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  1. RexO

    What are these Flakes?

    Any idea, what are these flakes on the bottom of my pool? FC 6 pH 7.7 TA 90 Calcium 300 CYA 70 Water Temp 83
  2. RexO

    Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) Meter

    Has anyone tried using an ORP meter? If so, where does the TFP method (Chlorine/CYA Chart) tend to keep the ORP over time? Is it worth buying one? Any recommendations?
  3. RexO

    Second Visible Algae Event in 3 months

    Hi All, My question up front: Why am I getting algae while following the TFP method? I noticed my 2nd visible algae event in just 3 months after returning from a week long trip away from home. A week ago, in anticipation of the week long trip; I left the pool at these levels: FC: 8 (boosted...
  4. RexO

    Pollen or Algae?

    I was not sure if this was pollen or algae because I never had significant overnight chlorine loss. SLAM'd to be sure. Cleaned up nice after a 36 hour SLAM.
  5. RexO

    Robot Cleaner Use During A Slam?

    Is it advisable to use a robot cleaner during a SLAM? I recently bought a Warrior SI robot and used used it to clean up what I thought was pollen. But, now I suspect it is actually algae. Pool is at SLAM levels for the night. Will check the chlorine levels before sunrise to check for loss...
  6. RexO

    When is it time to change the filter?

    My pool is now 1 year old. I recall the pool builder saying that I should change out the first filter after about 1.5 years, after that it should last about 3 years. I clean out my Pentair Clean & Clear 150 at least every 2 weeks. It is an open deck pool and the neighbors have big oak trees...
  7. RexO

    Colder Weather Chemistry

    Hi All, this is my first Winter for owning a pool. I test the basics ever day or every other day so I noticed right away the chlorine demand going down as the days got shorter and water temps decreased and I adjusted accordingly. At water temps at about 65 degrees and the short days (even...
  8. RexO

    Water Balance as the Water Temp Cools Off

    Hi All, I am a first year pool owner and noticing the change in water balance as the water temps cool off, even in Florida. Below is my current test results from this morning using K-2006C/K-1766. As you can see, the water is well balanced on the CSI, but Ph is a little high. I normally catch...
  9. RexO

    Water levels, relative to the skimmer.

    Hi All, first time pool owner and the pool is about 6 months old now. I have always heard that you should keep the water level at the midway point of your waterline tile. My skimmer opening starts about 2 inches below the tile, so I have interpreted this guideline to mean keep the water level...
  10. RexO

    OCLT Fail-Questions About SLAM

    Merged threads - TFP Mod Went on vacation for 1 week. Upon my return, all was expected except the FC was 2.5. When I left, the CYA was 70 so I was a bit concerned about the low FC. And, I was running an iChlor30 for 11 hours a day at 80%, so I thought I would hold my target FC of 5. I turned...
  11. RexO

    How Hard is your SWG Running During the Summer Heat?

    In Florida, my iChlor30 is running at 80% for 11 hours daily to maintain 5-6 FC @ 70 CYA. Typical for the summer heat?
  12. RexO


    I know the TFP way is to use only the chems needed. But, do regular enzyme treatments like Orenda CV-600 do any harm? The argument for enzymes is that it breaks down non-living organics and oils taking the oxidation load off the chlorine, making it easier for FC to do the sanitation. I...
  13. RexO

    First SLAM...not for algea but for toddler poop incident

    4 month old pool with SWCG, so never SLAM'd until yesterday afer a toddle incident. Using TFP methodology for pool balance so brought FC to 28 (70 CYA). I did't maintain it and I didn't do a bad. So not a true SLAM....just a shock to SLAM levels. Checked this morning and FL was at 22...
  14. RexO

    Different Test Kit Results

    Before I fould TFP, I used the basic Poomaster test kit provided by my pool builder and double checked with a pool store periodically. I have a Taylor 2006C now, but my warranty requires a monthy pool store report, so I still go to my pool store at least once a month. They use Taylor Kits and...
  15. RexO

    Sandy feeling substance on sun shelf?

    Hi All, I am a new, first time pool owner. The pool is 3 months old now. I clean and balance my pool meticulously, but only recently (2 weeks) found out about TFP and the saturation index. Yesterday, I noticed a sandy feeling substance on the sunshelf. I manually vacuumed the sun shelf and...
  16. RexO

    Pool Chemistry After Heavy Rains

    I am a new, first-time pool owner and have been maintaining my pool for about 2 months. IChlor30 SWCG system, plus new exposed aggregate pool (plaster), so the pool is still eating plenty of acid to keep PH in range. We have heavy rain in Central FL on Memorial Day, so I tested my water first...
  17. RexO

    1st Pool, thanks for the add

    Hi All, I had a new pool installed about 3 months ago. I have been maintaining it myself for the last 2 months. I am a newbie, but I have been learning a lot about pool chemistry and enjoy reading the articles in the pool school and post on the forum. Rex