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  1. Butterfly

    Dog loves pool slide

    Reposting....... still cute as ever! u0Zi2x66EvE
  2. Butterfly

    Dog Lovers, enjoy

    Just gotta share this! Go Jumpy! :whoot: Scroll down to the 123 Trick.... (my fav)
  3. Butterfly

    Happy New Year

    Hope you and yours have a wonderful new year! :-D
  4. Butterfly

    What's in your Signature?

    Just a reminder of TFP rules for signatures: Briefly, sigs can contain up to five standard height lines of information, no pics or images of any kind, text only. If your sig is outside the limits/rules, please edit it ASAP. Thanks in advance for your help :-D Here's a linky to the sig...
  5. Butterfly

    Happy Father's Day

    :-D To all you wonderful dads out there, Happy Father's Day! :cheers:
  6. Butterfly

    Wire brushes, combo brushes, algae brushes..?

    Hey. Just noticed that we do not have any pics of wire brushes, combo wire/nylon brushes or algae brushes in our Visual Encyclopedia of Pool Equipment in Pool School. Can you post a pic or two? Maybe Jason will add them to the encyclopedia when he gets some time :)