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  1. Par4monkey

    Leaking Anti-Freeze after Closing

    So my pool company just left. There is antifreeze leaking from a pipe that I’ve never seen have antifreeze in it after closing. I am concerned because I have dogs. Should there be antifreeze in this pipe that comes out of the bottom of my heater? Pic attached. Thanks!
  2. Par4monkey

    Cracked Cartridge Filter x2

    Hello. I have (3) sets of cartridge filters that I rotate through. Pool is only open May-Sept. This is my 5th summer with the pool. Earlier this season I noticed one of my original Hayward filters cracked and thought it was just due to age. However, I am currently soaking a different set in...
  3. Par4monkey

    Stenner Pump—How to adjust daily dosage to meet target FC?

    Hello. Next summer I’d really like to get a stenner pump, tank and timer to avoid adding (manually) liquid chlorine each night. But each night when I test the ounces needed varies based on my FC reading (to hit my target range). Am I missing something? Is there a device that reads your chlorine...
  4. Par4monkey

    Pool Store Experiment Water Samples

    I have a very difficult time reading my CYA due to my poor vision. I thought I would take (2) water samples to (2) different places and take an average of the (2). Well, once the (2) varied so greatly, I stopped home and refilled the bottles and went to (2) additional pool stores. The picture...
  5. Par4monkey

    The timing of FC minimum vs Target

    Assuming I understand that CYA levels determine your FC levels and that chlorine demand is influenced by sun, bather load, contaminants etc ….. If my minimum FC is 4 and my target is 6-8. So I use pool math in the evening to try to reach the 8? Then hope I don’t drop to 4 or lower during the...
  6. Par4monkey

    URGENT Help needed! Please! Leak?!

    Hello. So I should be celebrating my first successful attempt at a SLAM. However, my water level is dropping rapidly. In my area we had very heavy storms last night (during my SLAM). Prior to going to bed I pumped out enough water that there was a small window at the top of my skimmer to allow...
  7. Par4monkey

    Bad Filter Seal/Oring = cloudy water?

    Hello. I have a Hayward SwimClear Cartridge Filter for my 16x32 inground pool. I use the BBB + M method to maintain my pool with the Taylor 2006-k test kit. The rubber o ring (metal inside) that divides the lid of the filter from the base needs to be replaced. Very minuscule leak right now due...
  8. Par4monkey

    Re-Balance Chemicals after EACH Partial Drain/Refill?!?

    Hi. New member that erroneously let the CYA get too high. I’m in the process of doing a partial drain/refill. If I plan on repeating the procedure within the next 24 hours, do I balance the chemicals after each partial drain and refill? I know if I’m spreading this process out over an extended...
  9. Par4monkey

    Relationship between CYA and FC

    Hi everyone. I’m a new member but have read thousands of posts from TFP and I continue to live and learn each day. Biggest mistake I’ve made... Stabilizer is too high (due to ignorance on my part) and I will be draining part of the pool next week. Instead of reading/learning, I listened to the...