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    Damage from saltwater in Pool

    Moved from here. This has become the mantra on this forum, yet there is plenty of scientific evidence that ocean water concentrations of salt destroys stone.
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    Starting a new pool build in austin (like everyone else..)

    Because of covid it seems like everyone is building a pool in austin. PB are slammed. I built a pool in 2012 and said I would never build another pool. Unfortunately we moved in 2017 and bought a house without a pool so now Im faced with building another pool. Austin is backlogged so it is...
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    Back for another build in austin, tx

    Im just starting the process with a new pool build. My first one was completed march (really around may) of 2012. I told myself I would never build another pool and that I would definitely buy a house with a pool. Of course only 5 years later we moved to a new "dreamhouse" without a pool. Our...
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    is clorox performance bleach the same as clorox regular?

    costco started carrying clorox "performance" I cant find any info on it that distinguishes it from the regular. Is this just a marketing change?
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    stenner check valve keeps going bad

    I have had the pump for 3 years and this is the second check valve to go bad. When it happens my bleach tank slowly fills up with pool water. I saw references to the fact that the pump should prevent backflow and it probably does, but a little still probably backflows. I saw references to...
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    If my pool water smells does that mean someone just peed?

    My pool water generally has no chlorine smell. When you come out your skin doesnt smell. I worked late while my wife had people over including some kids. When I got into the water after people had been in the pool for a few hours, I could smell the CC smell. After awhile it went away. Was this...
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    Second season, pH still going up

    So Im in my second season. My pool should be cured. But Im still using about 2 gallons of acid a month. This is a lot better than last year when I was using 16-32 ounces/day We dont have any water features, but we do have a spa spill over that I barely have running, just enough to keep water...
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    stenner maintenance issues

    My FC levels have been dropping steadily over the last few days. I started running the stenner pump for a 5 hour cycle - nothing. I discovered that the tube had gone flat so I wasnt injecting any chlorine. I recalled that I got an extra tube with the pump. I dug around and found the tube, also...
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    What is causing Calcium hardness to go up so fast?

    Austin tx city water New plaster 5/1/2012 measured fill water at 175 CH 5/15/2012 160 5/30/2012 250 6/10/2012 410 9/2/2012 620 4/24/2013 500 1) had a skimmer leak so turned over some water (not sure how much). 2) have a cartridge filter so dont backwash 3) pool guys lowered the level about 2...
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    autofill isnt high enough

    Pool builder installed autofill a little low. The autofill is at its max height and the pool is about 2-3 inches below where I would want it to be. (1 inch into the tile line, would prefer 3-4 inches on the tile). I have a small rock sitting on the float, are there any other suggestions that...
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    stenner pump fell apart

    I guess the bottom somehow got all corroded and the bottom of the pump fell off. It had only been in operation for about 4 months or so Has anyone else had this happen?
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    where did my CYA go?

    I was getting all smug about my pool as it is my first year and the chemistry has been great. We have been using more chlorine than I would expect so I measured CYA yesterday which I havent done in a couple of months. It turns out that it is right around 20 (the dot disappears in indirect...
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    can you tell when someone pees in the pool?

    Usually when I get out of my pool I dont smell like chloramines at all. We had a party over labor day and I noticed that two of the kids were not leaving the pool to go to the bathroom. At the end of the day I definitely had a much stronger chloramine smell. Is pee from two kids enough to cause...
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    Can you "remove" fc so the pH test is accurate?

    As some of you might remember, my condo complex had FC of 38 and CYA > 200 (leslies tested the water and said it was fine @ 45 CYA and 5+ FC). I mentioned to the person maintaining the pool that pH could not be measured if FC is high. She said she adds a reagent that deactivates the chlorine in...
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    SWG allow you to have a higher CYA with lower CL levels

    What about pumps or the liquidator that continually add FC just like the SWG? Can you use lower FC and higher CYA with pumps/liquidator?
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    BBB on a commercial pool?

    We just bought a vacation condo and the condo pool is a milky color. There were like 20 people in the pool too (gross). Id like to help the condo association maintain the pool to keep it crystal clear. Right now the association spends 2K/month on pool maintenance. I had read posts about...
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    Pool store measurements really can be bad

    So you can read and read all you want, but until you experience it yourself it is a bit hard to believe. My local store actually carries all the tests except the powdered chlorine test. They even sell really large bottles of some of the reagents for a great price. They use drops to run the...
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    What is a safe level of chlorine?

    this article overall seems good ... ocktrt.htm However they have a paragraph which says this: <<If too much chlorine is added, it may take days to drop to safe levels (less than 5 ppm) before bathing can be resumed.>> Based on the CYA/chlorine chart...
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    how to install a stenner pump?

    two parts to the question 1) electrical - the pump comes with a regular plug, do I cut the end off and wire it directly into the hayward ecommand 4 breaker box? If so, do i put it in parallel with whatever my pump is attached to so it goes on when the pool pump goes on? 2) plumbing - any tips...
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    New austin, tx pool startup

    I posted this in BBB, but it seems like no one reads that forum. This one seems more appropriate so posting here. Our pool is filling even as we speak. I wanted to check my numbers: pH 8+ (color was darker than 8.0) TA 140ppm CH 175ppm pool specs are in my sig. Targets FC 5 - 185 oz 6%...
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    new pool startup

    Our pool is filling even as we speak. I wanted to check my numbers: pH 8+ (color was darker than 8.0) TA 140ppm CH 175ppm pool specs are in my sig. Targets FC 5 - 185 oz 6% bleach pH 7.2 67 oz 31.45% muriatic acid CYA 40 - 95 oz by weight of stabilizer
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    Austin Texas Pool Build

    we just signed the contract on our pool build. Our yard is very small so the pool will pretty much take up the whole yard (which is good because I really dislike yard maintenance. Would definitely like help making sure things look good during construction 17X35, 3.5-5-4 ft deep (want more of a...