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    Hayward AquaVac 500 stops after a few minutes

    My Hayward AquaVac 500 robotic cleaner (new in August 2017) will only operate for a few minutes before stopping completely. Everything looks normal when I plug it in. I select wall or wall+floor mode, the control panel lights go solid, the impeller spins up, and the robot will drive around for a...
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    DE filter requiring constant backwashing

    I've seen claims of pool owners with DE filters going for months between backwashes, but find that I can only manage 2-3 weeks at most before I start to see a large air pocket in my pump basket and a reduction in flow (to the point where the heater can't fire). Thinking my grids were gunky, I...
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    Air in pump basket

    I run my pump 24/7, and found it looking like this after running overnight at 60% speed. There was no air in the pump basket when I looked 10 hours prior. I did a full disassembly and clean of the DE filter exactly 2 weeks ago (sprayed down the grids, soaked with dishwasher tabs, rinsed, then...
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    Re-plumb to improve flow rate?

    I've never been thrilled with the plumbing job that my pool builder did in 2017. The equipment pad is about 6.5' above the water line, so the pump (SP23520VSP) has its work cut out for it. I find myself having to run the pump at 90% or more to keep the heater flow sensor happy. When the filter...
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    Cellulose Fiber Filter Media in Canada

    I have a DE filter, and want to try Cellulose Fiber filter media in place of Dicalite. Does anyone know where to find cellulose fiber filter media in Canada?
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    New Build - East Gwillimbury, ON

    Starting the dig within the next week or two. Equipment/materials: Rectangular 32x14, in-ground, vinyl liner, vinyl-over-steel steps Hayward ProLogic P4 Hayward ProGrid D.E. filter Hayword TurboCell SWG Hayward 250K BTU heater Hayward variable speed pump Liner - Latham 'Reef' (borderless, 30...