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    Good morning, I continue to have challenges finding regular liquid chlorine at any locations but I came across this regular bleach at a market. Has anyone else use this particular product? The container doesn’t say anything about the strength of The sodium Hydro chlorine. I even checked the...
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    Liquid Chlorine

    Hello, I didn't see a section for "general topic" or "chemicals only", but I may have overlooked it. I was doing good keeping anywhere between 8-12 (1-gallon) bottles of LC on hand at all times. My pool gets many hours of direct sun, compounded by the Houston heat and humidity. I am using a...
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    Polaris Line Connection Leaking

    Hello, yesterday I discovered that a connection in my polaris line is leaking water. I do not know the exact name of this fitting and appreciate if someone can provide the name. Also, is this fitting an easy DIY and should I keep the pump off when replacing? thanks,
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    Suspect Black and Mustard Algae

    Good Morning, since last week I noticed yellowish staining on one of the steps and thought it was pollen, even though I have no pollen floating on the surface. I brushed it away and when brushing I could see the cloudy residue in the water. The yellowing did not go away completely even after...
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    Restarting Pool after Ice & Snow

    All, I hope all affected by storm Uri and Viola are safe and warm. I am in Houston and as many, we were hit hard with the cold weather and ice. My pool pump had been running 24/7 since last Friday in preparation of the storm. We lost power on Monday and after 13 hours at the advice of a...
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    Calcium Buildup?????

    Hello, I recently needed to replace my pool pump motor and while the pool service tech was around, I asked him about these white patches / bumps that are starting to show up on the plaster of the pool. These are hard bumps that were not on the plaster before. When I tried to push against the...
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    Balancing the Water

    I was successful in ridding the pool of the black algae and am now working to rebalance the chemicals. Based on some photos I've seen of the black algae, I am lucky I noticed it early and tackled it like crazy with LC and scrubbing. I used a lot of LC during this process. I've been noticing...
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    Black Algae

    I noticed some black spots on the plaster near the steps, scrapped it and it was green under the black so I assume it's black algae. Hopefully the weather improves today so I can tackle this quickly. I plan to brush/scrub. Before I raise the LC level in hopes of killing the algae, do I need to...
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    Fixing Water Chemicals

    Good morning, I've been away from TFP for a few months due to illness, doing better now and began working with the pool again. The water has been neglected other then for LC being added daily. However, the testing of the water hasn't been done as much as it needed to be done, so now I am here...
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    Pentair Filter Small Leak Around Lid

    Hello, I noticed my Pentair filter housing had a small drip in the section of the seam on metal bracket that goes around the housing. I removed the bracket, cleaned the filters, clean the O ring which was purchased new a few months ago, cleaned around the housing lid, and the bottom section...
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    Day of Swimming

    Hello All, I checked my levels today and disappointed with my results. we have a day of swimming planned. my readings this morning were: FC - 2 PH 8.0 TA 120 CH 320 CYA - 30 very low I raised by FC to 7-8 about 2 hours ago. I added about 30 oz of MA to lower PH I picked up a gallon of liquid...
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    Good morning I woke up to find one side of my pool stained by a seed that is falling off a tree a few feet away. I removed the seeds, now will likely need to trim this tree down a lot. It’s a not a full year we’re in the house so we discover new headaches as time passes, and this tree is one...
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    Current Chemical Levels

    Good morning, I am preparing for a gathering on Sunday and tested the water in the pool to be prepared. Here are my current levels. Should I be concerned about my PH? the color looks to be darker then 8, not sure if photo is any help. FC-4 adding LC now. CC - 0 PH - 8, possibly higher. I...
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    pool chemical storage

    hello, I've read different info on how best to store the pool chemicals but am hoping for a bit more guidance. I have two 1 gallon bottles of MA that were left by previous owner, both stored in the garage on a top shelf. It wasn't until recently that I read I should not store this near...
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    Pool Equipment During Heavy Rain

    Hello, we've been having some heavy rain in Houston with more expected over the next couple of days. I usually keep my pool pump and Polaris running, even in heavy rain. Reason is with all the rain we also get strong winds and get a lot of leaves and other tree stuff in the bottom of the...
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    Still Learning

    Hi everyone, A new pool owner, learning all I can from TFP. Initial issues a little over week ago were 0 FC's and high CYA. I believe, and I use "believe" cautiously that I was able to rebalance, lower CYA and keeping FC where it should be. I have not done SLAM, yet since I am still...
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    Chlorinator Container

    hello, I have a chlorinator attached to my equipment where I can place 3" pucks inside. I haven't placed any pucks in it for over two months never thought about turning it to off. May be a stupid question but can I turn the knob to "off" and not have any issues? thanks,
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    Pump Trap Basket

    good evening, I was prepared to open the pump trap basket but after multiple attempts to twist off the lid, it does not budge. the pressure was released and pump turned off prior to making the attempt. I am afraid it will break if I put anymore pressure and heavy weight in the attempt to twist...
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    Pool Volume - Assistance

    Hello, I am trying to get a accurate calculation on my pool volume and need a little help. I used several on line calculators but some were limited based on my pool shape, and I've come up with a varying totals. I used a calculator that showed how to reach the averages of the dimensions and...
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    New Member

    Hi Everyone, I am new to the TFP forum and glad I found the forum. We purchased our home in North Houston near Champions Forest back in September 2018. We were able to spend a few hours with the sellers who told us about all the maintenance they've done to keep the pool clean and balanced...
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    Newbie Pool Owner Needs Help

    Hi everyone, and sorry for this long first post! We recently moved to Houston and purchased our new home in September 2018. The home has an in ground pool, which appears to have been properly maintained by the previous owner. We were able to meet them during the sale and spend a few hours...