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  1. giant_donut

    SWCG in Spa

    Hi TFP, I have a SWCG that is on the pool return side. I have shared the pool equipment configuration. Since the chlorine is being generated into the pool, what do I do when I use the spa mode? Do I chlorinate with liquid chlorine afterwards to make up for no chlorine generated in that time?
  2. giant_donut

    Tried saving a lizard but accidentally sent it to its doom

    I was cleaning the skimmer basket when I saw a lizard struggling to get out. In hindsight I should have turned the pump off in order to let him into the basket that I could fish out. Instead I pulled the basket out and the lizard fell into the empty skimmer hole and got flushed down :( I...
  3. giant_donut

    SWCG previously installed but currently disabled

    Hi TFP! We had moved into the house with an in-ground pool that was being maintained by chlorine pucks. I have since kicked that to the curb and going with liquid chlorine. However when we did the pool inspection it was reported that the pool was configured with a SWCG but there is no power...
  4. giant_donut

    Cleaned Hayward SwimClear Cartridge Filter but PSI stayed High

    We moved into the house which had a pool in June 2020 and the Filter had not been cleaned since we moved in. When we first moved in the PSI was approx 9 PSI. As of 4 weeks ago the pressure was 19 PSI so I decided to clean it on one afternoon. I followed the steps listed in a few youtube...
  5. giant_donut

    Can you discard the test water back into the pool and other questions

    Hi, very new to TFP and been using the forum to get my pool back into a non-cloudy state. Might be a dumb question but I am using the Taylor K-2006 Test Kit and was wondering if I can discard the water after testing back into the pool or do I discard it in the yard? Another question, where...
  6. giant_donut

    Hello from Austin!

    Hi all, very new here and first time poster but long time lurker. Finally dabbling in testing using the Taylor K2006 test kit. I cleaned the filter myself and have been educating myself on all the pool parts. Still a novice but hoping to learn more.
  7. giant_donut

    Added Chlorine Shock and Muriatic acid to Cloudy Pool, FC still 0.6

    Hi All, Yesterday I noticed my pool was looking cloudy and fortunately I have a pool company that comes to service the pool. I have a Taylor K2006 Test Kit and tested the pool yesterday before it got serviced. FC = 0.2 ppm CC = 0.4 ppm pH = 8 A = 90-100 Calcium Hardness = 650 CYA = 60 The...