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  1. EzriJax

    CYA is zero. Really zero. I attempted to SLAM. Did I ruin my liner

    Hi! I was just poking around the site and I stumbled on This Now I’m going to have nightmares I ruined my brand new liner. 😬 I hired a local pool company to open the pool because it’s my first season with the pool actually up and running. The saga of my pool’s rehabilitation can be found if...
  2. EzriJax

    Pool in limbo-new liner, water delivered, then....nothing

    Hi! Brand new member, and new to pool ownership. In fact...the pool isn’t even finished yet. We bought an “as is” property in July that came with a derelict pool, if you want to call it that. Here is what it looked like in July: By September, we finally got the pool repaired, and the liner...