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    New tub recommendations

    It is really annoying how everything is different from manufacturer to manufacturer, such that you can't really compare the brands. Salt vs. Frog. Footblaster vs. Motomassage. 1-2 large pumps vs. several smaller pumps. Specialized electrical panel vs. standard 50 amp breaker. Captain...
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    New tub recommendations

    I'm actually in the market for a new tub, too. Old tub is a Strong/Evolution from Costco that lasted 11 years, now leaking. I've been looking at Hot Spring, Caldera, and Artesian, because those are the ones available in my area for delivery within the next month or so with the features I want...
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    Time for a new hot tub???

    Thanks, I hope you get plenty of use out of yours -- I know we have. It's holding water atm, hopefully will continue to do so until we get a new one.
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    Time for a new hot tub???

    Thanks for the replies, that's kind of what I'm thinking -- I def don't want to rebuild, and I don't want to spend another winter patching, thawing hose, refilling, lather/rinse/repeat ... Believe it or not, there are some tubs to be had out there, at least in my area. Could get another...
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    Time for a new hot tub???

    I have an Evolution standalone hot tub (manufactured by Strong) that I purchased from Costco about 11 years ago. It's been a pretty good tub; other than a control box and panel replaced under warranty, I've had zero problems with it. But over the past year or so, it has begun to show its age...
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    Do I have recourse against pool builder

    Ugh, that sucks. Can tell from the pics that your pool should have been built 1-2 ft higher ... As for remedy, I don't see how "grading" could help, as the back of your yard is clearly higher than your pool. And I agree that a storm drain alone is probably not enough -- I'd look at a...
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    Sanity Checks on Plaster SWG pH Rise in 2nd Year Pool

    My plaster pool is 4 yrs old, and I still routinely have to add acid. It's worse in the spring until I can get TA down -- just opened last week and TA was 100, had to add almost a gallon of MA. I typically run TA around 60-70 in the summer, but ph creeps up to 7.8-8.0 every 2-3 weeks anyway...
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    Struggling with accurate calcium hardness test fading endpoint (purple)

    Interesting ... I just posted a thread about some issues I had with CH test. In sum, my ~ 2 yr old reagents said my CH was 300, but brand new reagents said I'm at 525. I had assumed that the old was wrong and the new was correct, BUT I noticed that the solution changed from red to blue about...
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    Calcium Hardness Test - Issue with New/Old Chemicals

    Good to know. I had assumed that it was the 11L (the thick, dark fluid) since that's the one that usually gives me problems. But now that you mention it, one of my new reagents shot out a thin "stream" rather than a drip when I first tried to use it -- I replaced and tightened the cap and...
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    Calcium Hardness Test - Issue with New/Old Chemicals

    I agree with everything you said, and I've never waited so long between drops on this or any other test. But it doesn't explain why the color of the solution changes about 15 seconds after I've added the 21st drop ... Thanks for pointing out the fading endpoint issue. I read about it this...
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    Calcium Hardness Test - Issue with New/Old Chemicals

    Need advice on some recent weirdness with my CH test. I've been using the TF-100 for the past three years. First kit was purchased in Spring 2017, refill purchased in Spring 2018. I did not buy a new kit last year because I had plenty and the reagents last two years. Bought a new kit this...
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    Show me your saw cut concrete!

    Thanks! It's stamped.
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    Hayward Omnilogic - Lost Connection

    Wanted to record my problem and solution for posterity's sake ... and because I'll probably forget and have to search for this thread the next time it happens! Had a huge storm last week; lightning, flooding, tornado warnings, power outages, the works. When everything was over, I noticed that...
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    Show me your saw cut concrete!

    Mine is saw cut (straight). I like it better than the expansion joints, but that's just my personal preference. Three years so far and only one small off-cut crack. Here a a few pics ...
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    Any way to reduce CYA without draining?

    CYA of 100 is not that bad, especially if your pool is clear and there's no SLAM in you immediate future. I would do like previous posters have said -- switch to liquid chlorine and exchange a little bit of water at a time until you get it to a more manageable level. FWIW, with all the rain...
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    Help, totally screwed, need NJ references

    Are you in North or South Jersey? If South, I can give you a couple of names.
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    Outdoor pavilion lights

    I have a similar pavilion, except mine is 24x12. I put a fan with light at each end, then added string lights around the inside. The string lights provide mood lighting and the fan lights provide enough direct light to cook, find lost stuff, etc.
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    Inherited a mess

    You can use well water. I do and my pool's fine. Only potential issue is if you have high levels of metal in your well water (iron, copper, etc). That stuff's almost impossible to get out. I'd worry about pulling out all the leaves first (use net or wet/dry vac). Get everything you can...
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    Tiles coming off the coping - NJ Coping/Tile company recommendation too?

    Just from the title of your post I was gonna guess that it was an A&S pool ... for some reason a lot of A&S-built pools in NJ have problems with the tile popping off, loose coping, etc. At least four of our friends/neighbors have had this happen. You can do a piecemeal repair, but it might not...
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    Polaris 280: Wheels don't restart after back up valve cycle

    Found my issue -- apparently little pebbles had gotten stuck in the teeth of the plastic drive cogs and was jamming the wheels. I gave the cogs a thorough cleaning (i.e., pried the pebbles out with a small flathead screwdriver), put him back together, and all is working fine now.