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  1. Dadofthree74

    Non Intex swg with intex pump

    Thanks for the info. Doesn’t seem to hard then. I already have the flex pvc but may rigid between the pump and swg.
  2. Dadofthree74

    Non Intex swg with intex pump

    Does anyone have any recommendations for attaching a non intex swg ie edge 15 or circupool sj20 to their intex pump and pool. I have a 4000 gallon pool and my intex swg is not working and I can get the parts I need. my thought would be to use 1.5 in flex pvc pipe from the filter to the swg...
  3. Dadofthree74

    Hayward or Intex sand filter to buy and use ti with Intex salt system. Anyone can help, please?

    Wow. I’m jealous and very happy for you. You did an amazing job. What swg did you go with
  4. Dadofthree74

    Intex swg trouble shooting

    Only one of the cells is in stock via intex. The other is out of stock. My have to go to eBay or buy a new system
  5. Dadofthree74

    Intex swg trouble shooting

    No. Not crusted over. Already soaked in vinegar once the season opened bc of the low salt level.
  6. Dadofthree74

    Intex swg trouble shooting

    update salt now at 3800. ( never been that high) Swg stays on for 30 seconds then says low salt. reading from the return is 0.5 higher than the other end of the pool. thoughts? What detects the salt levels? The cells of the machine?
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  12. Dadofthree74

    Intex swg trouble shooting

    Have checked my salt with the Taylor salt kit. It is at 3200. The target for my pool is 2600-2800. I have soaked my cells with vinegar for 90 min I choose to run the swg for 6 hours and it was start and May run for several hours but eventually I get a low salt error 91. I don’t see any scale in...
  13. Dadofthree74

    What would you do? Opening intex pool. Water clear. Debris on bottom

    Last post. Full sun photo. Water is really blue. Thanks for everyone’s help.
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  15. Dadofthree74

    Having trouble with order of setup | Intex above ground pool

    We did the same setup in this order dirt. Foam ( taped) tarps pool foam then intex tarp then another tarp Added “ poor mans french drain” to drain water away from pool coming from sloped grass We may have over estimated the size of the foam. things I would do differently. If your tarp is...
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  21. Dadofthree74

    IPhone hack for resizing pics

    Large will keep the photos oriented like the original photo. Medium tends to rotate my photos. Using an iPhone to upload.
  22. Dadofthree74

    What would you do? Opening intex pool. Water clear. Debris on bottom

    Passed the oclt and 0 cc Here is a pic of the nickel
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  26. Dadofthree74

    What would you do? Opening intex pool. Water clear. Debris on bottom

    Will do. Will get photo in am. will drop in a nickel.
  27. Dadofthree74

    What would you do? Opening intex pool. Water clear. Debris on bottom

    Will check it in the am. Was waiting to get the ok that the water was clear from the experts. Compared to the profile pics not as blue but a lot better than last week.
  28. Dadofthree74

    What would you do? Opening intex pool. Water clear. Debris on bottom

    Have been keeping that slaM for more than a week. here is the latest photo. Love to hear the thoughts or comments if it looks blue or am I still green. I have my own opinion.
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