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    Happy birthday!!!!!

    Gary, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you and yours are well and that the pool is Trouble Free :-D :cheers: :whoot: :party:
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    FAS-DPD testing with bromine

    Chemgeek wrote I've been using my TF100 all season on our indoor pool (not spa) and usually have to add another drop of the R 0871 after adding the R0003, so I include the last drop into my total bromine. I almost always get a little pink from adding the 5 drops of R0003. Am I doing something...
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    27% hydrogen peroxide

    From what I've read 3% hp will neutralize a similar quantity of 6% bleach in chlorine residual. Is this linear, will the 27% hp I found neutralize 9X as much? (practical experience says no, I tried it this morning on an over chlorinated 1,900 gal. spa, with no results :( ) {if you need more...
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    Installing safety cover

    Hey all, I've been meaning to write this stuff up for a couple years :oops: (and this is just the preliminary). daninsatx want's to toss a safety cover on his pool while he heads to cooler clime for the summer. It's winterizing a pool without having to drain the plumbing. (maybe I should say...
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    Keeping ducks out of the pool

    Hey all :wave: I've got a problem with a pair (I think it's the same pair) of ducks using our pools :evil: They poop in the pools and on the decks, I remember problems in the lakes of NH with people getting 'duck itch' from their parasites entering the water that have ducks in them, and I...
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    Please help with stains

    Hey all :wave: I've got a pool with MAJOR stains that needs be opened by next Friday :evil: The stains are all from over the winter (there were a butt load of leaves and pine needles in it because the cover wasn't put on until mid-November). My last day was Oct. 31 and though I had scooped...
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    Pool friendly trees

    Hey all :wave: As some of you may know, I left the industry to care for 6 pools in S.E. Maine. They installed 5 ~40 X40" X30" deep planters in the area near the 2 most popular of our pools and hot tub and we need to now grow something in them. We are looking for a 'tropical' feel. Palm trees...
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    DIY IG Liner pool - part 9 - liner prep

    Welcome to Part 9, wherein we talk about installing the liner  (actually, dropping the liner will be part 10 – we’ve got to be sure your pool is ready to accept the liner first) Your floor is all set, so you think. Double and triple check the floor! If you used vermiculite, sweep the...
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    How high can you take borites?

    Hey all :wave: I'm planning on taking 6 pools to BBB this season. I'll substitute Borax for "pH up". How high can I let the borite level go?? Last year the plaster pools were new, so we used a bunch of acid. I plan on only adding the Borax to raise the pH, when needed. Any input will be...
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    Kelnran's Hayward Bump Filter Question

    Here's a PM I received today: Welcome to TFP!! It's easier to just start a thread on the boards than PM individuals :wink: You get more responses and aren't tied to 1 person's suggestions. 8-) Having said that - the pic you sent shows the shaft ~ upside down. Turn it right side up and...
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    DIY Liner Pool part 8! - The Bottom

    A couple years later, I know y’all can’t wait for part 8 LOL THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you already have the liner, you MUST!!!! Follow their floor layout, so the liner fits in correctly. If you are waiting to order the liner, be sure to be able to tell the manufacturer how you...
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    ALGA = CPO?

    Hi guys :wave: I'm thinking I should have a CPO certificate for my new job (caring for and maintaining 7 pools at a private complex) I found a completely on-line course here which is $125 less than the CPO course, which also requires 1 day of attendance) Does anyone know if the 2...
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    Happy Birthday Bama!

    :cheers: :party: :whoot:
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    Who's still here?

    I just can't help myself... I gotta do this again :-D I just want to see who comes here in the (for those of us in the colder climes) off season. This is so easy to do, if you read this message, simply respond :cheers: (You can just say "Hi" or put up a smiley 8-) )
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    Acid turns yellow when added

    Hey all :wave: One of the pools I now work on is an indoor bromine double treadmill pool (plaster, ~ 10 X 45', 3.5 -> 4.5', 'reverse sport pool', bromine (tablet feeder), 7000 gal. ~ 5 months old) As said, this pool has 2 high flow 'aqua treadmill' jets, one at either end. The pH is always...
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    THE MOVE (in Sensoround)

    I've been ensconced in Maine for a little over a month now and came back on line a couple of weeks ago. I thought I'd share the fun and pain of my move. After disconnecting my computer, my wife thoughtfully didn't put the cords in the box she packed the monitor and stack into :grrrr: (not that...
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    Happy Birthday, Gary!!

    I guess the title says it all :wink: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :party: :cheers: :whoot: Your posts are always a breath of fresh air, wit and wisdom :bowdown: I hope you're enjoying yourself this day as well as the pool! 8-)
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    3000 posts ?!?

    Looks like I'm averaging ~ 1000 posts/ year (I hope we'll all forget that little 'sabbatical' I had to take a couple years ago :roll: ) I was here almost from the start and it's a very real pleasure to have participated in this GREAT site and, in some way, helped it become the behemoth it is...
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    zea3 1 year!

    Zea3, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY HERE! :cheers: :whoot: :party: You've come a long way in 365 short days! :goodjob: Please know that I always appreciate your insight and input! (must be something about having the BEST birthday on the calendar :mrgreen: ) Love and LUCK, always!
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    Deionized water - where to find it?

    Hey all :wave: I got a salt tester that needs be rinsed with deionized water before calibrating it(Tracer brand, if that matters). I can't find deionized water :rant: Does anyone know what else it would be used for or where to start looking for it? It also needs to be rinsed with distilled...
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    Happy Birthday Cary and Matts!

    :party: :whoot: :cheers: I think the title says it all :-D Cary, I hope you're out 'thinning the herds' :goodjob: Matts - don't get drunk and dive in the pool (unless you've got it filled) :wink: HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!
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    Sell space

    I know that TFP is trying to gain more revenue. To that end I wonder if it's possible/ feasible to sell more upload space or PM space. I'm just about to donate $ to help support the site and it occurred to me that I'd be willing to buy more space in my PM inbox (I hate to delete posts and...
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    I guess it's time to be movin' on

    :evil: My wife found out last week that her (Fortune 500) company was moving operations out of Ct. As she makes > 1/2 the income in our family, we won't be able to pay our mortgage come Sept., so will have to 'short sell' the condo. Fear not for us! :) , Her sister has a rental house in...
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    Don't close pool and now freezing - advice

    Hey all :wave: There have been a number of posts from the folks who usually don't close their pools, owing to the milder temps down south, who are now experiencing trouble because of this prolonged cold snap :cry: This unexpected and prolonged blast of cold is not to be expected in your...
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    Post # 2500

    It's only been a couple years and here I find myself posting my 2500th post :o There are friends I had from PF and even more that I've made on this site :whoot: I just want to say a quick "Thank You" to everyone here for allowing me to, not only proffer my advice, but also being my on-line...
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    Update on my 3 legged dog - NOW WITH A BOBBED TAIL

    Hi guys - Happy New Year! :cheers: I can't get the video link to cross for me so I have to cross to my thread from PF :oops: here. The link is background for what I'll add here. My 3- legged dog had to go in today and have a couple 'lumpectomies' and the one in her tail was so severe that...
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    Who's here?

    As it's X-mas Eve, Eve - I'm just wondering who is here and active on the site, I've done a similar thread the past 2 years. I want to see who still visits this site in the cold, pools closed or 'unswimmable' months 8-) If you see this, just say 'hi' or :wave: Merry, Merry and Happy...
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING ! to all at TFP!! :cheers: :whoot: :party: Unfortunately, this is my last post til next Tuesday :( Bright, and way too early tomorrow I leave for Jamestown, NY till, way too late Monday night. While I may be able to borrow some computer time over the week, I can't...
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    Holy O-Ring, Batman - Hayward DE filter O-Rings

    :batman: AS of April1 2009 Hayward will no longer produce DEX 2400 - K filter O-rings :shock: These are the filter gaskets for the 2400 series DE filters. (3620, 4820, 6020...). According to the memo I read, the only option is to replace the whole filter :? :hammer: I'll try to get a copy of...
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    Red 'wigglies' and too much shock?

    Hi guys :wave: A new member pm'd me and I responded with the following If anyone can offer further help, it would certainly be appreciated :goodjob: