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  1. partsman

    Slowly progressing...

    Hahaha...oh my god...I just realized after reading the first five words of your post, I didn't even put it back on!! I knew something wasn't right. Thank you for your post! Edit: I'm going to put it on right now!
  2. partsman

    Slowly progressing...

    So the little adapter I made is nice and dry(y)...but I feel like something is still not quite right. Inside the skimmer was "water spouting" and there was a bumble bee in there that wasn't getting sucked right to the bottom of the basket, but if I take the basket out and put my hand in there...
  3. partsman

    Slowly progressing...

    So this is the little doo dad where I was getting one of my drips… …just on the end with the gray Intex nut, it was dripping where it screwed on to my swg. So I went to Ace to get the box adapters needed to make that Intex compatible fitting… …and Home Depot to get the inch and a half female...
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  7. partsman

    Slowly progressing...

    Yes!…it is really nice to pull the cover off to that!
  8. partsman

    Slowly progressing...

    Hello pool people! Pool is open!…but I have some drips(n) I’ll be messing with it later after work if it’s not raining too bad. …still no deck yet either, but we’ve been doing a ton of other stuff.
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  10. partsman

    Slowly progressing...

    I closed the pool last Saturday. Now I have to get going on the deck! See ya next season, please be safe everyone!
  11. partsman

    15x24 Oval Pool Install - First Timer - HELP

    We had a lot of rainy Saturdays when we were installing our pool... My thread is here...
  12. partsman

    Happy Independence Day

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  14. partsman

    Esther Williams 15x30 above ground

    I wouldn’t recommend INYO for anything, and I don’t think they even have parts for Esther/Johnny pools. Anyway, I have an Esther Williams pool...and the only place I found that had parts is teddy bear pools. The...
  15. partsman

    Slowly progressing...

    Thank you, I appreciate that!
  16. partsman

    Slowly progressing...

    Thanks Kim!...I appreciate that!
  17. partsman

    Slowly progressing...

    I did finish my hog wire railings though!
  18. partsman

    Slowly progressing...

    No, I didn’t...but I heard it was a cool little device!
  19. partsman

    Slowly progressing...

    Me too!...thanks Kelly! The water has been clear since I opened it. All I’ve done is add water and salt after removing the winter cover...I haven’t even been in it to vacuum or scrub yet! I will do the tests again, it was my first time using the kit so my readings might not be as accurate as...
  20. partsman

    Slowly progressing...

    Look what the mailman brought me today! I did some tests already and this is what I came up with... FC...2.5 CC...0.5 TA...310 CYA...50 CL...1 BR...2 pH...7.8 Salt...7.2...4140ppm (AquaChek test strips)
  21. partsman

    15 x 30 oval pool base rim replacement

    Check here... Wall Channels Archives - Teddy Bear Pools and Spas
  22. partsman

    Slowly progressing...

    Thanks is pretty solid! Here’s a screen shot from my account page on inyo pools with the status of my RMA request... ...remember, I submitted this on May 30!
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  24. partsman

    Slowly progressing...

    Thanks Kim! I built a small, temporary platform using a few pieces from the original ladder.... ...I wanted to use the new (to me) inside stairs that I bought last year from an elderly couple on Craigslist. I also wanted to be able to take the ladder off at night, or when we’re not home...
  25. partsman

    Slowly progressing...

    Yea, I’m surprised that Inyo hasn’t contacted me at all.
  26. partsman

    Slowly progressing...

    Oh by the way...I cleaned out the pump strainer this morning and took a pic of the clip I made to hold the housing to the pump... ...sorry about the reflection.
  27. partsman

    Slowly progressing...

    Thanks Kim!...I appreciate you trying to help! I haven’t received anything from anyone at even an email about the RGA request I submitted. You can probably guess where I won’t be buying my stuff anymore!
  28. partsman

    Slowly progressing...

    I did have a chat through the website with someone named Mike, and I submitted a return request to get a RGA. But I can’t wait for 2-3 days for them to approve it, then send it back, then wait for a new one.
  29. partsman

    Help!!!! Set up not going well!!

    Two questions... 1) Are you sure it’s the correct size for your pool? 2)Are you trying to put it on over the coping? It looks like a overlap liner, but it should be under the coping.