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  1. Saturn94

    What's your biggest pool "uh oh?"

    I sure can relate to this one! 🤣
  2. Saturn94

    Pump size/SWG capacity - Time to decide soon

    Go with the 40k SWCG. Last time I looked it was the sweet spot in the Hayward lineup in terms of value for the money. It will also give you more flexibility in run times.
  3. Saturn94

    Squeeze last bit of life out of cell?

    I take it with a 40ml sample I would still only use 1 drop of chromate indicator (R-0630)?
  4. Saturn94

    Squeeze last bit of life out of cell?

    UPDATE: I’m getting ready to close so did a full suite of tests, including salt using various methods. The new T15 cell I bought earlier this season has been performing normally. As suggested by Joyful, I reduced usage Jack’s Magic Purple Stuff, but still enough to keep staining under...
  5. Saturn94

    Premature Failure... or junk?

    The pics show the old motor to be a Hayward 6060 (I have the same one). PB4-60 is a Polaris booster pump model.
  6. Saturn94

    Premature Failure... or junk?

    I’ve been using the Hayward 6060 booster pump since 2015 with no issues.
  7. Saturn94

    Impact of salty water in bleach-only pool

    His experience with the Hayward SWCG is different than mine. I don’t like that he repeats myths (basically, using a SWCG will destroy your pool 🙄). There’s a number of other things wrong in his article as well. Our pool, installed in 2004, has had a Goldline (Hayward) Aqua Rite since day one...
  8. Saturn94

    Maytronics Dolphin Parts

    Someone in another thread mentioned this place
  9. Saturn94

    Winter/Snow Chemical Storage?

    This is exactly my experience with MA. Didn’t matter that the cap was on tight.
  10. Saturn94

    Conflicting information for testing CYA

    Glance approach here. Much better for my sanity. 😆
  11. Saturn94

    My Dolphin Active30 is a Lemon

    Stories like these make me appreciate my basic 9 year old Polaris 280 even more. It’s not the latest and greatest, but it does the job, it’s reliable, and parts are easy to find and economical. I realize these stories don’t likely represent the majority experience, but I have no appetite for...
  12. Saturn94

    DPD powder contaminated in shipment

    Did this get resolved?
  13. Saturn94

    TF100 test kit price

    Odd. It looks like the TF 100 is no longer available; just the TF Pro (Salt and Non Salt options).
  14. Saturn94

    Seeking a SPENT Circupool RJ-60 Plus Cell

    Tomorrow I’ll see if I can find it and a box. I’ll PM you then.
  15. Saturn94

    Seeking a SPENT Circupool RJ-60 Plus Cell

    Did you find something yet? I believe I have an old, dead Hayward T15 cell somewhere.
  16. Saturn94

    Seeking a SPENT Circupool RJ-60 Plus Cell

    According to the description here, the size and threads are the same as the Hayward T cells
  17. Saturn94

    Phosphate levels? Who's testing?

    Using the card with 0-1000 range, the sample tube should be held on end as the graphic on the right side of the card indicates (ie you should be looking down through the sample tube, not from the side). Using the card with 9-6000 range, you are holding it correctly.
  18. Saturn94

    Damaging liner?

    I’ve wondered how harsh robots with scrubbing rollers would be on vinyl liners.
  19. Saturn94

    Salt water system storage in the winter months?

    I store the cell and flow switch inside for the winter. I leave the control box outside. I’ve been doing this since 2004.
  20. Saturn94

    What salt cell to try next???

    When we were pool shopping in 2003, one of the builders I interviewed offered Autopilot SWCGs to his customers. So it’s been around a long time. It was a better known brand on another pool forum I use to frequent, but not as much here for some unknown reason (to me).
  21. Saturn94

    What salt cell to try next???

    It’s curious we don’t see more here. The cost of replacement cells seem lower than Hayward cells from what I’ve seen. A good friend of mine has an Autopilot that’s worked very well. Anyway, for someone looking for a SWCG, it’s worth checking out.
  22. Saturn94

    What salt cell to try next???

    Add Autopilot to that list. They show cells rated up to 80k gallons.
  23. Saturn94

    Tarp over mesh

    TFP teaches to close/open when water temp is below 60 to help avoid opening to a green pool. The mesh cover lets enough light through to encourage algae growth. With our milder winters here, usually the water temp doesn’t drop below 60 until late November or early December, and by March the...
  24. Saturn94

    How often do you clean a salt cell?

    Other than a good rinse with the garden hose at closing, never. 👍
  25. Saturn94

    Salt level high, CYA level low with an SWG

    Keep in mind when adding salt, especially the initial large dose, it can take a few days for it to mix thoroughly and the SWCG reading to settle (assuming pump running 24/7 during this time). I never seen CYA impact the SWCG reading.
  26. Saturn94

    Tarp over mesh

    This is the cover I bought last time (bought August 2015, still has some life left) It looks like you can order it with or without water tubes.
  27. Saturn94

    Tarp over mesh

    See the edit to my post above regarding water level at closing. 👍
  28. Saturn94

    Tarp over mesh

    Snow is a relatively unusual event here. Once in a great while, we’ll get a significant snow (maybe 6”-10”), and it hasn’t been an issue (I never try to remove the snow from the cover). It tends to melt over the next few days and I just pump off the excess water. Btw, I do not lower the pool...