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  1. Lilypad

    Dallas Area Deep Freeze

    We are going to experience the coldest temps in many years. I have never been through this kind of cold with my 15 yr old pool. Forecast right now is showing Sunday high 23 and low of 8, Monday 14/2 :eek:, we will have several ice/snow events as well. I have a freeze sensor that works well...
  2. Lilypad

    Hot Pentair Warrior SE Controller!

    It *is* good looking, but I'm talking about how warm the controller box gets when running. It seems hotter than I would've expected. It is in the shade when the robot is running. I let it go through an hour and a half cycle, sometimes the full two hours. What's your experience been with it?
  3. Lilypad

    Pop Up Floor Cleaner System in Small Pool

    Family member is building a 4,000 gallon in ground spa/pool. Builder wants to install a floor pop up system. Is it overkill or a good idea? Are they problematic or work well? Thanks.
  4. Lilypad

    Pentair Warrior SE vs. Dolphin S200

    I'm finally making the hyperspace leap from my Jandy RayVac pressure side cleaner to a robot! I've had a chat with Margaret at Marina Pools. I also know several of you have just purchased the Pentair Warrior SE and would like to know if you are happy with it. Pros and cons etc. Both the...
  5. Lilypad

    Need help with links

    And not the golf kind. :D How do I add links to Pool School etc. in my sig and posts? Thx. Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry
  6. Lilypad

    Weir stays open

    Original weir on 10 year old pool. Recently it's decided to remain open when the pump turns off. All the bits that were in the basket then flow back into the pool. I've taken it apart sveral times, looked for rough edges on the door and frame, but all looks good. It is a fairly close fit on...
  7. Lilypad

    Skimmer lids jammed shut with sand

    I just had the mastic redone around the IG pool. Lots of loose sand was left behind. I had to go out of town unexpectedly, forgot about the sand and that my landscape/lawn service was doing a leaf cleanup. The sand got blown around the skimmer lid and both are now jammed shut. I tried prying...
  8. Lilypad

    Hello and many, many thanks!

    I've been lurking in the deep end reading and learning from all of you for most of last year. The knowledge base here is remarkable. The advice, invaluable. What I had: 10 years worth of TriChlor addiction resulting in high CYA levels. A battle with algae that never ceased. And powdered...