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  1. JoanC

    Ground wire not connected

    Good day! This looks like the ground wire came loose from where it was pieced together then taped correct? If so, do I piece it back and re- tape? If so, what kind of tape to survive the elements? Thank you! Joan
  2. JoanC

    Is Quikrete sand ok?

    Home Depot only has Quikrete sand which was much finer than other brands in years past. Is Quikrete better now or should I get some from the pool store?
  3. JoanC

    Cleaning sand filter

    I'll try to be concise but we know that is NOT my nature :) I have a Hayward S244T sand filter that takes 300lbs of sand. It has been "spitting" sand for a couple of years and I imagine a lateral is cracked. I have not and am not addressing that issue today. The filter had been cleaning okay...
  4. JoanC

    variable or single speed pump for 30,000 gal inground?

    Good Saturday to all! My single speed 1.5hp pump motor died yesterday. It was making awful sounds, scratchy/screeching sounds and not moving the water through the jets. There was a big puddle under the pump and motor too. Motor had a whine now and then since last year. I thought we were in...
  5. JoanC

    Best Skimmer Socks?

    I searched for best skimmer socks and got many posts from years past but nothing current. The skimmer socks I've used for years came in a 3 pk for about $5 or $6 and held up for sometimes two seasons. I have no idea the brand. Amazon has several differnt brands in packs of 10-15 for about $15...
  6. JoanC

    Shredded looking material in skimmer

    Pictures below of skimmer sock showing something I can't identify. There are little white pieces I first thought were brush bristles but they're about 1/4 inch long and feel like slick paper or heaven forbid- vinyl! Another sock from a few days ago has more on it. Also, note there are a few of...
  7. JoanC

    where to find liquid chlorine

    Does anyone know where to get liquid chlorine near Rome, GA? (NW GA) Thanks, Joan
  8. JoanC

    Driving me CRAZY!

    Look at the pics below regarding our HOA pool. These are FB screen shots over the past 3 days and it is KILLING me to keep my mouth shut. The pool is maintained by a local pool store. This is the second time this summer the pool has been closed for a partial drain due to too much CYA. First...
  9. JoanC

    pressure washing runoff

    Good morning! Sunny and hot here in northwest GA! I searched the forum for about 30 minutes for an answer and gave in to posting. We’ve been pressure washing our older concrete pool deck and some of the nasty water has gotten in the pool despite efforts to prevent such. The black muck...
  10. JoanC

    polyquat question

    This may belong somewhere else but my question is in regard to water balance in the end. Rather than continue my hunt and search for answer to my question I'm going to ask you guys. I need to add Metal Magic to sequester some iron staining on my steps. I need my FC lowered to 3 or less to do...
  11. JoanC

    low TA and hi pH

    Hi guys, I had great numbers all last summer and through the winter. Then I had to get rid of water several times due to so much rain this spring. I had to replenish CYA and also add some baking soda because my TA got down to 20. I added it slowly and got to 70 but of course pH went from 7.5 to...
  12. JoanC

    suction side air leak

    Happy Spring! Hope all of you are well! I've searched on the forum for over an hour for an answer to my problem but I'm giving up. I found air bubbles coming from return in deep in yesterday and pressure gauge was down from norm of 13 to 10psi. Pump basket lid has some cracks around the edge...
  13. JoanC

    Is it okay to leave algae under new liner install?

    Hi everybody, If you look back at my other posts and problems you'll see that I had a two trees come down and damage my pool house and pool back in March and April of this year. It's been a fiasco with my insurance company and then trades people since trying to get things repaired. I thank...
  14. JoanC

    Tree fell in Pool

    I need some help please. My husband said I should ask for help balancing my FT for Fallen Tree. Not too funny when I think of the possible outcome but at least HE's laughing! Pics are below. I hope they're large enough. I reduced them to post. We had drought last year then lots of rain...
  15. JoanC

    Daytime Chlorine loss

    Wondering if someone can tell me if my daytime chlorine loss is typical or if I need to possibly increase CYA to hold it better. I recently had an ammonia problem which I blasted over a couple of days and went into a SLAM for a few more days. Water looked great and still does. Successfully...
  16. JoanC

    VGB Compliant Drain Cover

    Re: First time amonia issue Moderator note, the question is actually in the second post of this thread
  17. JoanC

    First time amonia issue

    I'm dealing with ammonia for the first time and needs some guidance on how to proceed toward my SLAM please. Texas Splash and Duraleigh were kind enough to help me with an issue about a month ago in which I ended up needing to do a SLAM. I had to jump ship due to health issues. Kept the algae...
  18. JoanC

    Low suction at skimmer

    Can someone please help me figure out why my skimmer suction is low? I've searched for hours on the forum and can't figure it out. Pool stats are in signature but to reiterate with other pertinent info: Approx. 30K gal. - 18x36- in ground with vinyl liner- Hayward sand filter- one speed 1/2...
  19. JoanC

    Metal Magic in lower temps

    Hi everybody, For those who may need to know if Metal Magic will work below the recommended temp of 70 degrees, yes it will work with air temp of 58. Sorry I don't have thermometer for pool. But, the water is really cold! This is my idiot pool owner story of late :) Temps here in NW GA have...
  20. JoanC

    continue to pour time and money into stains

    This is no doubt a problem with the owner! ME! :hammer: I thought I had a handle on dealing with my iron stains after two seasons of it. I asked for help on 4/21/15 about rebalancing my TA after my stain removal and thought all would be fine. I have no issues keeping water balanced. It's the...
  21. JoanC

    Balancing TA and Ph after stain removal

    Hi Everybody, I have two concerns. 1. Where does the TA need to be for my 9yr old bleached out vinyl liner? 2. I need to bring the Ph down a little before adding the Cl back in order to keep the stains at bay. If you advise to raise the TA the Ph will rise a bit. Should I lower Ph before...
  22. JoanC

    Hayward Super Pump leak

    Good Morning! I have a 1 hp single speed Hayward SP with probably some pretty good age on it. Pump was with pool when we bought the house 14 years ago. We replaced the motor on it a few years back. I'm not sure exactly how many. I replaced the gasket around the strainer opening and the...
  23. JoanC

    Great price online for Jack's Magic The Pink Stuff!

    Hi Guys! I'm dealing with a little staining again this year and needed some more Jack's Magic The Pink Stuff to sequester after using some ascorbic acid, plus some for maintenance dosing. Locally The Pink Stuff sells for around $24 a quart. I've felt lucky to order it for $19, $10 handling...
  24. JoanC

    Need to SLAM and don't have accurate CYA level

    Hi all ! I'm needing some help with a couple of things and verification on what I'm thinking of doing. Numbers as follows with TF -100 ph - 7.8 FC - 1.5 CC- 3 TA - 60 CH - 75 CYA - ? slightly cloudy but still see dot fine even at top of cylinder. Water is crystal clear with no signs of...
  25. JoanC

    To Shock or Not to Shock?

    Hi everybody! I'm back with a much better pool this season thanks to many of you! Metal Stains from last year are still gone or at least sequestered. That is a big deal if you've ever dealt with staining on a liner! Lots of work last year. Water is clear and numbers look pretty good except...
  26. JoanC

    Green Pool & Stained Liner

    I carried over stained liner from last year. Problem began then with huge algae problem after spring rains. Pool store noted phosphates as problem rather than algae after exhausted all to rid opaque green. Did phosphate removal per instructions from pool store including flocculent at end of...