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  1. Dadofthree74

    Non Intex swg with intex pump

    Does anyone have any recommendations for attaching a non intex swg ie edge 15 or circupool sj20 to their intex pump and pool. I have a 4000 gallon pool and my intex swg is not working and I can get the parts I need. my thought would be to use 1.5 in flex pvc pipe from the filter to the swg...
  2. Dadofthree74

    Intex swg trouble shooting

    Have checked my salt with the Taylor salt kit. It is at 3200. The target for my pool is 2600-2800. I have soaked my cells with vinegar for 90 min I choose to run the swg for 6 hours and it was start and May run for several hours but eventually I get a low salt error 91. I don’t see any scale in...
  3. Dadofthree74

    Vacuum algae?

    Had a green pool aweek ago. Have been slamming. now have small algae clumps at the bottom of pool. When I brush them they disappear in the a bloom. What’s the best way to get rid of them? I have tried my intex auto vacuum but now cleaning very well.
  4. Dadofthree74

    What would you do? Opening intex pool. Water clear. Debris on bottom

    Took off mesh cover today. Probably ( or definitely)Algae in pool. Mostly on bottom some on sides. Water is clear. Starting to fill pool above inlet. Plan is to brush and run filter. Or do I fill then run vacuum. Still need to check chemistry. Tia
  5. Dadofthree74

    Does this look right ? Pool closed. Cover question

    Closed pool in November. Fc at slam. Did not add polyquat Put on this mesh cover. Robelle Still having some leaves fall From. Near by tree. Pine tree above the pool will also collect pine cones. do I need to clear out the leaves? the water was below the intake valves. May need to drain with...
  6. Dadofthree74

    Closing. Do we need to pass the slam test?

    We are closing our pool today or tomorrow. I added the bleach to get to slam levels but do I need to do the 1. Oclt The cc is <0.5 Water is clear and temp is 54. I’m am going to lower the water below the skimmer. Disconnect and plug the ports. And cover with a mesh cover since it’s under...
  7. Dadofthree74

    Taylor or e- salt meter

    I bought the salt meter while waiting for the Taylor kit. Today Taylor salt kit 2600 Electronic salt meter 2100. Supposedly pre calibrated. which to trust? I thought the Taylor kit has some deviation but 500 ppm?
  8. Dadofthree74

    FC/CYA salt question

    new to pool ownership and have swallowed the TFP ways of life. i have been tracking my FC from morning to evening. losing about 3-4 ppm FC daily when kids swimming and cover off; keep pool covered o/n; o/n run pump 10-11 h and swg for 10 h (increase fc by 3-4 ppm) pool cover comes off around...
  9. Dadofthree74

    Lube for pump filter

    What kind of lube is recommended for a pump filter basket? Having issues with air getting into the pump filter basket when running.
  10. Dadofthree74

    Slam liquid or non liquid bleach

    1. Waiting on my Taylor 2006 to come for real tests. 2. Water is clear. 3.Dip stick with fc 3-5 ( see number 1) 4. No liquid bleach at WM. Only powder. Can check local pool store. Any where else that sells it? Home depot? I’m trying to Stock up on bleach for a slam. 1. does powder work...
  11. Dadofthree74

    Wrong starting line

    Just found TFP this week. Had been reading other sites. I opened our AGP this week. Had test strips and had local pool store check the water. ( In the market for a real test). I have added 80# salt 12oz of stabalizer Did not SLAM but started the swg on boost. (That’s a slow train). besides...
  12. Dadofthree74

    Lost in Arkansas

    Good morning. This year became the year we decided to get a pool. Primarily bc of Covid. Learning a lot but still lost.