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  1. Molson

    Dump used reagents in pool?

    And here I have been holding water cupped in my hand the whole time.
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    After a rain I get 100's of worms in my IG pool. They probably did climb up the side.
  3. Molson

    Neighbor's Spa

    Friday is good, eh. I think they get home from work at 5.
  4. Molson

    Neighbor's Spa

    Maybe its Joe and Laura? We can go together, good people, eh?
  5. Molson

    Solar Covers-The Ins and Outs

    If you store a cover on a roller, be sure to cover it up. The sun will "cook" it while its rolled up. And don't be lazy like I did last winter and leave the cover on the roller, outside. I'm buying a new one this year. :)
  6. Molson

    Inground Pool Backwash hose

    If you have room, plumb it with hard pipe. Mine is plumbed with ABS out the back yard, works great, drains where it needs to, and is never in the way.
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    Thanks!! Good to be back. Where is FPM??
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    Hot tub in sunroom - drainage

    Ok, good to know, thanks Ike. I know from pool experience, I get a LOT of splash out at times. The floor in the room will be indoor/outdoor carpet, and it gets wet now from people coming in from the pool, etc. That makes me feel better.
  9. Molson

    Hot tub in sunroom - drainage

    Our new hot tub will be delivered in a few weeks. We are installing it in the sunroom which overlooks the pool and yard. A new platform will be built to support the weight of the tub. Since the floor in the room is level, there won't be much for positive drainage to an "outside" location. My...
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    It was a planned event, we had approx 50-60 boats out at remote islands for a couple days. The organizer arranged the pizza lunch to be flown in as a treat. I believe they brought approx 20 pizzas. It was definitely neat!
  11. Molson

    Vacuuming A Pool Properly

    My plate never worked right either. I suck it all through the pipes to the pump. Leaves and all. Haven't had a clog yet. *knock on wood*
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    I might have a few. ;) In the BIG pool Pizza delivery in the islands
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    Not as much commercially as I used to. Now that I'm married with an almost 2 year old, we spend most summer weekends on the boat. I still do a few events a year though.
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    Cover Collapsed :(

    Just think of it this way, I pile all my pool water in one spot for winter storage. :)
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    :wave: Long time. :)
  16. Molson

    Cover Collapsed :(

    Really? lol. My hot tub is supposed to be delivered in 3 weeks. Its going in my sunroom, I think you can see it here. :) (pool is on the left)
  17. Molson

    Creosote and chlorine

    This thread is awesome.
  18. Molson

    take a peek at these results

    I figured i needed more bleach. I added 5 lbs of CYA to start. I'll have to bring it in for another test this week. Thanks!
  19. Molson

    take a peek at these results

    Hi everyone!! its been a while since I`ve been here! Anywho, I`m out of reagents and have been dealing with slight clouding. 19,000 gals. SWG, vinyl liner. Test yesterday: CYA: 0 (expected, since corrected) Salt: 4200 TC: 1 FC: 1 TA: 100 CH: 100 pH: 7.5 to me, these numbers look spot on...
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    IMG_0003 - Copy (800x600).jpg

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    Glacier Pool Chillers are Awesome!

    It works for me, if the pool is too hot, I'll run the pump at night with the solar open, drops the temps pretty quick.
  24. Molson

    Outdoor Showers/keeping house dry?

    I have a toilet and laundry tub in the pool house. Toilet is for #1 only (though there have been "Mistakes") its drained into a makeshift septic/drywell setup of a couple stacked well tiles filled with gravel. Has worked great since '88. The laundry tub sink is perfect for washing hands...
  25. Molson

    New liner install.

    Yes! Its just a like a brand new pool.. pretty exciting. Here is a quick time lapse, I didn't take enough shots, but you get the idea.
  26. Molson

    TA of 440?

    Here is my results from tf-100 June 7 FC 8.5 CC .5 TC 9 PH 7.5 TA 440 CH 170 CYA 20 (assumed, added 1800 grams to fresh water) Salt: 3000 Pool store June 10 TC 5 FC 5 PH 7.8 TA 150 CH 110 CYA 30 Salt 2800 TDS 3600 (weird) I'm adding some more cya to get me to 60-70. SWCG is running at level...
  27. Molson

    Chemical levels after beating back the green swamp

    Get the pH up. Pool calc advises 125 oz of Borax. Keep the pool up at shock level which is where you are at, with a suggest level of 18 ppm. Also suggest getting a good kit and doing the testing yourself, either a TF-100 or Taylor K2006
  28. Molson

    TA of 440?

    The fill water came from a water truck. The pH is perfect and solid for the last few days at 7.5. I do have a cover, but it hasn't been installed yet.
  29. Molson

    TA of 440?

    I tested again last night, and still got in the high 400's. I'll run a sample down to the pool store, in case my reagents are bad.
  30. Molson

    TA of 440?

    ha! I know I should know, I went from a bromine pool that didn't take much work to this. I'll try redoing the test tonight. Last year my TA was 90, so it may have been operator error.