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  1. 8ightiesfan

    Problem with algae growing behind pool lights

    I have an issue where green algae grows behind my pool lights. I have no issues with algae anywhere else, the pool is crystal clear and well balanced. I pull the lights out and clean them but a month or so later you can start to see it again. The algae mainly forms on the pool wall where there...
  2. 8ightiesfan

    Is my SWG cell worn out?

    The FC level in our pool is dropping, I have the SWG turned up to almost 100% but it cannot keep enough FC in the pool. Over the last 4 days it has gone from 7 down to 4 The pump and SWG are running 10 hours each day The pool is being used almost every day There is adequate salt in the pool...
  3. 8ightiesfan

    pH is not increasing

    From everything I have read and been told the pH in SWG pools always increases and you use acid to lower it to keep it in the range. The pH in my pool has not notably increased in over 2 months. It sits happily at 7.6 and barely increases. Every time I test it it reads 7.6. It *may* have been...
  4. 8ightiesfan

    Is this algae?

    Settling in to around 10 months of pool ownership and I like to think I have the basics worked out now and generally maintenance is going well. I have started to get what looks like algae growing in the tile grout. The brownish/black spots you can see in the grout. Though this is only growing...
  5. 8ightiesfan

    Will low CYA cause green algae?

    I have a small green algae outbreak so am performing a SLAM currently but would like to learn why it happened. I haven't tested CYA in 3 months over winter (Australia) and it last tested at 70 but when tested today it is now 40. All other results were good FC 8.5 CC 0.5 (first time it has been...
  6. 8ightiesfan

    Main drain and where does this skimmer pipe go?

    Still on the learning curve of pool ownership. I have well balanced pool water now thanks to this forum but now trying to learn about a few plumbing areas of the pool. I read a few threads on here about main drains, hoping to learn about how mine works. There is a blocked off pipe in my...
  7. 8ightiesfan

    Help replacing spider gasket - glue or no glue?

    I have a very old Davey multiport valve which needs a new spider gasket. I have the new gasket ready to go in and from a previous inspection of the faulty gasket it was lightly glued in with a black silicone sealant of some sort. I know some gaskets need to be glued in and some don't depending...
  8. 8ightiesfan

    Can I leave my Chlorine level high over winter?

    From Australia so now entering the winter period. I recently shocked our pool to clear a small green algae outbreak and now it is crystal clear and well balanced, except the chlorine level is still very high around 13ppm. Now that the pool will not be swum in again until September can I just...
  9. 8ightiesfan

    New pool owner from Australia

    Hello from Canberra, Australia! This seems to be predominantly a US based forum, but hey, I cant find a decent Australia forum and water is water right? First time pool owner for around 3 months now, have learnt a lot in the last 3 months but still a long way to go and enjoying the challenge!