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  1. djdonte

    Getting weird stain out of new plaster

    Quartzscape is about 3 months old. My natural stone waterfall always leaves stone "dust" on my tanning ledge, which I am pretty good about brushing off. This time I was out of town for a long weekend and when I got back, most of the dust brushed off but it seems no amount of brushing with my...
  2. djdonte

    Skimmer ID help? Door replacement

    Of course I just threw away most of the previous owners paperwork and this happens. This door is broken, foam rotted, and looks like it was already repaired with epoxy. Anyways I need to replace this door. Pool is from 1998. Any ideas on where I should start looking as far as brands? Beer is...
  3. djdonte

    New(ish) plaster using up acid normal?

    Had my plaster redone with quartz almost 45 days ago. I put salt in at the 30 day mark and ever since then its been using a lot of acid. When I first switched to salt a few years back I had to add 6-8oz a week to get the pH down to 7.6-7.8 and I just attributed this to not using liquid chlorine...
  4. djdonte

    How to deter bees

    Of course it is finally warm enough to swim and bees all of a sudden are hanging out on my waterfall. I had a bee keeper out and he confirmed there is no hive on my property, but there is surely one nearby. On one of my walks I did notice a hive on my neighbors front porch in the soffit but I...
  5. djdonte

    Swimclear with hole in elbow??

    I was cleaning my filter and I noticed this. Maybe I missed it before, since this is the first time I removed the filter cartridge holders that goes over this assembly, but it looks like a hole is drilled in this elbow. The other one does not have it. Am I crazy or what?
  6. djdonte

    Stains on new plaster

    I am nearly two weeks out from a replaster and I have a few spots brushing wouldn't remove today. I am pretty sure they are from a nearby tree dropping things, but the rest of the stuff vacuumed or bushed away. The one that is within arms reach, I lightly scrubbed with a stainless bristle brush...
  7. djdonte

    Are the strips really that off? New plaster start-up

    I just had my pool replastered with quartzscapes and the guy my plasterer subbed out the start to gave me the following numbers on his last day. He said he uses strips and did an acid start: PH 7.2 FC 3.5 TC 3.5 CH 250 TA 80 CYA 30. Of course he left a trichlor tab and some CYA in my skimmer so...
  8. djdonte

    New plaster... best way to manually chlorinate?

    Getting my pool redone with quartzscapes tomorrow and I am told no salt allowed for 28 days. I already cut out the in line chlorinator to put the salt cell, so I figure my options are liquid bleach or tablets. I am leaning more towards tablets because I will need to get my CYA back up but I am...
  9. djdonte

    Houston area replaster ?

    My pool is about 25 years old and was not cared for very well by the previous owners. There is a ton of rough spots and I am pretty sure I need a replaster. Someone recommended pool works. Any other recommendations? Also is it worth it to go with a premium finish like quartz or pebble tech?
  10. djdonte

    Winter time chlorinating and frozen SWG.

    Hello all! First winter with my SWG. For the past few months I have been running my SWG at 20 percent which kept the FC 4-5 with no problems. I have my CYA at 70-80 right now. The SWG is finally giving me the LO TEMP message and stopped generating. How are you guys chlorinating in the colder...
  11. djdonte

    First winter(ish) with SWG

    Hey all long time no post, which is a good thing as I’ve had zero problems since going salt. This is my first winter with it. It’s Houston, so right now the temps are all over the place but I definitely don’t have the chlorine demand from the UV and heat that I used to. I stared getting FC...
  12. djdonte

    Help me ID this skimmer model

    I need to ID this brand so I can purchase the stainless screws to secure this slimmer lid... my 2 year old suddenly thinks it’s a toy lol.
  13. djdonte

    SLAMing with SWG for the first time...

    I just realized how much FC I need to slam. 31 FC is over 60 drops of reagent when testing FC. Can I run the test with 5ml and half a scoop of powder this way each drop will be 1FC? Obviously once FC goes down and possibly for a OCLT I would need to do it the right way.
  14. djdonte

    Wow!! HD chlorine prices

    Same price but now only two bottles! Bought a SWG just in time.
  15. djdonte

    Contemplating going SWG... salt cell suggestions

    I'm getting tired of lugging bleach from HD every month and awful jealous of you guys bragging about your salt pools! Pool details are in the signature. I am not sure where to start as far as where to shop and what to buy. I am a DIYer so I would like a place that will honor the warranty without...
  16. djdonte

    First pool opening using TFP method

    I started last summer and in my climate and sun I was using approx. 1/2 gal of 10 percent bleach every day with 50-60 CYA. Once it cooled down I let the CYA drift down and started only adding 1/2 gal every 3-4 days. This kept my levels good. Now (in Houston) we are just starting to see temps...
  17. djdonte

    What parts do I need to replace this bulb?

    See below for pictures of my light. I want to put an multicolored LED bulb in for the next season. I am pretty sure it is the standard Pentair one listed here (stainless version) Pentair Amerlite Pool Light What parts do I need to replace the bulb. Looks like it hasn't been replaced in a white...
  18. djdonte

    Hot climates chime in! Summer vs Winter time FC usage?

    My pool gets plenty of direct sunlight and uses about 3-4FC a day in the summer with 50CYA. This conveniently comes out to one half gallon of 10% per day. I haven't been thru a winter yet using the TFP method. Once it gets colder how much chlorine are you guys using per day? At what temperature...
  19. djdonte

    Hot climates chime in.. how much CYA do you lose?

    Between evaporation, rain and a very small leak I have on my return plumbing I am losing CYA. I have to bump it up by running trichlor tabs maybe every 2-3 weeks. I have to fill the pool a little maybe once a week. Part of this is due to my two skimmers not being even as far as elevation. I've...
  20. djdonte

    Zodiac MX8 Elite getting stuck now and then

    This thing works great and keeps my pool spotless but everyone once in a while it gets stuck in the same corner of my steps. Any ideas? I have the suction adjusted per the rotation of the wheels like the directions said.
  21. djdonte

    Cleaning water features?

    Just noticed some small green dots in my pool while swimming. As I was brushing I noticed my waterfall was full of algae!! I check and maintain my FC and other levels almost daily. I run the waterfall for 10 or so min every week if we don’t swim. Any ideas? The geometry makes it very hard to...
  22. djdonte

    Inflatable and pool toy storage

    How are you guys corralling your floats? In the winter I deflate and put away in a plastic box, but what about the summer? I usually just pile them up in a corner for them to inevitably get blown all over my yard until I have to mow then I pile them up again. There has to be a better way. I was...
  23. djdonte

    FC use daily: South Texas/hot climates chime in!

    This is my first summer using TFP method. What are you guys using as far as FC every day? I was using 4-6 a day with a CYA of 30ish. I ran pucks for maybe a week and a half and I think I’m around 40 now. I test every day and add 10 percent bleach which I am certain is potent and stored...
  24. djdonte

    Automation on the cheap?

    I have a 2 gang weatherproof switch box in my backyard. One switch for my waterfall pump and one for the light. I was thinking of getting something like the link below, and replace the faceplate with a waterproof flip open cover. My only concern is the water feature pump drawing too much for the...
  25. djdonte

    Leaking Swimclear cartridge filter at clamp.

    I've got the older style filer in my sig, clamp holding together top and bottom but without a spring on the bolt. When servicing the filter, I used get a leak at the clamp area about 50 percent of the time. Cleaned everything real good, new oring (the one with metal in it), lots of lube, and...
  26. djdonte

    HD/Lowe’s chlorine buyers chime in!

    Best deal around here, sugar land, a suburb of Houston, is HD. They have 3 1gal bottles for 9.98. But 4 or more and they’re 8.98 each. So far it has all been strong and 19120 ish on the date. Problem is it’s stored outdoors, in the shade. When should I stop buying it? I just made a run and it’s...
  27. djdonte

    Algae keeps coming back after SLAM

    I’ve tried SLAMMING twice now and both times the water looks beautiful, and I pass a OCLT after two days or so, However maybe a week or so later the algae creeps back, on rougher spots on my plaster. I know I need a replaster, just isn’t in the budget right now. The areas the algae seem to be...
  28. djdonte

    Feedback on replumbing my suction side

    I have a port in my pool for a pressure side cleaner, but want to use it for a suction cleaner that's taking up one of my skimmers. The first picture was taken before I replumbed the piping after the filter to exclude the cleaner line and associated 3 way valve. So right now that 1.5" line is...
  29. djdonte

    When do you add chlorine?

    Are you guys adding at the start of the day or at night? I like to keep my FC at 8 and in direct sunlight I lose about 3-4 over the course of the day. In order to not drop too far while I am at work put enough bleach to get me to 12FC at night when I come home. When I return home the following...
  30. djdonte

    Bleach: how old is too old?

    All I am finding in my area is 18 350. The 10 percent at Lowe’s is stored outside so it’s out of the question. Walmart has some with 18 350 as well but it’s stored indoors. What do you think?