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    I can fry an egg on the railing. I’ve tie wrapped a pool noodle to one of the bars but it’s not the best solution - it’s not hot but the foam widens the grip and because it dries out hands get covered in foam flakes. I like it because it’s colorful though. Anybody have any suggestions?
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    Heavy Rain, Water Level Rising, Gunnite pool

    Last week it was drought and I had to add water. This week it’s monsoon and it looks like the water is about to rise above the decking. Do I just put the filter in backwash or is there another setting to lower the water level? Thanks!
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    Purchase options new pump

    After at least 16 years the time has come to replace the pump. I found the best price on amazon - about $60 less than lowest online pool supply superstore. Amazon reviewers with early pump failures report frustration with warranty and customer service. I’m a bargain buyer but would rather...
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    Free TF 100 kit - BLythewood, SC

    The kit was purchased around October 2019. It was used only 3 times to test chlorine and pH. If interested please contact me. For those curious why - it is simply that my pool is trying to kill me. 2018 - Broke ankle by stepping through the leaf cover and smashing into the shallow step while...
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    Sodium bisulfate question

    I’ve read many posts that say do not use sodium bisulfate in swcg pools. I can’t find a similar warning for non swcg pools. Any reasons why muriatic acid is preferable from a pool integrity point of view? Thanks!
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    Test all parameters or what

    It’s been about 1 month since replastered pool was filled with 20,000 gallons of water - water bill $140 vs 21. PB used some calculation and came up with 30,000 gallons before refill but the bill proved his math incorrect. Anyway he’s been doing the testing. I have the tf-100 test kit ready to...
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    Polaris 360 - Open Heart surgery

    The small belt broke earlier this week. I found a helpful YouTube video showing the steps to dismantle the Polaris to change the belt. Astonishingly over 90% of the unit needs to be taken apart. As suggested I ordered a set of ball bearings in case they look worn. My questions: 1. Any...
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    How do you manage disposal of leaf, pine straw, pool kill, captured in manual skimming and robot?

    There are a lot of trees in my yard. This summer has been more breezy than normal as well as hotter. I do have a pool service (confession) but betwee visits I clean the floaters. So my stupid question, where do you empty the crud collected? Do you keep a garbage can in the pool area? Dump...
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    Options to level uplifted concrete coping

    I’m wondering about various options to level off the uplifted concrete on one side of the pool. My preference is low budget but longlasting and professional looking. The section with the most gap between the pool has sloped significantly that it is not “comfortable” to walk on. I’m almost...
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    Is there a “best” time of year to resurface plaster

    My thinking before jumping into TFP was that resurfacing my plaster pool should be done at the end of the season and before closing for “winter”. Now I wonder if winterizing may or may not harm the new surface. So should resurfacing be done before or after winterizing or does it really...
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    The Little Polaris That Could

    Recently I installed a fine silt & sand bag. The Polaris worked fine for a few weeks. Now the bag inflates causing the Polaris to float. When I poke the bag it collapses and the polaris sinks doing it’s thing. It doesn’t take long for it to float up again - like 10 minutes! The bag isn’t...
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    Is this an emergency or can renovation be postponed another season or two?

    This weekend I was convinced to forge ahead with the renovation. On a long drive this morning I’m doubting the sense/cents of doing this instead of a demolition or just letting the pool die then demolish it. The pool looks awful but it’s not leaking. Is replastering an aesthetic and/or...
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    Thoughts on the Deep End - Reno

    My deep end is keeping me awake. I’m wondering why the renovated pool needs to maintain the 9’ deep end. The diving board will be removed. It was rarely used anyway - a visitor or two over the years. I don’t need to use so much water just because it’s been like that for 30 years. If I were...
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    Can this pool marriage be saved? Renovate or demo.

    Hi TFPers, Thank you for such a great and informative site. I found it about a year ago but signed up yesterday since plans are coming together. Warning: This is a long post with many questions. I appreciate any insights. Photos included as bribery. Sorry about the formatting - learning...