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    Weight to Volume Conversion - Borax

    Anyone know with any certainty what the approximate weight to volume conversion is for Borax? My PH has always been very steady, but recently has been dropping slowly... presumably due to limited use (new boat), and thus little aeration... so I plan to adjust with Borax to get it back into...
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    Non-Winter, Non-Solar Basic Cover?

    It sounded simple.... but is proving not to be. All I want is a simple pull over cover for my 18' above ground pool like the one we used to have on our Intex, that I could use in the summer in advance of heavy winds, etc., when the surrounding trees drop a lot of debri in it. Otherwise, I use...
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    Natural Gas or Electric

    One way I might look at it is: Do you plan to swim spontaneously throughout the week, or plan ahead and swim primarily on the weekends? Basically, is your intent to KEEP the pool warm, or just warm it when you want to use it? I ask, because I went back and forth on this same question 3 or 4...
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    First Opening on This Pool... Great Results!

    Last weekend I removed the cover of my pool, reconnected the filter, heater, etc., and brought the water level back up to where it belongs. I am happy to report that I must have done everything correctly last fall, because it’s still very clear and the initial test results are well within...
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    What's the evaporation rate in the midwest in inches per week?

    Are you basically asking how often you have to top off the pool to replace lost water? If so, I live in southern Michigan, and can say that I rarely ever need to add water with regular use of a solar cover. Most of what I lose through evaporation has apparently been replenished with rain...
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    Upgrading from Intex to ??? Honest review sites?

    We purchased from Royal Swimming Pools last spring and were very pleased with their service. They sent an incorrect base for the pump/filter, but after a quick call and sending a picture to clarify the issue, they express shipped a replacement immediately. As for the pool itself, we chose...
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    What's your current pool temp?

    Similar here in Michigan. I've bumped it up to about 86 the last few weekends, but with overnight lows down in the 50's and even upper-40's, she fell all the way down to about 72 over the course of this week.... and with the air-temp high's only forecast for about 70 this weekend, I think it's...
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    Pool heater breaker keeps on tripping

    Is the power cord plugged into an outside gfci? Directly to the outlet, or via any kind of an extension cord? And if so, has it rained recently or have you changed the cord locations or orientations recently? Not likely to be the problem, but easy things are good to check first, and gfci's...
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    Assistance with balancing....?

    Thanks for your help through the process!
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    Assistance with balancing....?

    So... following up this... Current conditions: FC – 8 CC – 0 PH – 7.4 TA – 160 CYA – 50 CH - 160 Which is almost exactly where I've been since its stabilized and I've completed exchanging water back August. Still intend to drop the Cya this fall when I close, have just been happy for now...
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    Assistance with balancing....?

    My pool is AG vinyl... so assume I'm good on the hardness. Any advantages to intentionally raising back to 220 where it had previously always sat steady from my usual fill water? Pool feels great now, just curious. Also, I know MA is the preferred PH reducer around here, but any harm in...
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    CYA Test Accuracy

    As a newbie to this, invest in plenty of R-0013, do every test a hundred times, (not literaly, but initially a bunch), write it down, and pay attention to different lighting. I hate that test. Neferiosly uncertain. But I've come to believe that repeatability is the best answer.... it's not...
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    Weekend pool... "Over dosing Chlorine" on Sundays?

    I still test nightly, I've become an addict. Going through reagent like its candy. Mostly curious if there's any harm in the initially high FC at the start of the week. Or if in doing so, I'm missing something in the process. In the end, the act of adding every night isn't an issue...
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    Weekend pool... "Over dosing Chlorine" on Sundays?

    Am I safe with every weekend? It usually comes off Saturday/sunday, sometimes Friday....
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    Attempting my first water exchange

    Interested to hear the Pro answers to this, too. I've been told over and over in various scenarios when talking to people "no sign of the dot, no black"... so I find myself doing the same. Under my bright lights in the garage, or outside daylight, back to the sun, regardless of scenario, I...
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    Weekend pool... "Over dosing Chlorine" on Sundays?

    To add perspective, it's more a Fall season issue than a Summer thing, and we get little sun for shorter periods of the day, more shade, and a solar cover on all week.... if that makes a difference.
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    Weekend pool... "Over dosing Chlorine" on Sundays?

    Backstory.... I work alot. Often late. Add to that kids school, activities, etc., and our pool is basically a weekend thing. We almost never use it mid-week. In that scenario, is there any harm in over elevating FC levels Sunday night and allowing it to trickle down through the week vs...
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    Assistance with balancing....?

    Received my speedstir last night... first impression: "how did I live without this thing"... sure made it easier to run a ton of tests with very repeatable results. Currently sitting at: FC – 8 CC – 0... maybe 0.2...* PH – 7.4 TA – 160 CYA – 50 CH - 160 *Ran the test 5 times, on only one of...
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    Temporary (and easy) way to block pool return jets

    Wish I could confirm, but my memory doesn't last that long. I bought them this Spring, and would have sworn it was at Lowe's, but it's also entirely possible that I found them at Home Depot, Menards, or True Value as well, since i shop all of them on occasion. You could always measure the...
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    Temporary (and easy) way to block pool return jets

    That's what I've done. For a different purpose (occasionally cleaning the strainer bowl on the pump), but one of the plugs in the bag fit the eyeball perfectly. Not a drop of water after the initial water in the lines runs out. I found a larger one that also fits in the bottom of my skimmer...
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    Temporary (and easy) way to block pool return jets

    When I had to do the same, I ran to Lowe's and just grabbed a bag of these... rubber drain plugs: Cost was like $2.50 and the bag came with 5 different sized stoppers so I could mess with which fit best. Not sure what your eyeball size is, but this worked like a champ for me.
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    Gas heater vs heat pump--which one do I pick????

    Also, if you're running any sizing calc's, remember that you will pay for the rated BTU's in operating costs (in my case 100,000 BTU's) because that's what the unit is burning, but with most gas units, your pool will only recognize about 75-80% of those BTU's in terms of heat gain (in my case...
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    Gas heater vs heat pump--which one do I pick????

    Finally a topic I can contribute to in a helpful manner. The way I would look at it is: Do you plan to swim spontaneously throughout the week, or plan ahead and swim primarily on the weekends? Basically, is your intent to KEEP the pool warm, or warm it when you want to use it? I ask, because...
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    Recommend a Pool Cover? 18-FT Above Ground

    Thanks for the input. I was leaning towards dropping some loot hoping these were a "get what you paid for" type item.... but glad to hear this beforehand.
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    Assistance with balancing....?

    So, I received my FAS-DPD kit yesterday and ran a whole slew of tests to both practice my consistency and to get a decent average. (I learned in doing so, that swirling that many times is a pain, so I also ordered a speed stir.) As an average, I continually came in between 22 and 26 drops for...
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    Recommend a Pool Cover? 18-FT Above Ground

    Looking for a good quality winter pool cover. Any recommendations?
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    Strange bottle of chlorinating liquid - orange not green (?)

    Not to hijack the thread, but what age should a person be striving to find, or said another way, how old is too old? A month? A few months?
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    Assistance with balancing....?

    Thanks for the head's up. I considered this earlier, but didn't think I could get the water to a safe discharge location with only the 25-ft hose I had.... but I was wrong. Tried it last night when I had a chance and was able to drain about 8" in just over an hour! Will definitely speed the...