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  1. CTFocusST

    Cracked skimmer?

    I've been losing water which originally thought it was evaporation but then noticed the skimmer had what looks kind of like a crack at a seam. Does this look like a crack in the skimmer box or just a line? I can't find any pictures from a point earlier than this to check against I need to do a...
  2. CTFocusST

    Way to turn pump on remotely with mechanical timer

    Is there a way to setup pump so it could be turned on remotely ideally from phone but a switch inside house could work too, but still use a non-wifi based timer/automation system as the primary method of turning pump on or off? Essentially I'm trying to find a way to turn pump on outside...
  3. CTFocusST

    Pool water level at coping

    Pool water level is up to the coping but not overflowing. If I drain it back down to normal levels in batches over a few days to not completely flood my backyard are there any issues other than skimming won't happen? Any reason I should just drain all at once?
  4. CTFocusST

    Filter pressure reminder

    Would it be possible for the app to generate a reminder like the ones for brushing or vacuuming if the filter pressure was above a clean pressure set in the user's profile? Or even just 25% over the previous recording
  5. CTFocusST

    SLAM FC Going up?

    In middle of a SLAM after opening to a green swamp yesterday. The thing that is baffling me is that in last 4ish hours FC has gone up each time I check it :unsure:. It is still green so shouldn't I have lost FC not produced it? Some background, a lot of the mess on the cover ended up in the...
  6. CTFocusST

    Swg pipe size question

    I recently bought a Circupool RJ-45+ with the vertical installation kit but haven't installed it yet. All my piping is 1.5". Didn't fully think it through with the vertical installation kit and it is 2" pipe. My hope is to install the SWG in the section right after the filter before it splits...
  7. CTFocusST

    In ground pool cover

    Installed my pool cover the same way I did last year but feel like I'm fishing parts of the cover and the water bags out of the pool way more than I did last year and we haven't even had any snow yet. I copied what the previous owner did based on pictures. Both years I drained about half the...
  8. CTFocusST

    Bleach during filter cleaning?

    Last time I cleaned my cartridge filter I soaked it in dishwasher detergent and then rinsed off and let dry. I didn't soak in Muriatic acid. While rinsing off it was fairly white but after drying it now looks like the picture. Can I add a little bleach during dishwashing detergent soak to help...
  9. CTFocusST

    PH Rise

    Got a rainstorm the night I added Muriatic acid to lower my pH and water level in pool went from halfway up skimmer to the next screw on the skimmer plate. Would that amount of rain explain why pH went from 7.4 to 7.9 in 2 days? I keep forgetting to retest TA, so not sure if it's still 100.
  10. CTFocusST

    Pump toast?

    I was in a hurry last night to get everything cleaned up last night as thunderstorm rolled in after cleaning filter and forgot to close drain valve on filter. As I only have a skimmer and no main drain it drained to bottom of skimmer and then was running dry. On the positive side didn't drain...
  11. CTFocusST

    Poolmath Adding Negative Bleach

    I have recently been running into Poolmath adding -1 oz of bleach when I click the "Log addition..." button at the bottom of the Free Chlorine tab. Sometimes it does it right away other times it's when I click Different Amount. Anyone else getting this issue? It's not hard to fix by editing...
  12. CTFocusST

    New pool owner flow problem

    Hello everyone, I just bought a house this past year with an in ground pool. This is my first time owning or even taking care of a pool. I've been reading a lot including a lot from this forum and have found a lot of good information here. Being an engineer I appreciate the fact everyone's...