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    New plaster hand off, Please help

    Thanks guys, right now csi is -0.44 Calcium at 190 TA at 55 I will bring calcium up some more today. adding salt this weekend PS i have been battling rising PH for 15 years haha. I buy muriatic acid by the case
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    New plaster hand off, Please help

    Okie dokie, all is going keeping water balanced daily. By this weekend I will be ready to add salt. Looks like I am going to need 13 bags of salt. Do I dump all of that in at once? Someone said you should not let undissolved salt sit on the bottom of the pool? I don’t see how I’m going to add...
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    New plaster hand off, Please help

    Maddie I will add some calcium. Ok to dump it in or do i need to add to skimmer/sock etc ?
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    New plaster hand off, Please help

    Filled out signature line. Thanks for reminding I am using a Leslie's K2006 knockoff teat kit but its a few years old. Going to replace this weekend. this morning FC is 3ppm and CC is 0 Ph is 7.2 My plaster guy has s telling me calcium should be 150 but test kit recommends 200-400. I have...
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    New plaster hand off, Please help

    Ok Thats for heads up about the CYA in the skimmer. Below are this mornings numbers. Not sure why FC is not higher. I added a gallon of 10% liquid chlorine last night which should have resulted in about 5ppm no?(approx 20K gallon pool) also not sure why PH isn’t rising faster but maybe...
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    New plaster hand off, Please help

    Ok 1 gallon of HDX Chlorinating Liquid from Home Depot added. (10% Sodium hypochlorite). And 5lbs dry CYA added in skimmer. Pool math app downloaded and linked to account. Thanks again for the help!
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    New plaster hand off, Please help

    Thank you so much for the response. I have put in 5 pounds of CYA And on way home now from Home Depot with chlorinating liquid. Will report back
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    New plaster hand off, Please help

    New Hydrazzo put in two weeks ago. Pool has been handed over to me to take care of. current readings are Chlorine 0 PH 7.0 Total alkalinity 50 Cyanuric acid zero Calcium 40 Not much plaster dust when I brush although it’s hard to tell it hasn’t been vacuumed since it was filled two weeks ago...
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    Ecofinish on fiberglass panels/Hydrazzo

    Well Its finished and I’d say my satisfaction level is about 7 out of 10. The ecofinish on walls looks great but Hatteras Gray Hydrazzo is not as expected. To my eyes he did not expose enough of the agregate. He skipped the polishing phase. He said hes done it so many times that polishing...
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    New Pump/Replumbing

    Thanks Casey - My pool guy told me only get a 1hp because my pool is plumbed with 1.5” pipe and anything more than 1hp will put too much pressure in the lines. Any thoughts on this? I am looking at buying the 1.5hp assuming I can set it to always run at 1hp or less? I am looking at pentain...
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    New Pump/Replumbing

    Hey guys, below is a picture of my current setup. I am getting ready to make some changes and looking for input/advice. I am planning on removing the booster pump for my cleaner and going with a newer cleaner that operates from an electric outlet..any draw back to this? I have an old 1hp...
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    Ecofinish on fiberglass panels/Hydrazzo

    Not sure if this is correct forum but thought I would put it here since I have a rwlated thread here showing the progress of my pool refinish with Ecofinish and Hydrazzo. Hydrazzo will be finished today and I will start filling. I need to run to local pool store to get chemicals to balance...
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    Ecofinish on fiberglass panels/Hydrazzo

    Eco Finish finally installed today. They sanded all bubbles but they came back during install. Not as many but still some. I was able to poke several of them while they were sanding and none seemed to have any water behind so fingers croseed
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