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  1. 257WbyMag

    New Build DFW area

    Hello everyone! Been a while I know (please hold your applause and stay seated) but I have signed for a new build to start soon. Nothing to show as of yet. Details are as follows... 27,000 gallon IG gunite quartz plaster Intelliflo VSF with Intelliconnect Pentair CC520P filter HASA...
  2. 257WbyMag

    Damaged drain plug - need to remove

    Got a knock on the door this evening from a neighbor saying that water was running from our back yard into the street. I walked out into the back yard to notice that our filter was draining water from the drain hole on the bottom. Turns out that the drain plug broke, leaving the threaded...
  3. 257WbyMag

    All country music fans out there

    George Jones died today. Very sad to me. Rest in peace Possum! We only have a couple of the old timers left now. Whose gonna fill their shoes?...
  4. 257WbyMag

    Anybody have a Flat Safe? We have really been looking hard into a shelter and thus far, are most impressed with this one. They are not cheap at roughly $5000 to $7000, but the good thing about it is that there are grants available that would help offset the cost substantially. Seems like a...
  5. 257WbyMag

    Any Freemasons here?

    If so, and if you have the time, I would appreciate it you wouldn't mind sending me a PM me to simply let me know why you became one and what Freemasonry means to you. I have thought about doing it for a while and I am wondering if I should (or shouldn't). Thanks in advance. Please PM me on...
  6. 257WbyMag

    Happy Birthday Jason

    I notice that your age is not listed amongst the birthday folks. Maybe we should have a contest to guess your age and give the winner a test kit. :mrgreen:
  7. 257WbyMag

    Test thread for splitting threads

    Post 1
  8. 257WbyMag

    More to dislike about public pools ... x-20110629 I've got no words really. How does this happen exactly? :shock:
  9. 257WbyMag

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all my TFP friends. Have a great Christmas and a blessed New Year! :-D
  10. 257WbyMag

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    One of the things that I am thankful for is the friends that I have made here. Have a great Thanksgiving everybody!
  11. 257WbyMag

    Dumpster pool

    Heh heh! I like the part where it mentions that he just adds half a bottle of bleach per day. ... 14039.html
  12. 257WbyMag

    User Menu looks different

    Maybe it's just me, but it seems like the post counts are missing from the User Menu box on the homepage after I log in. Any word?
  13. 257WbyMag

    Who turned out the lights?

    I was attempting to navigate and wasn't able to, so I logged out. I then received a message that the board was temporarily unavailable. It lasted about 5 minutes or so. Anything going on?
  14. 257WbyMag

    Sharkbite Plumbing Fittings

    So, I installed a new water heater for the house over the weekend and I was sweating :mrgreen: having to sweat the copper pipe fittings for the hot and cold water lines, mainly because I really stink at it. But I found these Sharkbite connectors that eliminate the need to sweat copper to...
  15. 257WbyMag

    Happy Mother's Day

    Happy Mother's Day to all our pool managing moms out there. You're the greatest! :goodjob: :whoot: :cheers:
  16. 257WbyMag

    MSMA manufacturing permit pulled by EPA

    I know this is sort of random, but my war against crabgrass is going to get a lot tougher I guess. So last year, I used up the last of my MSMA concentrate. No big deal I thought. Well, I was wrong. As it turns out, the EPA has decided to not renew the manufacturing permit for MSMA...
  17. 257WbyMag

    So I wore a TFP t-shirt into the pool store today

    It was kind of amusing. The usual guy who works there wasn't there today. Instead, there was some dude I hadn't seen before behind the counter. I went and picked out what I was looking for which was a new return fitting to replace my broken one. Walked up to the counter to pay and pulled out...
  18. 257WbyMag

    Test 001

    Test 001. Testing moderator features.
  19. 257WbyMag

    Pool School Pro CD-ROM

    I ran across this while doing a web search. Has anyone seen this or own it? I'll even take it a step further and ask if the author of this product a member of this forum? :-D There are some excerpts of it on his website. It appears to be quite detailed...
  20. 257WbyMag

    Infrared Grill Technology

    I've been out shopping for a new grill lately. My Cap N Cook from BBQs Galore made it ten years which is really impressive to me since I will grill out at least two nights a week, year round. So it's time for a new one. I have seen quite a few grills out there with infrared heating technology...
  21. 257WbyMag

    Where do you buy TSP?

    For those of you who use trisodium phosphate for cleaning your filter cartridges, where do you usually purchase it?
  22. 257WbyMag

    The Masters

    Man, is anyone else thinking that this may be Phil Mickelson's time in Augusta? He has been killing it all day. Three eagles in a row and then he almost aces his tee shot on 14. Reminds me of Caddyshack when the bishop went out in the thunderstorm and had the round of his life. I was hoping...
  23. 257WbyMag


    This thread is all about satisfying my curiosity and by no means should indicate that I am looking for something else. Those of us who have been on TFP for a while understand that there are really only three EPA approved sanitizers that are suitable for widespread use in swimming pools, these...
  24. 257WbyMag

    Termite treatment left holes

    So, it was discovered that we had termites in one of the fence posts in our back yard. This of course, necessitated treating our home. I took several bids. Nobody found evidence of termites in the home, but the evidence at the fence post was unmistakable. They came out and treated our home...
  25. 257WbyMag

    DFW Snow Event

    Whoa! I will post pictures as soon as it is light enough to take some. We have had a pretty incredible snow storm here in North Texas over the last 24 hours. So much so in fact, that the NWS has advised that as of 4 a.m., DFW Airport has measured 12.5 inches of snow. This breaks the...
  26. 257WbyMag

    Jason almost has 10K posts

    Ooooooo!! I just noticed that our beloved administrator's post odometer is fixing to roll over 10,000. :cheers: Time to rotate the tires there Jason. :mrgreen:
  27. 257WbyMag

    Aldi coming to DFW Metroplex

    As long as I have been on TFP, I have heard that Aldi has the best price on bleach. I just heard that Aldi is planning on opening around 30 stores here in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Anybody else hear that? What are they charging for bleach these days anyway? I usually go to WM for $2.54...
  28. 257WbyMag

    How about some Koozies?

    While browsing through the TFP store, I thought that it might be good to add some Koozies to the lineup. I like the stein and all but since it's ceramic, I worry about it breaking by the pool. Like any well heeled redneck, I like my beer to stay cold :mrgreen: . A TFP logo Koozie would be sweet!
  29. 257WbyMag

    Baracuda G3 failure

    My Baracuda G3 has stopped chugging. It's about 5 years old now I suppose. The fin disc was changed last year, but other than that, everything on it is original. I suspect that the diaphragm needs to be replaced since it is the only moving part per se. The flow check on the suction line is...
  30. 257WbyMag

    Broken Garage Door Torsion Spring

    So my torsion spring on my garage door broke the other day. I recall seeing a torsion spring being replaced at one time and remember hearing about it being a fairly dangerous undertaking for the DIY type. But I am a DIY type and I like challenges. I thought that maybe, just maybe, there was...