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  1. LoneWolfArcher

    Well she's open!

    The good? This is my third opening and the pool had some algae, but not nearly as much as the last two years. I attribute that to TFP! In fact, I opened last night and you can already see the bottom. The bad? Had a couple of pretty good leaks, mostly related to some flex PVC that has been...
  2. LoneWolfArcher

    Pushy relatives

    Couldn't find a good place to post this, so posting it here. How do you all handle pushy relatives that think just because you share some DNA, no matter how little, that they are entitled to come over and swim pretty much at their own whim? Due to COVID I WFH 100% right now. Also, we have a...
  3. LoneWolfArcher

    Ready to reorder Reagents...question.

    So as I was adding $15/bottle to my cart it dawned on me, am I better off just reordering a new kit? The reagents seem to add up to more individually than if you just buy a kit. Am I missing something?
  4. LoneWolfArcher

    One potential positive to high CYA

    I came to the board wanting to get a handle on my pool chemistry and the site and experts were invaluable towards that. I inherited the pool from the previous home owner and he had used pucks for years resulting in an extremely high CYA. Last year, before I found TFP, the guess strips suggested...
  5. LoneWolfArcher

    Reasons pool store testing is inaccurate

    Air in the container can affect pH. If you take a sample with you to work, and have it tested after work, the results can be affected by sitting in the hot car all day. The person behind the counter doesn't know how to do the test properly. The person behind the counter doesn't care if the...
  6. LoneWolfArcher

    Boatmen and/or backswimmers

    Hey guys. Let me qualify this by saying I live in a rural area. I have a small, slow river meandering through my property. My neighbor has a large pond which is ~500 feet away from my pool. The area around our house is pretty tree free, with a couple of wild areas within 100ft of the pool. I...
  7. LoneWolfArcher

    Went into the pool store to buy my liquid chlorine

    As I was walking out to load my 3 cases, another truck pulled up. A woman got on, looking exasperated. Set a bottle of pool water on the counter and said to the teenager behind the counter, "can you tell me what is wrong with my pool?" I chuckled to myself as I walked out thinking "No, he...
  8. LoneWolfArcher

    Pump motor shutoff yesterday

    Yesterday I was running my pump in the heat of the day to pump water on the slide, went in the house for a few minutes, came back out and motor had kicked off due to over heating. Sun was backing right on it but had an electrician friend check the draw and the amperage was over 8 amps. Supposed...
  9. LoneWolfArcher

    I am so dumb!

    Been testing for CC all wrong with FASDPD. I thought after getting FC by counting to clear, that you put the second reagent in until it turned pink. Kept thinking my CC was super high (I'd stop after 20 drops with no pink). Turns out your supposed to put 5 drops in and if CC is present it will...
  10. LoneWolfArcher

    Safe to swim question

    With my CYA at 120 (I have been managing well!), my FC target is at 9. My SLAM target is 47. TFP says that for swimming you must be able to see the bottom of the deep end (my water is CRYSTAL CLEAR!), and FC needs to be higher than target, but lower than SLAM. Is it really safe to swim up to...
  11. LoneWolfArcher

    Now that my pool is crystal clear and on liquid chlorine exclusively....

    ...I have another question. My pool manufacturer recommends Jack's Magic Blue Stuff to prevent staining of the fiberglass gel coat. Jack's typically recommends 32 oz/10k gallons at start up/opening. And then 3-4 oz/10k per week. Last year, before I found TFP, I used copper based algaecide to...
  12. LoneWolfArcher

    This site is the best!

    So last night I went to a family event. My sister has a pool at house her daughter lives in, and was in town for the event. So afterwards I asked her how she chlorinated her pool. She said 3" pucks. I said have you ever had any problems with the stabilizer gets too high. Her: No. But if you...
  13. LoneWolfArcher

    Quick question in regard to using OTO testing

    So before I got my real test kit, I had picked up an HTH 6 way test kit. Obviously it does OTO and not FC or CC. However, since I started following TFP, got my real test kit, and switched to liquid bleach, I now test and my CC is usually at least 5 (target is 9 for my high CYA), and CC is...
  14. LoneWolfArcher

    Cottonwoods in full effect

    So now the cottonwoods have started seeding. I hate those things. Was hoping at this new house we wouldn't have any. At the old house they would coat the AC condenser. No condenser at this new house we are on geothermal. But now I have a pool. Any tricks? I assume skimmer socks are the way to go?
  15. LoneWolfArcher

    Question about my pool filter cartridge

    I ordered this: Now if you open that link and look at the pictures, there is a picture of a tiny filter attached to a port on top of the filter cartridge by...
  16. LoneWolfArcher

    Liner in fiberglass or plaster pool?

    So here is a question from another newbie related to the OP question. Can you put a liner into a contrete, gunite or fiberglass pool? I've been wondering this. Since my fiberglass pool is 18 years old I thought this might be a viable option in the future. Thoughts?
  17. LoneWolfArcher

    New to inground pools

    Background: I grew up with an above ground pool. My dad did all maintenance, balancing, vacuuming. He was OCD about it and I enjoyed a beautifully kept pool growing up. It being above ground, and being 24', with a total depth about 4 1/2', he always had the options to drain and fill if things...