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  1. wayner

    Any reason to not leave lights on when pool is (mesh) covered for winter?

    My pool has been closed for the season. Last year I started leaving the lights on for the winter - they come on at sunset and stay on until 11:30. I like how this looks through the mesh cover and it is a nice accent to the rest of my landscape lighting in my back yard. Any reason not to leave...
  2. wayner

    How much will it cost to heat my pool for this weekend?

    I live in Toronto. I turned my heater off last weekend. The water temperature is now around 68F. This coming weekend is a long weekend as it is Canadian Thanksgiving and the weather looks good at 20C and higher. I would like to be able to go swimming this weekend. How much will it cost me to...
  3. wayner

    Dolphin cleaner cable degradation

    I have a Dolphin pool cleaner that is about 4 years old. The blue cable is starting to disintegrate - when I handle the cable I get small pieces of plastic coming off onto my hand. My pH ranges between 7.4 and 7.8 and my FC ranges between 4 and 7. My CYA is around 50 and I have a SWCG and a...
  4. wayner

    Do you really need to shock your spa every week or so?

    I was told to do this when I first got my spa - that was about 14 years ago. Since then I have reduced the frequency of the shocks without any ill effects. Not as an explicit strategy but out of laziness. Since I went to a drop-in SWCG two years ago my spa it is clearer than ever. My spa...
  5. wayner

    Skimmer drain vs bottom return(s) - why not always 100% skimmer?

    I looked in Pool School and didn't see anything on this topic, so here goes. My pool has one skimmer return and two bottom returns. With a valve at the pump I can select how much of the return comes from either (1) skimmer, or (2) bottom drains. I believe most IG pools are similar to this...
  6. wayner

    Where does my CYA go in the winter

    Every year when I reopen my pool I find that my CYA level is way down. Last year I ended the season around 60, and when I opened this year by CYA was around 25. My salt level only went down a little bit so there wasn't a ton of dilution over the winter as we didn't get that much snow/rain. I...
  7. wayner

    Minor leak at pump and broken drain plug question

    I have a minor leak somewhere in my pump - see the attached photo. I only noticed it because the concrete under the pump is always wet in approximately a 1 foot diameter. I realize that sometimes there is a leak when the pump is started or stopped, but the pump has been on for over 24 hours...
  8. wayner

    Corner coping piece has become dislodged

    Late last year a piece of coping became detached. I didn't bother fixing it until this season. It is by my stairs and I think part of the problem is that about 1/3 of the coping sits on the stairs which are made from something like plastic or vinyl and the mortar for the stone became detached...
  9. wayner

    Poolsense - this looks very cool!

    This comes out of South Africa, selling for about US$230
  10. wayner

    Pool Map app feature request - post photos/images in notes

    I don't know if this is technically possible, but it would be nice to be able to paste photos/images into the Notes feature of the app.
  11. wayner

    Getting air in my pump

    I have an 18'x36' in-ground pool that is about 14 years old. The pool has a Sta-rite system 3 cartridge filter. My pool has a skimmer and a dual bottom drain and normally I turn the valve so it pulls water equally from both. I live in Toronto so my pool is closed each year in October and...
  12. wayner

    Dolphin S300 Impeller 1 Overload

    My Dolphin hasn't been workng recently - when you turn it on it runs for a few seconds and then stops. When I connected to it via Bluetooth with my phone it gave me this error. I can drive the cleaner manually with the app, but it won't do the auto clean cycles. I have checked it out and...
  13. wayner

    pH Meter - Suck it with filter paper!

    I ordered my reagent refills and saw a pH meter for a good price so I bought it. Reading the instructions, I found this interesting instruction:
  14. wayner

    Rusty water when pump restarts

    This morning I turned on my pool after having it shut off for about 12 hours. When it started up rusty water came shooting out of the jets when it started. Why would this be? I have a salt water pool and a Raypak NatGas heater. Would this have been rust from the heat exchanger in the heater...
  15. wayner

    Black algae in spa - how to treat?

    I have had a Jacuzzi spa for about 13 years. I use Bromine pucks in a dispenser in the filter to sanitize and I add Spa Shock about once per week or so. In recent months I am getting black gunk, I assume it is black algae, in spots above the water line - like under the pillows, by some of...
  16. wayner

    Heating strategy?

    If you are not going to be swimming for a few days what is the best strategy with a heater to minimize fuel usage? Should you keep the heater off for a couple of days until 12 hours or so you are going to swim? Or should you keep it on every day? FYI - I have a Natural gas heater. I live in...
  17. wayner

    PoolMath app Suggestions/Feedback - what is the correct forum

    What is the right place to post suggestions or feedback for the PoolMath, specifically the iOS app?
  18. wayner

    Jandy Aquapre 1400 reading low - due to low temp?

    Each year after my pool is opened the salt level is low as the salt concentration gets diluted bu additional water in the winter. Using the Taylor salt test kit my initial level was 2400. I added 100kg of salt and now read a level of 3200. My Jandy Aquapure 1400 has a salinity measure and it...
  19. wayner

    Using home automation to control Raypak heater

    Last year I switched my pool heater to a Raypak R266A. I appear to have the millivolt version rather than the digital version I want to use my Home Automation system (Control4) to flip a relay to turn the heater on and off. (I will also use a relay to control the pump but that is a different...
  20. wayner

    Minimum water temp for using SWCG?

    I just opened my pool for the year and the water is still very cold - 55 and it will probably be going down as the weather is getting colder for the next few days. I believe that SWCGs do not work at low water temperatures. Anyone know the minimum temp for a SWCG to generate chlorine?
  21. wayner

    Why are NatGas pool heaters low efficiency?

    I just replaced by pool heater with a new Raypak unit. This heater had a sticker saying it had an efficiency rating of 82%. This seems typical for pool heaters. My furnace is high efficiency and has a rating of 97. Does this mean that per unit of heat my pool heater uses way more NatGas per...
  22. wayner

    Timer to control pump and heater?

    What is the best way to use a timer (or relay) to shut off your pump and heater? Presumably you want to shut off the heater while letting the pump run for five minutes or so so the hot water gets flushed out of the heat exchanger. Do you need two timers to do this - one for the heater and one...
  23. wayner

    Pool heater/pump question

    My pool has a Jandy Lite 2 pool heater from 2006 that looks like this: This heater also works as the control for the pump, including a simple timer that allows for one off time and one on time per day. The heater also has the smarts to keep the pump running for five minutes after the heater...
  24. wayner

    Discussions or wikis for Articles

    I happened to look through the article on Deck Choices Reviewed. I have some comments on this article that might be useful for folks who read this article, but where would I post any such comments?
  25. wayner

    Where did my CYA go?

    My pool was uncovered about 10 days ago and it is still kind of cold to swim, but I plan to heat the pool up to swimming temps for next weekend. The pool has cleared up nicely and the water got up to 64F today. Everything tests pretty well - FC is 3.6, CC is 0, pH is 7.5, TA is 60, salt is...
  26. wayner

    Dolphine Product Line Reconciliation

    Looking at the Dolphin website and comparing the specs these appear to be similar models if not exactly the same - except for cosmetics like colours. Can anyone confirm? Dolphin S200 = T35 = Active 20 Dolphin S300 = T45 = Active 30 Dolphin S300i = T55i = Active 30i Hopefully this helps someone.
  27. wayner

    Controlling pond algae

    We just put in a waterfall and pond that are completely separate from our pool and spa. The pond and waterfall has just been running for a week or two and we have put a few goldfish in the pond. The pond has just got a very large growth of green algae both in the pond and on the waterfall...
  28. wayner

    Do I have mustard algae?

    My test results on my vinyl pool are pretty normal - my CYA is about 60, FC is 5.5, CC is 0, pH is 7.6, TA is 70. I have a SWCG and at times recently I have supplemented it with liquid Cl and taken the Cl level up above 10 occasionally to try to deal with this issue. But for the last couple of...
  29. wayner

    Back pressure when filter shuts off pushes out Kreey Krawly

    I have had my pool for ten years with the same basic equipment but in the last year or so this issue has arisen. When the filter shuts off there is a bit of back pressure that causes the Kreepy Krawly house out of its connection in the pool skimmer (FYI - a Kreepy Krawly is an automatic...
  30. wayner

    How long should a hot surface ignitor last?

    My heater is a Jandy Lite2 (which I believe is actually made by Laars) that is about 10 years old. I have had to replace the hot surface ignitor several times - I replaced it pretty much exactly two years ago and I had to replace it again last weekend - it broke so that the long U is no longer...