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    Questions on Cartridge filter system

    I have a Eco Kleer 200sq filter system by waterway. The unit shows to use a 817-0200N filter which has a 4" inside diameter, but my unit has a another part inside of the system as shown in the attached picture which has a 6" diameter. What is this addition part that the filter slides onto. And...
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    Questions about closing pool

    I have a 18'x54 above ground pool and had some questions about not dropping the water level below the skimmer and return if I plug both my return jet and use a Simpooltech Wide Mouth Skimmer Plug\plate. and possibly a gizmo, in the skimmer. Of course I would remove my hoses going to the skimmer...
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    Recommended Supplier for New Liner for 18x54 AGP

    Looking for recommendations for reputable sites to order new pool liner. Thanks
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    Looking for advice of installing a main floor drain in a AGP.

    I have to install a new liner in a 18' pool this spring, and was wondering about installing a main floor drain. Does this make sense, and if so what do you recommend for the drain itself, and plumbing it under the pool, and would the drain line need to be angle slightly? Also since I live in...
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    In need of a new Pool liner

    Last year I developed a leak some where which I can not find, as I was thinking why not just install a new pool liner. I have a 18x54 pool. What recommendation do you have for the type, brand and, online site to order a liner from. I take it they are not to hard to install either. We have a...
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    Pool losing water

    Last spring when I removed my winter cover I notice that my water level as extremely low, ay more than previous years. Even though I as surprised I didn't think much of it. Once I started to go through the process of opening my pool and filling the pool to the required level (note it was still...
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    dolphin e10 Power Supply

    I have a dolphin E10, can I mount the power supply on the side of my pool deck and leave when not in use, can it be left out in the rain?
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    Pool Robot Cleaner Recommendations for my size pool help needed

    I have a 18' AGP in which I only have a manual vacuum that hooks to the skimmer box via a adaptor and a Dirt Devil D2500 Automatic Above Ground Pool Cleaner both which came with the pool at purchase. I am looking to purchase a automatic (I guess called a robot) to clean my pool. I really don't...
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    Pool Vacuum

    Looking for recommendations on a pool vacuum that is not to expensive but works good in cleaning pool. This vacuum should utilize its is own bag and suction power versa one that uses the suction from the pool equipment itself.
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    Pool Leak

    So this year when I pulled off my winter cover I notice that the water level was lower than what is usually is previous years. I just presumed it was due to evaporation and filled the pool up to the recommend level. I noticed over a few days the water level was dropping, there are no leaks in...
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    AGP Filter Cartridge

    I have a waterway Eco Kleer 200 Sq. Ft. Cartridge Filter system, is there a recommended filter I should use. I see that there are many manufacture options, so cost more than others. Some seem to be just normal filters and other so called advanced the like this one Pleatco PWWEK200-M FOR POOL...
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    Recommendations on leaf nets, safety net, or mesh cover.

    Anyone have any recommendations on a good leaf net cover, the higher Scrim count and smallest openings the better. I have heard them called leaf nets, safety net, or mesh cover. To help keep leaves\debris out of the pool, it is for a 18' round above ground pool,was checking to see if there are...
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    Questions on 18' above ground pool and chemical options

    I currently have a 18' AGP and it has a Perma Salt system,is this good or bad. Is there a better alternative or system to use. The chemicals in which I must purchase are rather expensive. What are my options. thanks
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    Looking for best rated leaf net for 18 foot pool

    Anyone have any recommendations on a good leaf net cover, the higher Scrim count and smallest openings the better Thanks
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    Question water level for closing AGP in Minnesota

    We have a 18' AGP and I have question regarding the proper water level when closing for the winter. As we all know Minnesota is known for cold winters. I have multiple people tell me different answers regarding the water level. Is it recommend to lower the water level below the skimmer and...