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  1. JayK


    Had two cracks last year in the pool. Jerod (Owner Heintz Pool and Spa) was more than willing to repair then under warranty, but we decided to wait until this open season so I would not miss any fun last year. They scheduled opening with repair so everything was done in two days, that was very...
  2. JayK

    Heintz Pool 1 year later

    So I thought it was time for a progress report. Our pool was installed a little over a year ago. We do have one issue that we just started dealing with a while ago. The owner of Heintz has always been good to us so I expect this will be taken care of. Let me run down the list of things...
  3. JayK

    Jandy RGBW 24w pool lights.. No "W"

    For reasons passing understanding, the White LED on my Jandy pool light is no longer working. I have 4 of them in the pool, but one no longer works. Any ideas? (I am expecting I will have to replace it. Which is fine, it is under warrenty) Jay
  4. JayK

    Pump running and cost

    So... I'm cheap. I'll be the first to admit it. I'm a one week old owner of a great pool. However I am trying to keep the cost of running the pump down. I have a 22,000 gallon pool. I've set my pump to run at 40GPM. At this rate I can turn over the whole thing in about 8 hours. I'd like to...
  5. JayK

    First time readings

    Okay so I hope I am doing this right. 22,000 gal pool (roughly will know exactly once water bill shows up. EcoFinish Pool SWG Been going one week. Was shocked by pool Co I believe on day they started it up Water Temp between 78 - 80f SWG output is 50% Salt level (According to intelliclor) is...
  6. JayK

    Safedip MET20A Digital Tester?

    Any thoughts on this? I like not needing the testing chemicals. Let me know. Jay
  7. JayK

    Solar Salt Yes or No?

    A LONG time ago (Don't want to say exactly, shows how old I am) I was one of the first owners of an SWG system. Back then we used Solar Salt from Home Depot. Basically a water softener. I'll never forget it. It was like swimming in pure velvet. Also seemed to work perfectly. Blue water...
  8. JayK

    In-Ground Pool Construction St. Louis MO

    Hello all, my name is J. And I am building a pool here in St. Louis MO. Here;'s the data Start Date: Around April 6th 2019 Pool Type: Alpha Only Composite Walls - Gunite Floor - Aqua Brite Finsih (Blue Lagoon color) Measurements: 45' long 23'9" wide (At widest point) 812 sq ft swimming area...
  9. JayK


    Finally going in!
  10. JayK

    Backwash line

    I have a 6" Schedule 40 pipe that serves to take the run off from my gutters to the street. I want to tie my 2" backwash line into that but the pool builder is telling me that it would backup due to too much friction and possibly come out my gutters on the roof! I'm having a hard time buying...
  11. JayK

    Just getting started Size Depth Purpose

    Hello everyone, Soon to be a new pool owner here. Very very tight fit for my pool. In fact, we are to the limit staying within setbacks for the property. Looking at a 45' long pool with a bell shape at the end (Narrow is 16' wide is 23'). You can look at the pics. in REALITY, for our first...