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  1. smforte

    Seriously need to cover my pool but.....

    OMG Al where we're still in the 80s and 60s at night. Water temp is 76. But I have a gazillion trees around my pool and pine straw and leaves are falling like mad creating a huge mess in the pool that I can't keep up with. I normally don't close until the water temp is 60, but...
  2. smforte

    Size does matter!

    Or does it..... ;) While testing this morning I ran out of 0871 in my .75 oz bottle so did the test with a newer 2oz bottle. The drops seemed to be a tad smaller and came out of the bottle faster. FC read 8.0. Knowing that couldn't be right compared to last nights test of 6, I poured some of...
  3. smforte

    Pool store JERK!

    Hubby and I are going on vaca for a few days next week. I sent him to the pool store to pick up a small bucket of tabs. (Got cya down to 40 so it wouldn't get too high with the tabs). My little 85 yr old mom will be taking care of the pool and I need to make it as easy as possible for her...
  4. smforte

    Maytronics Dolphin s300i review

    I've had my s300i for a week & 1/2. Happy to say all in all, I LOVE this thing. It does a great job cleaning the pool and only a few little things lacking. 1. Out of the box ready....did get the hubs to put the caddy together. He had a small problem getting the stand holes to line up but...
  5. smforte

    Water under liner?

    Hi Guys.. A few weeks ago while manually vacuuming I would get to a certain area in the shallow end and the vacuum head would get stuck to the liner. It has happened every time I manually vac. I was in the pool yesterday and walked over the area and noticed it had a mushy feel as if water...
  6. smforte

    If the pool stores weren't bad enough...New gimmick in town

    Check this out......if things were really this simple! A little pod that floats around your pool, tests your water and sends results to your phone and the company sends you little packs of chemicals on a regular basis....only $449. I ain't buying it!
  7. smforte

    My first slam. I got this!

    Tried to wait out the pollen and oak tree squiggly things so I waited a little too late to take off the cover. Heartbroken to see some algae forming. Started my slam yesterday and following the directions to a T. It's going great. Hoping I'll pass the OCLT tonight. Amazing how fast the...
  8. smforte

    Addin salt without a SWG

    Before opening my pool for the season I always take a refresher course in pool school. While reading about different chemicals I noticed this regarding adding salt without a SWG..."For improved water feel without a SWG, try levels around 2,000. These levels are less then one tenth of the salt...
  9. smforte

    DE added to sand filter... No pressure rise

    Hey guys, Over the last 4 hours I've added a total of 3 cups of DE to my sand filter with no rise of pressure. Should I continue adding until I see a rise or just let it run its course. I keep checking psi every 30 minutes but no change. I'm afraid it's going to sky rocket over night. I...
  10. smforte

    TFTest larger CYA tube

    Have been using Taylor 2006 CYA test for couple of years. CYA runs 40-50 pretty consistently. My tube started getting a little grungy so ordered the larger tube and got a reading of 30. Am I doing something wrong with the bigger tube? Did it numerous times. Thoughts?
  11. smforte

    Party time

    Not sure if I'm in the right spot or not. Using tapatalk which I'm not too familiar with. If not, just delete. Just wanted to show off my pool ready for the holiday weekend!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. smforte

    Bonding later add-ons?

    Split from HERE. jblizzle Not meaning to hijack the OP....but could the same occur if you added an aluminum patio cover 5" from the pool and the cover wasn't bonded ? Would we need to bond anything of metal we add at a later date? Apparently I hikacked another post and got in trouble once...
  13. smforte

    I happily went to the...gasp...Pool Store

    Took a trip to the pool store today got a new vacuum pole, skimmer basket and safety rope. As I stood in line I literally had to stand putting one foot on top of the other, bite my tongue and hum to myself as I listened to the clerk tell a lady she needed PH Up, Calcium for her vinyl pool...
  14. smforte

    Wierd...can solar cover possibly RAISE FC?

    Hey everyone! Got a new solar cover last week. Doesn't heat the water that much but I've noticed not losing as much FC which is great. We've had rain, rain and more rain for the last 5 days. Been maintaining the FC at 7 but this morning FC TEST WAS 9.. I haven't added bleach in 2 days and I...
  15. smforte

    How to get leaves etc off of my new solar cover

    Looking for tips on how to get leaves etc off of my new solar cover. My pool is surrounded by oaks and pines on city property next to our property as well as a neighbors ginormous pine west of my pool (which also shades my pool starting at 2:30pm...:sigh: you would think living in the south I'd...
  16. smforte

    False CYA test ?

    Opened pool 2 days ago. Looks great thanks to you guys. I had the pool covered but have a small leak behind my light so was having to add quite a bit of water throughout the winter. My original #s 2 days ago were: FC 4 CC .5 PH 6.8. Raised it w borax TA 50 CYA 0 Water temp 58 I've taken care...
  17. smforte

    Threw the magnetic stirrer out w the sample water

    So I've had my speedstir 2 days and I'm in love or I was until I accidentally threw the magnetic stirrer out w the sample water. Just knew I was gonna do that!! Been digging in grass all morn. Anyone know where I can get a replacement?? Dang!
  18. smforte

    Kudos to tfp method

    Just have to give you all KUDOS....end of Oct I followed your directions for closing my pool. Pulled the cover off today and not counting a small amount of debri that blew in under the cover, my water is crystal clear. FC 4 CC 0 PH 7.4 TA 50 but raised to 75 CYA next to nothing due to small...
  19. smforte

    Cheap non submersible pump for your pool cover

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share a cheap alternative for a non-submersible pump. My husband found this $6 gadget (and he's the king of gadgets) at lowes that you actually hook up to your drill and 2 hoses. Great for minor standing water on your cover and I'm pumping the rain water back into the...
  20. smforte

    Need help reattaching underwater light

    Hey guys, I think either some rough housing or my kreepy krawly dislodged my underwater light. Went out to do my daily thing and noticed the light looked crooked. I touched to see if it was lose and it about fell out. How do I snap this thing back in? Also the last few weeks I've been...
  21. smforte

    Think they'll have to slam and sure hope it's not vinyl
  22. smforte

    Has one of these ever visited your pool?

    Couldn't resist sharing this with you all!
  23. smforte

    Thanks to TFP I'm a pool!

    Now if someone will just come replace my deck free of charge I'll be good to go!
  24. smforte

    Help! I have metals

    Hey guys...been noticing my liner had a yellowish tint in spots that I tought was fading due to suggested pool store chemicals added months ago. Been doing BBB for months now. Just did the vitamin C test and plain as day. Was just in the must of raising my CYA from 30-40 with sock method this...
  25. smforte

    Y'all ain't gonna believe this!

    Do y'all think this is for real? Can this really be done? Woman claims her husband dug up somebody's pool and reinstalled it in their yard! And it only cost them $5000!/463160/recycled-inground-pool-paradise
  26. smforte

    Help me settle an argument

    Having a small disagreement and actually hope I'm wrong. I grew up with a pool and 40-50 yrs ago it wasn't uncommon for my mom and dad to let us kids just take our baths in the pool. Soap, shampoo, cream rinse and even shave....well, Fast forward 50 yrs and knowing what all we know about...
  27. smforte

    Can anyone identify the pump? And it has a leak

    Not real sure how old this pump is. It says Seablue on it. It runs good but I've noticed a leak in front of the motor. Could it possibly be a gasket? Hubby checked the bolts and they are all tight. Also the pump basket lid is held down with a metal clamp with a long screw and handle. Recently...
  28. smforte

    Couple of questions

    Love following TFP care. My pool is crystal clear. I do have a few questions. One regarding the dreaded CYA test. I know if the water is cool it should be at room temp before testing...crazy thing is when I test mine at room temp I get a lower reading. 40 instead of 50. Shouldn't it opposite...
  29. smforte

    Question about aeration

    Hey Guys and gals! I have an Aqua Genie filter (not by choice, pool came that way when I bought the house) so I have no other jets other than the Genie that returns strictly below the skimmer. I'm wondering what I could possibly rig up separately to help in aeration and circulation especially...
  30. smforte

    Quick question about CH

    Hy Guys, I have a vinyl pool. I've read here not to worry about the CH but Pool Calculator suggest I add 383 oz of calcium chloride. Is this necessary w a vinyl pool? FC 7.5 CC 0 PH 7.6 TA 100 CH 150 CYA 55 and falling and, how do my numbers look?