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  1. dntboles

    SWCG conversion Payback time

    @sultanoswing I have a special "chlorine pouring shirt."
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    Contract Expiring - Still Not Finished

    Cantera Pools never finished everything in the contract for our pool. We haven't heard from them in more than 1 year. They never earned the final payment, so they didn't get the final payment.
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    Polaris Issue

    I have to give a big thanks to @ajw22 Your photo edit with the yellow highlighting the missing float seems to have helped me, too. I didn't have a float there and added one and (knock on wood) it hasn't tangled since. Before that, the Polaris was driving up over the backup valve and...
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    Polaris Issue

    Howdy, @Cowtownag06 My Polaris 280 is also getting tangled with "nothing different" from how it was set up. It worked for months with no issues but gets tangled more lately. Hoses firm up and swivels don't work as well. You're not the only one. BTHO tangled cleaners! Edit: just realized...
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    Solved: [it is] Okay to mix white & black Polaris parts

    Solved: official Polaris G57 collar fits perfectly fine, in place of the old G67, with color being the only difference I could tell. So that means the good buy I got on Amazon just said "good bye" as I dropped it off at the UPS store.
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    Solved: [it is] Okay to mix white & black Polaris parts

    Here's the funny thing... that G57 is $10.49 and the cheapest I've found on any of them is the black G67 from the same place, Leslie's, for $6.99. I replaced one in Jan and I thought it froze, even though logic said otherwise. This one that just broke didn't freeze... I know that...
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    Solved: [it is] Okay to mix white & black Polaris parts

    This is NOT a racist question... I have a Polaris 280 Black Max and the backup collar broke (again). I bought a generic G57 white collar, designed the Polaris 280, from Amazon but it doesn't fit. The threads are different. When I bought it, I thought it was just a different color (white) but...
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    Polaris Issue

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    I'm getting very different FC and CC readings - even from the same sample.

    Today when I added the first squirt of pool water into my TFT chlorine tube, it turned pink BEFORE adding any powder. Time to clean it!
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    Got my TF pro kit and tested, now what?

    Once you switch on SWG, this calculator might be handy. GitHub - lightmaster/SWG-Runtime-Calculator: A spreadsheet to help calculate what percent and how long to run your Salt Water Chlorine Generator Before I started using that, I would be a little low, then increase percentage some, but my...
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    Got my TF pro kit and tested, now what?

    @Texassaltpool Congrats on getting your first reliable results. That's the first step in know where to go next. Before you get too far, bookmark this page Pool School - Trouble Free Pool Then you can go back to it any time you'd like. You're definitely going to want PoolMath. Once you've...
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    Lowes is rolling out a crappy new bleach

    On the Lowe's site folks have asked for the concentration and the reply from VanHearron, Inc is "3 - 6%." That's a huge difference.
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    Spa Spillway leaking? Need a sealant?

    @gocubs418 We have the same thing happening. I first notices some efflorescence on a spa wall across from the spillway. Then it grew to several larger areas. Our water level would also drop down to the bottom of the spillway stone, like yours. Many times when we're in the pool we have the...
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    White flakes in plaster pool with lower CH

    That's what I thought, but didn't want to assume. Thanks
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    White flakes in plaster pool with lower CH

    @YippeeSkippy If they fizzed up, what would that mean? What if they did NOT fiz?
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    Website help- Australians and Americans

    @UKjames My American friends living in Italy used HideMyAss and/or Hola VPN to spoof their locations, when they needed to access a US site or watch Amazon and Netflix US sites. I've used Hola VPN and it worked well. Maybe that will help the world wide web become world wide again. Here's...
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    Solved: Help an Aggie understand PoolMath SWG math

    I figured this would be something simple! Thanks for the clarification. I'm just past 2 months of SWG use and loving it. I didn't know I could log "chemical additions" for SWG but I've been tracking my settings in Google Sheets, just to try to dial in where I need to set it. Of course, it...
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    Solved: Help an Aggie understand PoolMath SWG math

    Howdy! (a traditional Aggie greeting) Some might say I should be brilliant at math, considering how many times I took it at Texas A&M. Although the number of times taken is greater than the number of times passed... Reading a forum reply, I learned the PoolMath app can suggest a SWG...
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    SWG and Bees

    Our pool was non-saltwater last year and we had a bunch of bees hanging out on the spa spillway. The weather was drier then. We converted to salt this year and haven't seen them back. I attribute that to the very wet few months we've had lately, more than the chemistry.
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    Pool Store Honesty Test

    Thanks for sharing!
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    DIY Install - Please critique pool plumbing diagram

    @Kat_TN You've obviously done your homework and have a big DIY project ahead of you. I look forward to seeing the progress. When I added the SWCG I wanted to plan it in 3D, so I could figure out what would fit where and how. Sketchup has a free trial that was helpful to me and relatively...
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    Diving into SWG -- need layout advice

    Solution: added a small valve.
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    Diving into SWG -- need layout advice

    Found the first problem with my layout. The pool cleaner booster pump T is in line before the SCG, before the valve for pool/spa. My daughter cranked up the spa for the first time at 11:00 the other night then came in a little later to tell me the spa is running out of water. A significant...
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    Ready to give up

    You're in the right place! Folks here will help. The first thing folks will ask for is info about your pool (how many gallons), what you're using (chlorine tablets, bottles of liquid chlorine, etc) and testing. On the testing part, you'll need a good, easy to read, test kit, such as the...
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    Diving into SWG -- need layout advice

    Every pool "customer" also got verbal training: ask dad to turn it on.
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    Diving into SWG -- need layout advice

    I was concerned someone would turn on the heater while the heater bypass was activated. One option involved buying a valve actuator and installing it. Instead, I locked it out and tagged it.
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