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    Issue updating Intellitouch Firmware from 1.051 to 1.190

    Hey folks, I just updated the firmware on an Intellitouch system for a fellow TFP member @riverlvr ... his system had an Indoor Unit at T1.051 (Service/Trainer version), and an outdoor unit at 1.130. I updated both to 1.190. The problem is that he had 1 VS pump set up - but after updating the...
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    Pentair MobileTouch 1 Battery Replacement

    I've talked to a few folks that have Pentair MobileTouch 1 (1st gen) controllers with dead batteries. I've got some broken units so figured I'd pull out a couple of battery packs and get the make/model etc. so people could hopefully get cheaper replacements. The double sided tape holding the...
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    Setting Link ID on Screenlogic Wireless Link (Quest version)... close, but not so much

    Hi folks, I've been tinkering with Screenlogic Wireless link cards to try and figure out how to reset the Link ID. The Link ID is the 8-digit number printed on a yellow sticker on both units - and the IDs must match for the two. At the moment, if one board fails you have to buy a whole new...
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    Lightning vs Intellitouch

    I've been fixing an intellitouch mainboard that was involved in a lightning strike and I thought it was interesting enough to share... I've only ever seen lightning damage the comm ports - but on this board it blew out rectifier BR2 (for the 12vac input), inductor L1 (between that rectifier's...
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    Has anybody still got the Pentair Firmware file with Easytouch ver 2.150?

    Does anybody still happen to have the installer zip file that contains the 2.150 Easytouch firmware? The file name is in the format "" I do know that 2.160 is the latest release and I have the files for 2.160 and 2.140 ( and
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    Pentair transformer/3amp breaker confusion

    Hi guys, I've got an older (8 years or so) intellitouch system with the old style faceplate/bezel that has the low voltage breakers for electronics/relays/valves all in a row, like this: The newer styles seem to have them in a 2x2 grid, like this picture: The low voltage breakers are...
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    Anybody got the 1.160 firmware files for the intellitouch controller?

    I know the current firmware version on the pentair pools site is 1.170, but I'd really like to get the 1.160 version. The pentair site doesn't have archived versions. When you download, unzip, and run the installer exe you get a pemicro folder... inside the pemicro/pkg12z/s19 folder are all...