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    New pool test results

    Attached is a picture of today's test and chemical addition.. I added 1 gallon muratic acid to help control pH. My TS and CSI is high. Hoping this helps. This is all new to me and have been reading and adjusting. So far pool math has helped tremendously. Do you all think I am on the right path...
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    27' semi in ground pump/filter/drain questions

    Hello. New here and to pools. So we are going to be purchasing a 27'x 54" semi in ground whenever they decide to come back in stock. Pools we are looking at is the pool factory saltwater LX, saltwater 8000 or the pool warehouse Tennessean. It will have a SWG. I am going to mount the bump/filter...
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    New To Pools

    Hello all. Name is Jake. I'm new to pools and all things pool related. I'm here to learn as I'll be a pool owner soon. I'm an extremely mechanically inclined person and have a vast knowledge of mechanical systems within commercial buildings and automation systems. No experience with pools but...