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  1. benavidescj

    Will Phosphates increase chlorine demand?

    I am aware that maintaining the proper level of chlorine for CYA level will keep algae at bay. What I would like to know is does increasing the level of phosphates in the water increase the demand for chlorine. I am aware that phosphates do not directly cause a demand as they are stable in the...
  2. benavidescj

    Yes I bought phosphate remover

    Yes I bought phosphate remover but not because I wanted to. It all started after I did the ascorbic acid treatment per pool school, for metal stains in my pool. The treatment went great and all the stains are gone. Then I stared to bring up the chlorine nice and slow along with the pH...
  3. benavidescj

    Is it Mustard Algae

    I recently found a small, quarter sized, brownish looking (almost like dirt) on the first step into my pool. This first step is about 4 inches under water and possibly has bad circulation. I picked it up and it was slimy, brown and almost translucent. I scrubbed it with my 50/50 brush and it...
  4. benavidescj

    Calcium Hardness Increase and the Pool Calculator

    I drained over half my pool a few days ago to get my CH down some because it was at 630ppm. Well I overshot the drain and when I did a test (Taylor K-2006) it was at 110ppm (11 drops). My fill water is 70ppm. Anyways, I wanted to get back up to around 200ppm but I wanted to do it slow so I...
  5. benavidescj

    Cloudy spa high bromine level

    I shock with chlorine and sometimes I put too much in. A few days ago I added some chlorine reducer to burn up some of the bromine I had in the spa cause it was close to 20ppm. Anyways, I did not pay attention and the bromine went to 0. So when I did notice it was too late, the spa was...
  6. benavidescj

    Polaris 360 bearings

    Well, my Polaris 360 is only 1 year old and the bearings are shot. Found the Polaris not moving and thought it was sediment caught in the gears again (happened once). After disassembly I found no pebbles in the gears. Further inspection found the ball bearings missing on the single wheel...
  7. benavidescj

    Increased water conductivity with oxidation

    Will oxidizing organics produce ions that would increase the conductivity of the water? I did a little research that had anecdotal evidence of this. Just wanted to know if anybody had ever run across the answer.
  8. benavidescj

    A dangerous dip in a Lubbock pool

    So how many ppm do you think this pool had in it to cause the injuries? It was an indoor pool. A dangerous dip in a Lubbock pool sends 27 people to the hospital
  9. benavidescj

    Moving arrows in Forum are a distraction

    The new moving arrows next to topics looks cool but unfortunately they are a distraction and make reading the titles difficult. I used to be a web developer and one of the things frowned upon was having anything moving on the page. It is great for advertising since your eye tends to drift...
  10. benavidescj

    Ever thought of having a reunion?

    I was just thinking that I really have never met anyone on this website, peronanally. And was wondering if anyone has ever brought up the thought of having a reunion somewhere in the country where we could all meet. I wonder what the turnout would be?
  11. benavidescj

    Lowering Calcium Hardness

    I have a high CH (520 ppm) and would like to lower using the technique of removing water from the deep end drain and adding water to the shallow end. This would require the I shut off water to the returns and pool cleaner since I do not want water mixing during the process. My waste line is...
  12. benavidescj

    Scale Formation and Chemistry

    Happy Holidays everyone! I was curious, I always hear that you should keep your Ph lower than 7.8 to avoid scale. Is this just a rule of thumb, or can the pH get higher depending on the chemistry of the water? Is it more dependant on the CSI value? In my case I have a high CH and low...
  13. benavidescj

    Was my pool designed correctly?

    I have been curious about the way my pool was designed due to an issue I have from time to time. I have three skimmers. Two of the skimmers are tied to a water feature and run off one pump. The other skimmer and bottom drains (2) are tied to my second pump. The issue is that when the water...
  14. benavidescj

    Electronic pH Testers

    Is there a good reliable, reasonably priced, electronic pH tester on the market?
  15. benavidescj

    IntelliChlor add salt red light is on with plenty of salt

    My Pentair IC40 has the red, add salt, light on steady and I have taken two readings with the Taylor Salt Test Kit that says the salt is at 3600 (18 drops). Any ideas what I can do to correct this issue?
  16. benavidescj

    Green algae turned brown

    Putting this post in for a friend: He has a IG Vinyl pool, 18K, Sand Filter, 1hp pump Here are the readings last night: FC: 4 TC: 4 pH: 7k.2 TA: 100 CH: 250 CYA: 80 This morning: FC: 4 TC: 4 pH: 7.4 TA: 100 CH 250 CYA: 80 Last week he went on vacation and when he got back he had green algae...
  17. benavidescj

    Wiring a 120 volt device to a 240 Pool Timer

    I have a 120 volt acid pump that I need to hook up and want it to run with the pool pump. The problem is the timer is a 240 volt timer (see diagram). Can I hook up the black wire to lug 2 or 4 on the timer and the white wire to the neutral bar to get the 120 volts I need and still run with the...
  18. benavidescj

    CDC stated to avoid eye irritation to keep PH at 7.3

    Split off of this topic. JasonLion I was reading a CDC article that stated that to avoid eye irritation to keep the pH at 7.3. None of the recommended pH levels at TFP go that low. I am not real sure how sensative eyes are to pH levels above 7.3 (like 7.5 - 7.8), but it may be the cause of...
  19. benavidescj

    Pebble pools tend to require more acid than plaster pools

    Saw the comment made in another thread that pebble pools tend to require more acid, why is that?
  20. benavidescj

    Acid Pump Protection

    Just bought the a Rola-Chem pump for acid and the manual says the unit should be protected from rain, sun, etc. How important is this? I want to put it outside against the wall where all my other pool equipment is. It will be shaded most of the day, but it would see rain from time to time...
  21. benavidescj

    Polaris 360 hanging up

    From time to time I find my Polaris 360 just sitting at the bottom of the pool and not moving. If I pull it up and manually spin the wheel it will start going again. Do I need to adjust someting so that it does not do this?
  22. benavidescj

    Recommended bromine levels

    I have been looking around in TFP but cannot seem to find recommended levels of bromine. Would it be the same as the recommended chlorine levels times 2.25?
  23. benavidescj

    Wanting to add a peristaltic pump for acid

    I am looking to install an acid pump to my pool and have been looking at the Rola-Chem RC25/53SC with the Rola-Chem 15 gal tank. Does anyone know of any issues with this unit? Is it reliable?
  24. benavidescj

    Will Bromine used with ozone create carcinogens

    I just read on another thread where someone said that bromine used with an ozinator would create carcinogens. Instead of highjacking that thread I wanted to start a new one for this subject. This has me very concerned since I use an ozinator in a bromine spa. So is it true that using an...
  25. benavidescj

    Chlorine degradation due to heat over time

    You guys have probably seen this. Nice chart showing 12% chlorine degradation over time due to heat. [attachment=0:1ujby6e6]ChlorineDegradationHeatTime.JPG[/attachment:1ujby6e6]
  26. benavidescj

    What makes CH climb?

    What makes the CH climb in a BBB pool and will it ever stop?
  27. benavidescj

    How to drain and fill the pool

    I am not needing to do this, but I was curious about draining and filling for correcting CYA or maybe even CH problems. I thought I saw a post, sorry can't find it right now, talking about exposing the finish during the process and that it could cause damage. I also worry about floating the...
  28. benavidescj

    Vanishing Water

    I hope you guys can help me figure out my vanishing water issue. This usually happens in the middle of the night (of course). I will open up the cover and half of my 350 gallons has disappeared. If I open up the side of the spa and look inside it will be wet on the bottom but none of the...
  29. benavidescj

    CYA and FC for SWG Pools

    I am a newbie and am trying to learn about my new pool. I am confused about CYA and FC levels recommended in the Chlorine/CYA chart on this website vs the recommended chemistry for SWG pools...