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  1. DAB942

    Circupool Cleaning Stand

    I need to clean my cell, for the first time. The stands seems to be out of stock -- Is the thread on the unit a standard thread, so I can make my own for a couple bucks?
  2. DAB942

    Disconnecting LPHeater

    I have a LP heater I need to remove. The gas is shut off to the heater. Is this something easy to remove or should I get a pro to do?
  3. DAB942

    Best place to buy a new filter?

    I have a 150 cartridge, which I have learned is far too small for our pool. I'm looking at at least 500. I started receiving Dohenny catalogs and it triggered my interest and need. I'm getting our heater removed, today and will have much more space on the pad for the large filter. Is...
  4. DAB942

    Heater for Spa

    I'm having the gas company remove the old propane heater, today. While it can heat the pool, based on valve position, I only need it for the spa. I don't need the horsepower for the whole pool. Could I use one designed for an above ground pool?
  5. DAB942

    I have no need for TFP!

    Yeah, you read that right. I have no need for TFP. Three and a half years ago I ran across this site by complete accident. I struggled to get and keep my pool clean and clear. I was yo-yoing every year -- green-blue-green-blue... After reading and reading and asking and reading...
  6. DAB942

    Reduce output when it's cold?

    For those of us who live in the warmer climates, but does get cold (Cooler?), I've noticed a jump in FC. So, I lowered the output. Normal? I've read some about the conductivity of cold and warm water. However, we're not talking really cold water here in Central Florida.
  7. DAB942

    Best way to get water sample?

    Anyone using a gizmo to get water below the surface, other than reaching down? I've seen some deep water collector -- seems pricey for a long ladle.
  8. DAB942

    While looking for a bookmark, I ran across this article

    I read this when it first came out -- pretty funny:
  9. DAB942

    Weir Door

    I just realized my skimmer has no weird door. Either never looked or paid attention. I got in the pool and thought it was stuck open and noticed I didn't have one. And, it seems it never did as it looks like the surface was sprayed about where the clips are for the door.
  10. DAB942


    This is starting to be my goto for everything consumable. We might be buying another mattress. Currently, we have a Tuft and Needle. We liked it -- I don't remember what we had before that. We've been all over the place. I'm a side sleeper. I have had some form of foam/latex type...
  11. DAB942

    Keeping DPD Powder powdery

    I keep my test kits indoors -- however, the DPD seems to cake up some for the bottom third. Any way to avoid this?
  12. DAB942

    Home Automation

    I recently replaced my alarm panel with a panel -- and from there I went down a rabbit hole of automation. I'm in the process of replacing light and fan switches with zigbee switches. My wife is going to kill me in my sleep -- i'm certain. The joke will be on her -- she won't...
  13. DAB942

    Induction Cooktop?

    We have radiant - no gas anywhere near us. Looking in to induction. Anyone with one? Like/dislike? All of our cookware will work.
  14. DAB942

    CYA and Puck Shortage?

    Pool stores around here are either low or out. There was a plant in St. Charles that burned down. I've switched to LC, with my SWG and I need stabilizer.
  15. DAB942

    CYA is LOW

    In the last couple of months, I have added 2 gallons of liquid CYA. It was testing low. Added ten pounds of dry a couple weeks ago. It is still testing at 30-40. I bought new test chems. Any advice?
  16. DAB942

    Circupool RJ60+ report

    Instead of tacking on the old thread -- made a new one. I finally everything up and running. Had it on Super for 24hrs. Tested yesterday -- FC was at 13. Turned it down to 50%. Today it was at 19. Turned down to 35%. Hoping to fine tune and get it locked in. Still dissolving...
  17. DAB942

    Heater for the Spa

    Recent posts triggered a need (want). We have a dead propane heater -- we used it only for the spa. We haven't replaced it because I do research until I go numb. We don't use the spa as a hot tub often. We have a Jacuzzi in the house. I think I'm going to need something with a small...
  18. DAB942

    SWG is trickling water from pump on low RPM

    When I have the pump on low RPM, the SWG cell trickles water -- does not fill the cell. When, it boosts up, it fills the cell. I think it would fill the cell, when I first installed, which wasn't too long ago. Any ideas?
  19. DAB942

    Going to SLAM - Raise CYA first?

    My CYA is 60ish. Should I raise CYA to SWG level first, then SLAM, or SLAM, then add stabilizer?
  20. DAB942

    CYA testing

    Tested today and it's at 50, maybe 60. When I tested prior to installing SWG, it was at around 50, so I added stabilizer. The test didn't budge - I assumed it's in there. I tested it a month ago, it was 70. Tested it several times. So, I added liquid stabilizer. Just in case, I...
  21. DAB942

    CYA test indoors

    Is there a good way to test indoors? Been mostly overcast or storming here.
  22. DAB942

    Krylon Fusion -- Paint

    Anyone have any experience this product on PVC, filters, etc? No sanding or priming claims give me pause. But, if it works...
  23. DAB942

    Filter Size

    I've read threads on filter size and there seems to be no such thing as too big. However, I don't want to overspend for the sake of size. I have a 150 cartridge filter. Is that OK for my size pool? I all but positive mine is lacking a solid seal. It might be time to replace.
  24. DAB942

    Pentair Kreepy Krauly Prowler 830 Robotic Pool Cleaner

    Anyone have any experience with this one? My brother is looking at it.
  25. DAB942

    Cell has no water...

    I noticed in the last day or two that the Cell Maint and Lo Salt LEDs were on. Read the manual and it said water could be low. Checked -- there was very little water in the cell with it running at 800rpm. Turned the pump up and cycled the power for the SWG and the LEDs stayed off -- came...
  26. DAB942

    Pool deck resurface.

    We currently have stamped concrete for our deck. It's off-white, which is great when it's clean. However, Florida wind and dust fills the nooks and crannies and it gets dingy in no-time. We have a small handful of minor cracks in the surface. I searched on TFP for thin pavers, etc. --...
  27. DAB942

    Salt Level with Circupool RJ60+

    Reading Pool School -- says around 3000ppm. CP manual says 3500, with the range being 3000-4000. Mine is at 2400ppm -- I know industry guidance vs practice can be different -- and each manufacturer can have different requirements. Should I keep at 3000 or aim a little higher?
  28. DAB942


    Anyone have one? Benefits?
  29. DAB942

    Parent's pump

    I was at my parent's house letting them use my Barracuda MX8 -- they're having some electrical issue with the dolphin. The MX8 climbs the walls -- runs around without issue. When I was in the pump house, I noticed their pump was not filling. They have the same pump as I do. Water is...
  30. DAB942

    CYA at 50 -- added Stabilizer - No dice

    Any reason why add 33 oz of Stabilizer would not raise CYA? I added it a week ago.