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    Pentair Warrior SE troubleshooting

    I got a Pentair Warrior from Marina last July and unfortunately today I discovered that it no longer appears to be working. When I try to start it everything lights up and looks normal on the controller, but I get no lights on the robot itself, nor does it start to move. I tried...
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    Pump/Motor help

    So this isn’t actually my pool pump, but rather a pump for my shallow well. Someone told me that it was very similar to a pool pump, so I’m hoping that someone here might be able to help me. I know very little about the pump as it came with the house when I bought it 6 years ago, so the pump...
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    pH - how low is too low?

    So my water has stayed pretty well balanced over the summer. My pH would typically be around 7.6 and my alkalinity stayed around 80. However, as the temps have been starting to cool a bit here I brought out my solar cover and my pool has been mostly covered for the past couple of weeks. I...
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    Just saw this on Either it’s a typo or the deal of a lifetime
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    So I had to SLAM again. Was this a symptom or the cause?

    So my pool has been doing really well for a number of weeks now. Crystal clear water and no signs of algae. My CYA is at 80 and I’ve been maintaining a FC level around 5 to 8. I try to brush my steps every few days, or at least every week because they have been a problem spot for algae for me...
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    Will a solar breeze help me?

    So this crepe myrtle seems to be dropping flower petals all day every day this time of year. And it drops leaves during the fall. I’ve been pulling handfuls of flower petals out of the skimmer, but the water surface is still covered in them. Would a solar breeze help here?
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    Can I convert this pump to a side discharge?

    So this isn’t really a pool pump. It’s a pump for my irrigation system, but there are a lot of people who know a lot about pumps here, so I’m hoping someone might be able to help with this question. I just had solar panels installed on my home and the electricians who did the work said that...
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    PSA - All dry CYA is not equal

    So yesterday I discovered that my CYA was quite low (probably because I’ve had a ton of rain recently) and I needed to add some. I had a bit of HTH brand CYA on hand, but only about half as much as I needed. I put a bit more than a pound of the HTH CYA in a sock yesterday morning. Within an...
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    How much does salt level affect SWG chlorine generation?

    I noticed that my SWG seems to be struggling a bit to maintain my FC levels and I needed to increase my pump run time to give the SWG enough runtime to keep my chlorine levels where I want them. I’ve been getting a lot of rain lately and I tested my salt level today for the first time in a...
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    Ugh... could this be mustard algae?

    About two weeks ago I had a problem where the pool water started to turn green and cloudy. I did a SLAM and as I went through the process I tried to search out any algae that might be growing and I discovered some yellow/greenish algae growing under my steps. I focused on brushing that area a...
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    How would you clean this soffit vent?

    So while I was installing my fancy new outdoor speaker I discovered that the soffit vents are very dirty. And of course, now that I’ve seen it I can no longer unsee it, so I’d like to figure out a good way to clean them. My first thought was a pressure washer, but I have two concerns with...
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    Poolmath App Dark Mode Issue

    I’ve also noticed some very dark text in the poolmath app that is difficult to read in dark mode. In the effects of adding section certain chemicals have some notes that show up at the bottom. See below for an example using the chemical “chlorine gas”
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    TFP Website Dark Mode Issue

    My iPad is in dark mode and since the TFP website has been updated to support dark mode I’ve noticed that there are a few terms in some of the articles that show up in black text which makes them unreadable in dark mode. See the circled words in the SLAM article below as an example.
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    Does anybody really know what temp it is?

    Does anyone really care? So a couple of years ago I bought a little sinking thermometer from Amazon and tied it to the side of my pool so it would sit a foot or two below the surface of the water. I’ve learned that if the thermometer says 72 then I can swim, but it’s awfully cold. If it’s...
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    High(ish) alkalinity and my salt cell

    I just filled my new pool a month or two ago and the alkalinity has been around 170. This is what my fill water is, so that’s logical. pH has not been a problem, in fact, it’s pretty slow to rise... If I lower it to 7.2 with MA it will take 2 or 3 weeks to get up to 7.6 or 7.8. My plan has...
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    Running SWG only during the day to minimize FC level swing

    It recently occurred to me that given that the vast majority of chlorine loss happens during the day that it probably makes sense to run the SWG only during the day as well. Say you have a SWG and variable speed pump that runs 24/7. I think the general recommendation is to run the SWG 24/7...
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    Outdoor speaker recommendations

    I’d love to get some outdoor speakers for my patio and deck. I would like something that’s permanently installed and can connect to my phone through Bluetooth or airplay as a music source. I can easily access the attic space above the porch, so installing speakers in the porch ceiling or at...
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    Help me pick a circupool SWG

    So I have decided that my little intex SWG is not going to cut it this summer. It can barely keep up with my chlorine demand right now. In the summer when the days are hotter and the solar cover isn’t on the pool there’s no way it will be able to keep up. I have decided to go with a...
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    Is it worth connecting a woefully inadequate solar heater?

    I recently upgraded from a little 15’ round pool to a 32’x16’ rectangular pool. I have a solar bear 4’x20’ solar heater that I was using for the little pool. It was a good size for the small pool and seemed to work pretty well. I just had the heater laying in my yard, which wasn’t a really...
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    Cloudy water - pollen?

    So over the last day or two I’ve noticed that my water has been a bit cloudy and I don’t know why, but I suspect that it may be pollen. It’s definitely pollen season here and everything around the pool has a bit of a yellow tinge to it, so it’s logical to assume that there’s a good amount making...
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    I’m afraid my intex SWG may not be strong enough. Help me find the best option.

    Intex makes two salt systems, they claim one is rated for pools up to 7000 gallons, which can generate 5g/hr of chlorine gas, and one they claim is good for pools up to 15000 gallons, which can generate 11g/hr of chlorine gas. About a year ago I bought the larger salt cell with a large 16” sand...
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    Auto cleaner getting stuck under above ground pool steps

    So I have the cheap little intex pressure side auto cleaner and every few days it manages to get itself stuck under my steps. Sometimes it will get stuck like that and sometimes it will make it all the way through, but then it’s hose will go under the steps and it can’t get to the rest of the...
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    Landscaping issue - What would you do?

    I just put in an intex 32x16 pool and I have decided to put river rock around it. Most of it is going to be pretty easy as the pool is pretty much at grade: I’ll just fill in between the edger and the pool, and I’m going to stuff some pool noodles under the pool to help keep rocks from...
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    What should I put around my intex pool?

    I just installed a 32x16 rectangular intex pool and built a deck around part of it. But the deck doesn’t go all the way around the pool and I‘m trying to figure out what to put around the rest. Mulch or stone seem like the obvious choices. I like the look of stone, but some stones seem like...
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    Does anyone know what’s making these holes in the ground?

    So as I’ve been working to install my pool and deck and patio I’ve noticed a number of small holes in the ground like this: They’re about an inch in diameter and some of them are very close to some of the leg supports for the pool and I’m concerned that something might be tunneling under the...
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    Ahhh... the CYA test is driving me nuts

    I just filled my new pool. According to the manufacturer it holds 14364 gallons. After filling the pool I added 7 pounds of dry CYA and let it dissolve. According to pool math 7 pounds of stabilizer in 14364 gallons should put my CYA level at about 58. The directions on the product show...
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    Does anyone know where to get a shade cover like this?

    So I was looking at wheelchair lifts for pools because my son is in a wheelchair and I wanted to give him the option to swim. But one of the sites that sells lifts had this picture: I love the cover that they have over that pool and I’d love to get something like that, but I have no idea what...
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    Taping XPS foam - what exactly does three layers mean?

    So I’m going to be installing my new intex 32x16x52 pool soon and I’m thinking I’m going to go with 1” or 1/2” XPS foam under the liner. I have just spent a lot of time searching the forums to see how people recommend installing the foam and I keep seeing people talking about using three layers...
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    Fill new pool with softened water or unsoftened water?

    I have purchased a new Intex 32x16x52 pool and with any luck I’ll be filling it within the next week or two. I have a water softener that feeds my whole house, including the outside spigot, but I also have the option to bypass the water softener for the pool fill. Is there any benefit to using...