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  1. laprjns I need to connect SWG to Pump. Electrical help.

    Yup, I did. The current sensing device I use is a CR4395-EH-120-110-X-CD-ELR-I. It senses current on one of the pump's 220v lines and switches 120V to my SWCG based on the current trip point setting. My old pump ran off of 120V so I used the circuit to power the SWG through the CSR. If you...
  2. laprjns

    swg for 55k pool

    Just as a data point, a Cirupool RJ60 puts out 3.1 lbs of chlorine gas per day, which in a 55k pool can add 6.8 ppm per day. This means that you could run it at 100% for 15 hrs and get 4.2 FC or run it 24 hrs at 60% (4.1 FC per day) . I personally think that with a VS pump, this is a better...
  3. laprjns

    What salt cell to try next???

    This is an interesting example of why when you are comparing SWGs you really need to look at the SWGs daily output. In this case the IC60 is rated at 2.0 lbs/day of chlorine gas where as the RJ60 puts out 3.1 lbs/day. Autopilots 80k units puts out 2.52 lbs/day. Did you mean RJ60?
  4. laprjns

    Blue Essence SWG needs to be recalibrated daily

    The issue is that the SWG is trying to generate chlorine when there is no water flow through it. You have two problems, first, the SWG's power should be off when the pump isn't running and the second is that your flow switch isn't working. The flow switch should stop the SWG from generating...
  5. laprjns

    vgreen 165 tripping breaker

    Get the Siemens breaker,if you can find it. Comes in and out of stock at Home Depot. Siemens 20 Amp Double Pole Type QPF2 GFCI Circuit Breaker-US2:QF220AP - The Home Depot. The Pentair is just a rebranded Siemens. I've got a Vgreen 1.65 and it was triping immeditely on power up. Changing to...
  6. laprjns

    25 years with a pool; TIGER SHARK cleaner problem

    On your bottom lid, are the flaps closing when you lift the clearner out of the water?
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  8. laprjns

    I think my 2 years old Inyo pump/vgreen motor is failing

    PureLine Prime Pump - PL26 Series Parts -
  9. laprjns

    I think my 2 years old Inyo pump/vgreen motor is failing

    The Inyo boys don't think you can do it. But if you read the comments below the video a couple of people say it is not as hard as they let on. The tough problem will be finding out what bearings you will need before taking the motor apart. I will be interested in how you make out since I...
  10. laprjns

    Switch from Chlorine pool to SWG

    Just a word of caution on the Core SWG. It only has four (25%, 50%, 75% or 100%) power level settings so you are going to need to balance power settings versus pump run time. It may not be an issue, but you should be aware of this before you commit to it.
  11. laprjns

    SWG Orientation

    Same pump at a better price? [URL unfurl=true]][/URL]
  12. laprjns

    no name VS pumps?

    Looks to me like its the same pump as Cirupool/Discount Salt Pool Smartflo VS Pump. Compare the two manuals, they are basicly that same except Cirupool did a better editing job. Try searching the forum on "Smartflo" and you will see several theads that may help you.
  13. laprjns

    Help With Salt Generator Not Producing Chlorine

    Is the flow switch closed, allowing the cell to generate?
  14. laprjns

    Trouble keeping chlorine up in 100 degree weather

    A T9 cell produces 0.98 lbs of chlorine gas per day. Running it at 70% for 12 hours in your 19K gallon pool will produce 2.2 ppm FC per day. That's not going to be enough to keep up in this heat. Oops, a little slow on the reply button.
  15. laprjns

    How to find shock for pool opening

    Unfortunately, the nearest Ocean State Job Lob to you is 30 miles away. See here.
  16. laprjns

    Filter pressure reminder

    I would personally like to see Filter Pressure as a tracked parameter and be visible on the Overview page.
  17. laprjns

    Coming chlorine shortage? - It is Here!

    Ocean State Job Lot. There is one 7 miles from you in Tewksbury with stock of 12.5% at $4.49 a gallon. See here.
  18. laprjns

    Finding Suction-Side Leak - next steps

    I had a similar issue, turned out that one of my inline valves had a crack along the length of the valve. The crack was not visible. After playing around, opening and closing my 3-way valve I was able to see a squirt of water coming out of the valve body on the main drain line. I used JB...
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  21. laprjns

    %Output does not match the adjustment knob

    Yes, looking at that board with the knob removed, it's a 4 pin potentiometer, not a three pin like the one I replaced on my board. It is interesting that the Blue Works generic replacement display board available on Amazon for $83 does use the 3 pin potentiometer. There appear to be other...
  22. laprjns

    %Output does not match the adjustment knob

    Maybe a bad adjustment knob potentiometer. Did you get any moisture on the board recently? I had a similar issue with the adjustment knob on my Crystal Pure SWG (which is a clone of the Aquarite system) after leaving the door to the controller box opened during a storm. Although I bought a...
  23. laprjns

    IC40 not keeping up

    How long do you run your pump and SW each day?
  24. laprjns

    New pump trips 60 amp GFCI when under load

    Are you referring to the Timing Box here? If so, then the green wire from the motor should be connected to the green ground screw and not the "A" terminal. From the picture that you posted, it looks like the "A" terminal has white wires (assuming neutral lines) attached.
  25. laprjns

    New pump trips 60 amp GFCI when under load

    Disconnect that green wire from the right side bus bar and then remeasure L1 and L2 to ground. Also, where do those green wires at the bottom of the equipment breaker box go to? You might want to get an electrician out to look at it.
  26. laprjns

    New pump trips 60 amp GFCI when under load

    In the equipment breaker box both bus bars, one on the left and the other on the right, appear to be used for the neutral connections. If the heavy black wire that is connected to that bus bar on the right is the neutral line coming from the 60 amp GFCI breaker then the green wire, assuming...
  27. laprjns

    PureLine SWG

    I was able to repair the damage board by replacing the output level adjustment potentiometer. I used this 10K potentiometer. It's identical to the one that it replaced.
  28. laprjns

    Bad salt cell?

    Before you buy a new cell you should ensure that this is not a controller problem. I would think that the ability to set the output level would not be affected by a bad cell.
  29. laprjns

    CYA Test Mechanics

    Technically its one to one, so you can get by with less depending on what the cya truly is. 30 ml total will fill the tube above the 20 ppm line.