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    Help With SLAM Please!

    moving very slowly you should try to vacuum some of that out to waste. don't run it through your filter. remember to check levels when you replace water.
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    Help // Oasis to Green

    jugs, stenner, or salt water chlorine generator. pucks for vacation if no automation, or raising cya in spring, or after other loss/dilution of water.
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    Help!! (Firepit coping) Whats happening & why

    it might help if you explained what kind of material we are looking at, and any other info you can about the construction. have you spoken to the mason/builder? is it something that can be washed off with acid or bleach? does it have a texture? is the mortar still wet? could it be something...
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    Pool Backfilling Recommendation

    do you know if the cove inside your pool is foam or sand? I would be a little worried about the sand washing out, especially if your cove is sand. keep looking around there are posts about fixing drainage issues, usually make a trench and bury perforated pipe wrapped in landscape fabric that...
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    TF-100 Test Kit

    when your chlorine is over 10 don't bother with pH, the readings will be off.
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    TF-100 Test Kit

    chlorine over 5 ppm :D
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    Help With SLAM Please!

    what kind of filter do you have? have you cleaned it recently? maybe double check your CYA reading.
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    Intex sand filter air relief valve letting air in, not letting air out

    these set ups really don't vacuum well, better choice is to get one of the intex auto cleaner robots that work off the return pressure
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    What to do when we go away for 4-5 days?
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    Rough Textured Liner Spot New Install

    that can be caused by acid sitting in that spot. anybody trying to adjust pH or alkalinity? when adding acid you should do it in front of a running return and/or sweep right after so is doesn't sink and sit on the bottom. some pucks are quite acidic too, any chance one fell out of a floater or...
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    TF-100 Test Kit

    there should be a laminated instruction card in the container, contact them if it isn't in there.
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    Wedding Cake steps for a big guy

    I hear ya. when I first got my pool and saw the flimsy intex ladder I was in tears. no effing way! at first we ranch-rigged something with scaffolding. hated to spend more on steps than the dang pool cost! had part of an old blow molded step from the 90s that worked and in combo with one...
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    Wedding Cake steps for a big guy

    I have an earlier version of the confer stairs, they flex a little when the temp is warm but they will hold up. you might be better off having some real steps and a small deck platform made for the outside. the confer stairs are spaced more like a ladder than normal stairs so they are still a...
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    What to do when we go away for 4-5 days?

    you can buy cal hypo pucks, but do not put them in a floater that has had the other kind in it.
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    What to do when we go away for 4-5 days?
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    Little help until my TF100 kit arrives. Temp using a strip.

    I'd wait until I got a better test kit.
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    Little help until my TF100 kit arrives. Temp using a strip.

    another + for above ground pools! stuff doesn't fall in them as easily!
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    Little help until my TF100 kit arrives. Temp using a strip.

    whatever it is, it seems to be on plastic and wood too, maybe rust from metal shavings elsewhere? some kind of fertilizer?
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    What to do when we go away for 4-5 days?

    how are you getting that number? I think we just round up since you can't really get that precise on the test and the scale is logarithmic anyway. you can use pool math to figure out effects of adding things, what kind of pool do you have? if vinyl you could use cal hypo tabs too. or just...
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    What to do when we go away for 4-5 days?

    if cya isn't already high you can use a couple tabs in a floater as well
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    Rant: Liquid Bleach non-disclosure

    good rant! :thumleft: probably better off with regular liquid chlorine "shock" from the box stores, if you can't get refilable HASA type deals. they will be mostly 10%. then you get to play decipher the date codes to see how old it is. :ROFLMAO:
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    Glad I found this site!

    6 years is a pretty good run for the SWG, have you ever replaced the plates/electrode? I don't know about the rest of your electronic questions I am askeered of electric, it is all magic to me. LOL
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    RJ45+ Losing Chlorine Daily.

    do the SLAM until you pass all 3 criteria. take it an extra day to make sure - as you just found out, water can look fine but something is still going on. also make sure reagents are freshish - in your case there was obvious algae in your steps but occasionally reagents can expire (don't ask...
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    Testing FC No pink BUT….

    personally, I would save the pucks for vacation or travel time and get cya and chlorine up where it needs to be unless there is a shortage for some reason (another reason to hang on to the pucks - future shortages) pool math can help you figure out where you are but testing is best (even though...
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    Testing FC No pink BUT….

    it will turn pink after a much shorter time than 24 hours especially with 15 scoops (???!!! why would you do that?), and it will turn BACK to pink if you let it sit after you get your reading when it clears from the drops as well. you may have lost your chlorine in 24 hours - that depends on...
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    Pool Buoy

    if the if the water doesn't get it the wind will anyway, those things are flimsier than umbrellas. :rant:
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    What's the hottest your pool gets?

    I don't think mine has ever been over 90, but even 85 seems bath tub unpleasant, don't know how folks can swim in hot water, that is for the hot tub. in winter. I'm in AZ but at 4500 feet elevation.
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    Forgot to switch pump to recirculate when adding floc (sand filter)

    ff the crud doesn't settle to the bottom of the pool then it is in your sand. I have used floc "successfully" a number of times back in the old days before TFP. You know, when the normal algae blooms happen in August because of the monsoons. *eye roll* it can help settle a pile of algae...
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    Bumpy uneven ground

    what seems like a high price will pay for itself in a couple months compared to useless strip tests or what a pool store will do to you.
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    Is this Algae?

    good luck maybe a traveler can bring it eventually if shipping isn't available (hope not illegal)