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    Special fittings for slight misalignment

    New DE filter and multiport valve mocked-up in place. Good news is the RETURN port of the multiport valve is facing the heater now. Bad news is the heater input is misaligned by abt 1/2". Can't move DE filter the way I need to go since its as close to house as it can be and still get band clamp...
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    Looking for Jandy heater manifold access door

    Got to looking at my JXI heater a little closer yesterday. What I thought has a cracked water manifold looks to be just the access door (Jandy R0589600). Found one online but shipping is 3 weeks. Filter is supposed to be here in 1 week. To my suprise, the multiport valve arrived today (ordered 2...
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    DE filter sizing

    Currently have a 60 sq ft DE grid filter that needs replacement. Thinking up getting a 80 or 100 sq ft DE filter. Pump is a 2.5 hp single speed. With old filter, press was abt 26 psi just after replacing DE. Typically in abt 1 month, it would be up to 35 psi. The pressures always seemed high to...
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    Replacing Pentair Nautilus 60 sq ft DE filter

    Haven't had any luck finding a good bottom for my cracked one. Looking at newer stuff. I see there are the FNS grid types and the "Quad DE Cartridge" types. Prices are fairly close. Is one better than the other? Do grids last longer than the "DE Cartridges"? Do these 2 types of Pentair filters...
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    Running Polaris 280 off water hose

    Heater, multiport valve and filter housing all damaged from freeze. Trying to keep pool as clean as possible while awaiting parts. We have a lot of live oaks in the back yard that normally don't drop a lot of leaves but this year, they are dropping tons of leaves and if the wind is blowing they...
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    Part swapping thread

    After the Texas disaster, got to wondering if there may be interest in a swapping parts thread. Everyone effected has the same problem now trying to get parts. Some sub assemblies may still be OK while the parent componant may not be. For example, my DE filter busted at the bottom. The top...
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    Replace heater cause manifold is cracked??

    Got a quote from the local pool rpr guy. He's saying they don't attempt to replace heater manifold which has a big leak from freeze. Heater is a Jandy JXI400P. Tech says they will only sell me a whole new heater. Mine is only 1 year old. Been used maybe 5 times. Trying to decide what to do...
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    Yet another Texan with freeze problems

    Damage found so far: Screw-on lid for filter pump broken Distribution valve (1 yr old) cracked Lower portion of large DE filter housing with 12" long crack (20 yrs old) Water gushing from water mainfold on Jandy LXI 400,000 heater (1 yr old) Got a pro coming out in 3 days to give estimate. In...
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    Replacement Spa Light

    We have an inground 30K gal pool with attached spa. Landscapers broke the elec conduit for the spa light and water started leaking out. Tested light and it still worked ok. Cut conduit with pipe cutter, pulled wiring out going to control box and installed a short piece of conduit.. Re-filled spa...
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    Spalink RS Replacement/repair

    Our Spalink RS spa-side controller is dead, again. I replaced it 2 years ago when it died. Now it's dead again. The replacement cost is outrageous. Are there any options? I tried searching for a repair facility but had no luck. Anyone repair one themselves? Thx!