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    Water going in tomorrow

    Hello Everyone! New build here...the plaster was done today and acid wash will be done tomorrow and then the team will start filling the pool with water tomorrow. What do I need to do?! I tested the calcium hardness and total alkalinity of my water using my test kit from TFP. My stats are...
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    Blue surf pebble sheen - add abalone or not?

    What should I do!! Should I add the glass beads or abalone shell? Does it really make a difference? 😬😬
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    Dolphin Caddy - Dimensions

    Hi~for those with the caddy, how much room do I need in my storage shed for it? I need dimensions please. =) Thanks!!
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    Chaise Lounge Chair Types & Umbrellas

    Hi All! Furniture shopping for my backyard....we are about a month out, so trying to order some pieces. For the chaise lounge chairs, should I get wicker with no cushions, mesh ones with an aluminum base (no cushions) or a nice comfy cushion one? What advice do y'all have?! We are in Houston...
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    Umbrella Sleeves

    Hi! So I really need umbrella sleeves? For those that have them on the deck - do you use them? I have planned on the deck and 2 in the thinking if I need that many. advice will be helpful!
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    Planters Bowls for Pool Columns - Houston, TX

    Hi All, Where is a good place to source planter bowls for our two pool columns? Our pool builder did add plumbing so we can tie in our irrigation system to the columns. Unless that plumbing is for drainage purposes? I need to find out. Regardless, any suggestions on where to find planter bowls...
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    Backyard Oasis Build Thread - Houston - All Done. =)

    Hi All, I am back! Thank you to everyone who helped me go through design and specs before I signed the contract. We signed the contract first week of November and with the holidays and a few comments coming back from the City, there was a brief delay...but we should be starting this week!! =)...
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    Raised Wall Material/Spa Back Material - Silly Question

    Hi! So.....I am really silly for asking, but I need to ask anyways. Are those veneer stones that are available okay for salt water pools? I am assuming yes, but I like to over think every decision I make... Also, I have two raised walls - one with three sheer decents and another with a weeping...
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    Pebble Sheen Aqua Blue, Blue Granite, and Blue Surf - New builds with these colors?

    I have looked at almost every aqua blue, blue granite, and blue surf pool color available on TFP. Leaning towards Blue Surf...Any new builds with these pebble sheen colors? =) I am looking for a color similar to this...
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    New Build (Finally!)- Houston, TX - Starting this week! (hopefully)

    Hi All, We finally decided on a builder and signed our contract last week. We are doing a pool, spa, outdoor attached patio, and fire pit. :oops: We went with one builder that does everything mainly because I personally did not want to deal with different companies in my back yard. Figured one...
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    Equipment Check

    Hi All! Finalizing our bid for our backyard oasis buildout. Just want to confirm that we are not missing anything: Pool Specs: Geometric Pool with 3 way spillover spa Small shelf for 3 bubble gushers 3 sheer descents off a long wall 1 weeping water flow off a second long wall 3 Jandy...
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    Perimeter Overflow Spa vs Infinity Edge Spa - Houston, TX

    Hi All! We are currently under the design phase and my husband and I are having a hard time deciding between the perimeter overflow spa and a "regular" spa with an infinity edge. Any pros/cons regarding the perimeter overflow spa? I am having a hard time deciding if it is functional. Does the...