Google. Now I get the stripe problem.
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    Purchase options new pump

    "you will always have a center stripe of dirt". - ??? Love the look on your best friend’s face.
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    Purchase options new pump

    The pump was installed prior to buying the house. The former owner was some kind of engineer plus i seem to recall calculations on some pool records left behind. Ill see if i can dig it up. Anyway, it’s about 50 feet to a pool jet and 15-20 to the skimmer. The polaris runs off the same pump.
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    Considering a pool shed for pump/filter/etc

    To shed or not to shed? my pool equipment as well as the sprinkler pump are in the shed which by the way is being rebuilt thanks to ravenous bugs. Can’t say for sure whether the shed had anything to do with it but my pump is over 16 years old which is also being replaced now for internal...
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    Purchase options new pump

    After at least 16 years the time has come to replace the pump. I found the best price on amazon - about $60 less than lowest online pool supply superstore. Amazon reviewers with early pump failures report frustration with warranty and customer service. I’m a bargain buyer but would rather...
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    Free TF 100 kit - BLythewood, SC

    The kit was purchased around October 2019. It was used only 3 times to test chlorine and pH. If interested please contact me. For those curious why - it is simply that my pool is trying to kill me. 2018 - Broke ankle by stepping through the leaf cover and smashing into the shallow step while...
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    Sodium bisulfate question

    Thanks Allen. Those are convincing reasons to avoid.
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    Sodium bisulfate question

    I’ve read many posts that say do not use sodium bisulfate in swcg pools. I can’t find a similar warning for non swcg pools. Any reasons why muriatic acid is preferable from a pool integrity point of view? Thanks!
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    Test all parameters or what

    It’s been about 1 month since replastered pool was filled with 20,000 gallons of water - water bill $140 vs 21. PB used some calculation and came up with 30,000 gallons before refill but the bill proved his math incorrect. Anyway he’s been doing the testing. I have the tf-100 test kit ready to...
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    Squirrels chewing through screen enclosure :-(

    Need to think like Rocky! look for food left out there. Maybe installer forgot his lunch bag somewhere inside the enclosure
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    Can this pool marriage be saved? Renovate or demo.

    Plaster is progressing nicely. The acid wash has exposed the blue freckles. I am now convinced it’s looking pretty good. Heavy winds today dumped tons of leaves into pool. The skimmer wizard was not reinstalled yet. I went out to trim my beautiful hibiscus because it’s dropping big bud...
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    Lazy, so I need a once-a-week thing to maintain a pool.

    In defense of lazy I prefer to call it personal efficiency. Not judging others who do more or less than me. one more idea that could help reduce trips back and forth to start and stop pump when emptying skimmer basket is installing a skimmer wizard. wizardry is different than as seen on tv. my...
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    Lazy, so I need a once-a-week thing to maintain a pool.

    Cut out the schlepping to the store and order chlorine online delivered to your door. No comment on the rest of the stuff?
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    New Pool Build in MD!

    Very nice. Just a word of caution about letting the munchkins and dog into the excavation. The sides don’t look shored up and it is possible for them to fail. I’m not speaking from experience with pool digs but trench digs. If the pool was excavated from bedrock then the hazard would be...