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    Day or Night? Best time to chlorinate? Short/High or Long/Low?

    Hello to the list and thanks for all I have the generator installed and running. Magic is really science for dummies like me :p So, I run my pump 24/7 because I live in a heavily wooded area with huge mature oaks overhanging the pool. I also cycle the Dolphin robot at least once a...
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    Water Flow Speed

    What is recommended for the most efficient chlorine generation? Fast flow? Slow flow? Are there upper and lower limits? I'm running a variable 3HP Pentair through 2" pipes. My heat pump wants the fastest possible flow for the best heat exchange efficiency. What does a SWG want?
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    SWG Automation?

    Hello to all, We moved into a pool with a house attached. After 5 years of the same old thing I've decided to take the plunge into the world of SWG. Call it chemical fatigue. I had to replace and replumb the pump 2 years ago. Just replaced the propane heater with a high capacity heat pump. Wow...