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  1. Melt In The Sun

    Heat pump dilemma - repair and recharge, or replace?

    Thanks...kinda what I thought!
  2. Melt In The Sun

    Heat pump dilemma - repair and recharge, or replace?

    Hi TFP My 2005-era Pentair heat pump has leaked out all of its R-22. To repair the leak would be a couple hundred bucks, then to recharge would be 15 lbs of R-22 at....about $150/lb. Paying about $2500 to repair a 12-year old HP seems like a poor decision. We use this heat pump a couple times...
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    2-speed Hayward Tristar - won't start on high

    OK, I popped open the back over the weekend. I cleaned the contacts at the end of the copper strips (I think these are the right ones?), but that didn't make a difference; it still makes an angry buzzing sound when I try to start it on high. The motor does have two capacitors, one under the...
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  5. Melt In The Sun

    2-speed Hayward Tristar - won't start on high

    Hi TFP, My motor is acting strange. It will not start on high speed - it will hum/buzz for about 1 second, then stop and wait a minute, buzz, stop.....etc. It will start just fine on low, and once running it will happily switch between high and low. For the time being, I have it set such that...
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    Older SWG Performance Issues

    Is the cell really 11 years old? That would be outstanding...usually they are 5 years tops. Generally when they fail, they will gradually read lower and lower salt levels even though the actual level remains constant. Eventually it will shut down due to this false low salt reading. I'm a...
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    Heater and aquatrol timer options

    Is it millivolt (no electric power needed) or a digitial ignition heater? If digital, you can hook it up to the load side of the timer just like the pump, and it will only get power when the pump does. Either way, your heater has a flow sensor that will not allow it to run if the pump is off.
  8. Melt In The Sun

    Leak Under Pump When Pump Turned Off

    Does it only leak when it is off? Seems like some more sleuthing is in order - you've got to look closely and figure out where it's coming from before a fix can be suggested. Various seals in the pump could leak...but so can lots of other things!
  9. Melt In The Sun

    bond leak?

    How certain are you that the leak is at the water line? There is an article in Pool School here that gives some basic advice for pinpointing a leak's location. Cracked grout isn't going to cause a leak...your tile could be completely gone and you won't lose a significant amount of water...
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    AquaGenie return

    It's up to you in the end. If the pool really has just one return, putting some more in there will help keep everything properly circulated.
  11. Melt In The Sun

    Vinyl Pool Build - St. Louis area

    Looks like a decent equipment loadout. I'd want some more details on the exact pump and filter they're planning on installing; we'd recommend a 2-speed pump at least, if not a variable speed. Do you have any plans for a cleaner? Are you sure you need automation, rather than just a manual timer?
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    Possible rebar stain after replaster

    Please do post a picture! It certainly could be bleeding through.
  13. Melt In The Sun

    Doughboy EZ Clip Liner

    Stuff behind liners isn't too uncommon, but could cause an issue if it is sharp enough to poke through.
  14. Melt In The Sun

    we had a problem with a lot of cracking and settling in old pool deck

    Sorry to hear this - it sounds like some really lousy work and he's trying to weasel out of responsibility. Can you post some photos?
  15. Melt In The Sun

    Above ground pool new install issues

    Can you post a photo? Not being too familiar with aboveground pools, I'm having a hard time picturing what's happening.
  16. Melt In The Sun

    filter sizing question

    I think first you need to decide what kind of filter you want (sand, cartridge, DE). That will allow you to refine the options. You should definitely get one that is rated for the higher flow rate, but I doubt that any real filter will have a problem with that.
  17. Melt In The Sun

    Leak in my mid pool return line

    Sounds like you have a decent starting plan - If you know where those suspect connections are, take a look.
  18. Melt In The Sun

    Pentair 160317 vs Hayward c1200?

    Yes, you could just step up pipe diameters, assuming you have the room on your pad to cut/splice pipe to make it fit. But, what's the problem with your current filter? I doubt you'll see all that much difference in cleaning frequency between 120 and 150 square feet...doesn't seem worth the...
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    Polaris 360 question

    I don't think so. Sounds like a robotic cleaner is your best option.
  20. Melt In The Sun

    Using 2 winter covers

    I think you might have trouble keeping them both in place, depending on how you anchor them. I picture the bottom one sliding out of place below the top. If you get that sorted out, I don't see any reason you couldn't use the old one on top.
  21. Melt In The Sun

    I need new wheel cranks for my reel

    Which reel do you have? I can't remember seeing replacement cranks, but I bet you could get a metal shop in your area to make some for you.
  22. Melt In The Sun

    Caretaker Infloor Cleaning Heads Questions

    1. When I put the heads back into the floor, do they need to go in a certain direction? I'm guessing all the heads are working in unison to push the debris a certain direction at a particular time. Is this correct? Am I over-thinking this? Yes - however, you do need to make sure that you...
  23. Melt In The Sun

    I love to eat Brazil Nuts because....

    That's cause there's nothing but mud in LA, and you need rocks for radon!
  24. Melt In The Sun

    Electrical conduit for pool solar lines

    Yeah, just use white PVC and paint them. You'll want them to match the house anyway.
  25. Melt In The Sun

    Euthanizing a Caretaker 99 system?

    I think the way you have it now is OK, for the short term or long-term. If you think it may be an asset to keep it, like if you want to sell the house, then it's fine as-is. If you wanted to get rid of it permanently, the best time would be during replastering - the pipes could be chipped out...
  26. Melt In The Sun

    Piru Queen Palms in Houston?

    Palms aren't that messy, compared to a normal tree. I've never heard of the mule palm, but Pindos are hardy so they probably would be OK. Why not just normal Pindos? C. humilis is tough as nails and pretty, but small...easily 10 years to get 5-6' tall here in Tucson, but might be faster...
  27. Melt In The Sun

    Longetivity of thicker covers - a differing experience

    Hi gang, It's time for a new solar cover for us, since ours started to shred late this fall. The wisdom shared on this site is that cheaper covers work just as well and last just as long, right? I thought it had been 2 seasons since I replaced mine. When I checked my old emails to see what I...
  28. Melt In The Sun

    Pool pop up's

    Good question...the manufacturer (A&A?) should be able to tell you if they make such a thing. I kinda doubt it, unfortunately.
  29. Melt In The Sun

    Weed Killer around buttress on above ground pool.

    Nope. It won't eat metal and biodegrades very quickly. Cheap, easy, and safe.
  30. Melt In The Sun

    How much full sun needed to keep pool comfortable.

    Do you own the property to the left? If so, you could take down some trees and that would help...but based on what Dan said you may want a heater either way. I guess it depends on what you consider "comfortable".