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  1. Srbinette

    Pool is still cloudy after 9 days of continuous shocking and filtering

    Pool was very green upon start up and we had a little trouble with the pump system. Everything seems to be running now. I have been shocking the pool quiet often. I’ve gone through roughly 32 gallons of shock. Filter has been running continuously for 9 days. We have a Hayward sand filter with...
  2. Srbinette

    Help! I need new parts for my Hayward super pump

    I have an older Hayward Super Pump. I’m having trouble finding parts with the correct model number. Any suggestions? I need to replace the ceramic shaft seal, housing gasket, and diffuser gasket. Also, any idea how old this pump is? We bought the house with the pool.
  3. Srbinette

    Pump won’t prime

    Trying to get my pool going for the summer. I have a 25k gallon pool with a Hayward super pump and sand filter. I have a skimmer and bottom drain. I knew we had to change the sand this year so we did that. Filled the pool up, hooked up pump, filter, and piping. Filled the pump basket with the...
  4. Srbinette

    Dolphin nautilus

    I am currently shocking my pool at around 20ppm. Trying to clear a bad algae bloom. Anyway.. Can I use my dolphin nautilus while shocking the pool? The instructions say nothing over 4ppm. But that seems crazy!
  5. Srbinette

    Recommended Chemical Levels

    I am currently waiting on my FAS DPD to be delivered. In the mean time I have decided to get my water tested at the local pool store (assuming it must be better than the strips that I have). My test results were as folows: CYA: 0 Total Chlorine 9.2 Free Chlorine 8.2 PH 7.7 Total Alkalinity 98...
  6. Srbinette

    Very cloudy pool. Filter problems. Dead algae on bottom of pool

    We recently purchased a home that was vacant for some time with a pool that had not been run in several years. We decided to open it two weeks ago. After removing several bags of leaves and pine needles, we slammed the pool. Chemicals are good, however, my pool is very cloudy. If I look close...